I have now had to give credit card details to secure our booking, so I would be most grateful if you can let me know asap that you are still attending.

If you are still undecided, could you please let me know within 10 days whether or not you will be coming. The more the merrier! Really looking forward to seeing all the "old" faces and making some new friends as well.

Love Jeanxx

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  • Hi Jean, Hope you all have a lovely time xx

  • Any chance of you coming along, or is it too far? xxxx

  • Hi Jean, I would have loved to have come, however Its fell on the weekend of my BF's birthday so we have already aranged a weekend at my caravan in wales.

    I will try and come to your next little break.


    Julie xx

  • Jean, I do hope you are not referring to me as an 'old face'? How rude!!!

    I am getting very excited it's now only 3 weeks away ... whoop de doo!! Can you tell I'm on countdown?

    Will be lovely to meet everyone :)

    Lyn x

  • Now would I refer to you as an "old face" Lyn? Of course not! (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

  • Hi Jean, sorry I can't make it this time but hope I will be able to another time.

    Thank you

    mand xx

  • Hi Jean

    I would love to come too but it's Mr Shepherds birthday in May and we always try to have a couple of days away,so budget is spent. I do hope there is another chance to meet all these old faces!! :-) Have a good time x

  • Julie, "old faces"?? You are as 'bad' as Jean!!

    Anyway, an excuse for another get together!

    Lyn x

  • Just joshing Lyn

    It would be lovely to meet people,"old" and new ;-) Especially in Warwick, when I lived in Malvern (Worcs) I used to have to travel to Ragley Hall (Alcester) once month for work and I would love to travel up there again. Do hope you all enjoy yourselves,sounds like a hoot! Julie x

  • sorry but not able to budget for this at moment.. maybe a future event hopefully

    have a great time eating lots of smarties lol

  • Hi Jean

    I'm only coming along for lunch to meet you all, seeing as I only live 10 miles from the hotel. Then saying that I've stayed there a few times on work do's. If you would like a whistle stop guide of Stratford on Avon, I'd be pleased to help.

    Lyn whats your tipple you deserve a big one from me and a gentle hug.

    Looking forward to putting faces and the rest of body to name and whats the word for using a made up name Gosh, now. i'm losing my memory!!

    love Tricia x

  • We look forward to meeting you, Tricia. So pleased you are able to come xxxx

  • Let me know when you have another get-together you lovely lot - having surgery on the 6th so will be out of action - but if womanly possible will attend at another time:-) I'm in the far north-east, it sounds like you are all a lot further south?

    Cece x

  • Oh, you're up in Newcastle! I'm across the way in the North West, near Blackpool, Jean's in Cheshire and basically we are all over the place! The Midlands area seemed the best place to choose so people can come from the south too!

    I'm sure we will have another do, it will be lovely to meet everyone :-)

    Lyn x

  • It sounds as though you are all going to have a great time meeting up on the 7th. Don't forget for those who would like to join us for our 10th anniversary lunch on the 30th June at The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club tickets are now available. It would be lovely to meet some of you and for you to get to meet us and put faces to names! You can contact me on 01628 501547 or by email at val@nras.org.uk.

    I look forward to seeing some of you on the 30th.


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