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Be A Smartie 4 NRAS - 10th Birthday Fundraiser :)

Be A Smartie 4 NRAS - 10th Birthday Fundraiser :)

Hi Everyone!

Many of you will already know that this year celebrates the 10th Birthday of NRAS; a charity that I am passionate about, not least because I have RA!

I decided some months ago to pull out the stops and try my hand at some fundraising to support, in some small way, the work of NRAS. As a result of my ponderances Be a 'Smartie 4 NRAS' developed.

I am asking folk to pledge to collect a ‘Smarties’ tube of 10p pieces. Each tube holds approximately £6. To date donations of £301.80 have been received towards my target of £500.00. Donations may be pledged either by personal message to me or as a comment below and payments can be made directly to NRAS through my Just Giving page,

All contributions are very much appreciated and as a certain someone says "every little helps" :)

Thank you everyone for your support.

Lyn x

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Hi Lyn

I am nearly there with my tube, my parents have done one too…

Steph x


What a good idea;. I'll ask around my friends as well. We did this some years ago to raise funds for a cancer charity in Norfolk and raised hundreds. LavendarLady x


Hi Lyn, just a few more to get in think I've had 5 or 6 returned so far.

Well done and keep up the good work Lyn.

mand xx


Thanks guys, everyone has really got on board with this and the response has been brilliant :) Just hope 10p pieces don't go out of circulation in the next few months ... they are becoming harder and harder to find! It's a poor do when I have to spend money to try to collect a 10p ... then what do you get? Two 5p's!! Aarghh ....

Lyn :)


We were putting pound coins in our tubes! LavendarLady


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