"Be a Smartie 4 NRAS" update 20 May 2011

"Be a Smartie 4 NRAS" update 20 May 2011

A huge response from everybody on this challenge. Thank you :)

I have updated my original 'blog' with the details of recent pledges and donations. It's going brilliantly, I have to say :)


Do keep filling those tubes please :) Thanks again one and all,

Lyn x

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  • hows the latest project.. hand made bear going>?? x

  • Hi Alison

    The bear had an outing to our local NRAS group meeting last night where she stole the show! Took lots more donations so we are up to £100 now! Her next stop will hopefully be Bolton in a couple of weeks!

    Thank you for asking :)

    Lyn x

  • Hi Lyn, still filling tubes and eating smarties!! have had about four returned now with about six pounds in, will wait a while longer for the others to be returned if that's ok.

    Hope all is well.

    Mandy xx

  • Hi Mandy

    Don't know about you but eating all these Smarties isn't doing any good for my weight! But, of course, it's needs must ...

    You are doing so well Mandy, thank you for getting involved :) Absolutely no rush I will be on the Smartie challenge until the end of November. It's great you have four tubes returned already :) It's taking me ages to get mine filled, no-one seems to want to give me 10p pieces in my change ... they keep giving me those wretched fiddly 5p pieces!! Aaargh what's the good in that? I just drop the ruddy things!!

    Lyn x

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