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it's a 'bear tRAil 4 NRAS' - Fundraising for NRAS 10th Birthday

Hi everyone

I am back with my next challenge! Well, I use the word 'challenge' loosely ... but, after all, I did have to come up with all the names and visit the Build a Bear Workshop to build the bear!

it's a 'bear tRAil 4 NRAS'

My curly furry friend is special. I chose her, stuffed her, dressed her and brought her to life and now she needs a home. She will be sent to her new home along with her carry home box and birth certificate. The winning name will be announced no later than 31st July 2011, much earlier if you all choose to be very generous!

Date of Birth: 25 April 2011

Height: 41 centimetres

Weight: 340 grams

Fur colour: Light Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Name: you choose!

For a donation of £2.00 you can join my bear tRAil. Through a forest of names chose the one you think 'fits' the bear. Please let me know your choice of name/s when making your donation or alternatively on this blog on the HU site, via the NRAS forum, or by personal message/email. I will regularly update the appropriate pages. Your donation can be made through Just Giving and all payments will go directly to NRAS who can benefit from ‘Gift Aid’ by using the payment methods on their page.

All donations are very much appreciated. Thank you everyone for your generous support.

Lyn x

A special thank you to Build a Bear Workshop for their generous contribution of this bear.

it's a bear tRAil 4 NRAS - Fundraising for NRAS 10th Birthday

NAMES AVAILABLE AT 16.06.11 12.55pm

Alana Alexa Bridie Claudia Coralie Dara Isabel Joss Naomi Odette Paige Robin Saskia Shani Taree Thea Xanthe Yasmin

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Hi Lyn, Could I have names SADIE and HONEY please, have made the donation, can I choose more if I want at a later date if there are any left of course!

Good Luck

Mandy xx.

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Hi Mandy

Thank you for your kind donation. The bears are so cute (you can even pick one with an expression that suits you!) and the outfits you can get are lovely, making it so difficult to choose. You are welcome to have as many goes as you wish :)

List updated. Thanks again

Lyn x

will have summer naturally

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Hi Alison

Thank you for joining the challenge :) I thought of you when I was coming up with names! I was trying to be multi cultural and different!

List updated. Thanks again

Lyn x

Have donated via just giving x

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Thank you Alison; see above!

Lyn x

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replies crossed in post so to speak both at 32 mins lol x

Hi Lyn

Lovely to hear from you again. Can i have MACY? I also have 4 tubes of smarties, so do I donate the £22 all in one go, I'm a bit daft, suppose that's ok. Well done another brilliant idea.

Julie xx

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It's ok Lyn... I worked it out... so I'm not so dumb after all????? Good luck

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Thank you for your donation Julie :) Much appreciated! Definitely not dumb at all ... you have it sussed, consider yourself an expert!

List updated, Thanks again :)

Lyn x

Hi Lyn,

I have had Amelia & Piper. Fab idea, well done.

Am finding a real shortage of 10p's may have to start with 20's!

Steph xx

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Morning Steph

Many thanks for your thoughtful donation :)

I know exactly what you mean about 10p pieces, struggling myself!

Thanks again, Lyn x

Thank you to Lorna, Jan, Tricia, Christine L, Nina, Terry, Julie, Jean, Liz, Paula, Steve, Jo, Hazel and Anthea who all joined the bear tRAil at the Warwick Meet Up.

f you want the pick of the remaining names now's the time to make your donation and join the bear tRAil!

She will be visiting our local NRAS group on Thursday and is sure to be popular newcomer! :)

Lyn x

Thank you Ceri for your donation through Just Giving.

List updated

Lyn x

Hi Lyn, please can I choose the names - Erica, Leonie and Verity. I had made my donation on Just Giving. A lovely idea of raising funds for NRAS. Thank you.


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Thank you for you donation through Just Giving Heather, much appreciated :)

List updated,

Lyn x

Thank you to members of BADRAG (Blackpool and District Rheumatoid Arthritis Group - our local NRAS group) for your donations. Thanks for joining the 'bear tRAil' challenge!

Lyn x

Thank you Margaret K for your donation to the Bear tRAil, much appreciated :)

Lyn x

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