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UPDATE: 4 weeks on methotrexate

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Some of you kindly offered advice when I asked about starting my methotrexate with a holiday about to start..... well, I had steroid jab to deal with bad flare and the rheumatology nurse advised me to start the methotrexate immediately rather than delay. I'm pleased to report that I have had no noticeable side effects (apart from a headache the first week on day 4 which may not have been related). Furthermore, whether it's the steroid or the methotrexate, or the holiday I don't know, but I'm feeling more well than I can recall feeling in months and months! I actually went sea kayaking for 4 hours, wouldn't have considered that possible a few months ago! So I just wanted to say thank you (I took on board the advice about drinking lots of water) and I hope my positive experience so far is helpful to someone out there! I was scared silly about methotrexate and now wish I'd started it years ago! Have a good day x

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Keep us posted😊

Very good to hear your coping well with the mtx

Great news! You're not the first to say they wish they'd started it earlier or they wonder what all the fuss was about starting it. Even though we try to give our experiences & assure you you just don't know until you've taken the first few doses. Pleased you're feeling better, onwards & upwards. 😊

I realise it's very different for lots of people, but thought it important to share to balance things out a bit, thanks for your repky

Good news! Thank you for sharing.

I'm thrilled you are getting on so well and thank you for posting. Its a funny thing but there are those only too happy to tell horror stories which scares the living daylights of of the newbies. Keep well. Hugs


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I think it's important to share the good as well as the not so good! I've had RA for 13 years and been avoiding methotrexate most of that time!

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This is why these followups are so important. Seeing the whole process you go through with starting taking a med. What the situation is after 3ms and what the side effects have been and the situation up to 2 years.. This would really help the newbies more than a onesided promoting of certain med protocol.

Hi, like you I also dreaded methotrexate but 8 months in and I'm pleased to report another success story. I have no side effects and huge relief from my symptoms. And still on a very low dose. I had to miss it last week due to a heavy cold and sore throat and the last couple of days I've noticed aches, pains, stiffness & fatigue creeping in so I'm actually looking forward to taking it today. I never thought I'd hear myself say that. Fingers crossed it continues for us both. And for many others too.

UPDATE 12/10/17..... spoke too soon, bad flare up in last couple of weeks.... still tolerating methotrexate well so been advised to up the dose and I've also had an intra muscular steroid to tide me over. Went into work this morning and had a bit of a meltdown and swiftly came home again. Going to have discussions about reducing my hours as my life is all wrong at the moment thanks to this stupid disease

Due to start Mtx a week today so hopefully il have a similar experience to you 🙂 xxx

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