Be a Smartie 4 NRAS - 10th Birthday Fundraiser

Be a Smartie 4 NRAS - 10th Birthday Fundraiser

I am re-posting this blog as it has been brought to my attention that for some reason comments can't be left on my earlier blog, so, as it's not behaved I've deleted it!

Hi Everyone!

This year celebrates the 10th Birthday of NRAS. A charity that I am passionate about, not least because I have RA! I would like to do something, undoubtedly quite insignificant in the whole scheme of things, but which will, in some small way, help NRAS continue and extend the fantastic service it offers.

So, you ask, what am I going to do? In a moment of madness, I decided “10” individual challenges would be the way to go on the premise that for each challenge I chose I would always have a group of people I could reach. Well, you always get someone who doesn’t “do” sponsorship or doesn’t want to see another cake, let alone eat it ... you know the ones?! Now, there’s no excuse!

Be a 'Smartie 4 NRAS'.

Please pledge to collect a ‘Smarties’ tube of 10p pieces. Each tube holds approximately £5 - £5.50. Your donation can be pledged to me either by personal message or as a comment below (I hope!). Donations can be made directly to NRAS through my Just Giving page,

All contributions are very much appreciated. Thank you everyone

During the year I will be adding some additional challenges including a 10 km swim (this requires warmer weather and better knees, so later in the year it is then!). Plans could change … I will keep you posted.

This isn’t just about me and what I’m doing. Each one of us can get involved by setting up our own ‘NRAS 10th Birthday Challenge’ within our areas, amongst relatives, friends, neighbours and our local groups. But maybe that’s not for you, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, we weren’t all born fundraisers. So, please if you are able, try to support one of my challenges so that together we can benefit NRAS and the thousands who live a life with RA.

Thank you again for your support.

Lyn x

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  • Hi Sue (aka Wonky!)

    Thanks for pledging 10 Smartie tubes. That's an amazing start! Someone's going to be eating a lot of Smarties :)

    Thank you for your support.

    Lyn x

  • Hi Lyn

    I saw your note on the forum, I thought crike my mad sister is up to something she is also Lyn Wilson, but no it was you, so I too pledge 10 smartie tubes, if you don't mind I won't post them but I'll send a cheque etc. I have my Tea for Ten pack but aim to have a tea for 10 x 10 hopefuly at our rugby Club but hav'nt asked them yet but they are very generous. Good luck with your ventures, are you swimming the whole 10kms in one go?

    Best wishes Tricia aka Travelgirl

    PS you have helped me so much in your knowledge and concern.

    Thank you

  • Hi Tricia,

    Thank you so much for your pledge, that is very kind of you. If it is any easier you can always send payment, by card, through Just Giving Hope you're not going to have to eat all those Smarties yourself!

    I could probably do the 10kms in one go but I think my rheumatologist might see it as a little silly. I think I might split it into four more manageable sessions but I'll see how the training goes :)

    Wow, the Rugby Club, what a great idea. Wouldn't that be a fantastic do? You will have to take lots of photos ... and bake lots of cakes! Good luck :)

    Thanks again,

    Lyn x

  • Excellent, I needed some inspiration for my intended electric bike ride from Weymouth to Dorchester on Sunday 1st May on our newly opened road/cycle path. Is there any help with advertising costs and perhaps signage for 'Be a Smartie 4 NRAS'. It's a great idea. But where does one get lots of empty smartie tubes without eating lots of smarties ?? Liz x

  • Lyn, could you ask Rowntree for lots of empty Smartie containers ? It would be great free advertising for them so I am sure they will oblige, and as you are already a bone fide representative for NRAS, you have the clout. liz x

  • Hi Liz,

    I did email Nestle last month but got no response at all. However I think I will send them a proper headed letter that might do the trick! Although I'm not sure my 'clout' is that wonderful you have convinced me it is worth a try!

    I bought loads of Smarties whilst on offer, 20p a tube, so must admit I have rather been piggin' out!

    As it's a personal challenge for NRAS there isn't any financial help as such. I have started working on some posters and business cards for distribution. I'll see what if anything comes back from Nestle and see if I can step it up a notch. Always grateful for extra promoters! :)

    Thank you

    Lyn x

  • Hi Lyn

    I think this is a great idea. Since being diagnosed with RA last September i have spent a lot of time at home on the computer and have written to lots of companies and managed to organise a raffle. I live in Portsmouth so i have managed to collect donations from local restaurants and the Spinnaker tower etc and i now have nearly 20 donations, going to start selling tickets soon. I have found this really useful as i have found people are more willing to donate to charity if they may get something in return!! All it has cost me is a few stamps and envelopes. I feel better knowing i am able to contribute to NRAS and it lovely to have something positive to focus on. Good luck with 'Smartie for NRAS' i will have to go buy some smarties now :)

  • Hi Kelly

    Sorry I am a bit slow ... only just spotted this reply! You are doing a brilliant job getting raffle prizes and such a good idea! I have that down for one of my 10 challenges and thought I would do like you. The Fylde Coast is a great place for getting prizes ... so many attractions to call on! So I am lucky there!!

    Thank you for offering to go out and buy some Smarties. My tubes are filling up nicely and it's so easy do! Had a really good response so far and we have our local NRAS group meeting next week so hoping to get lots more folk signed up!

    Lovely to chat Kelly. Look forward to getting to know you :)

    Lyn x

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