A week on my own

A week on my own

Hubby set off on his trip to the Bahamas today. He's an engineer and he's gone to survey some jobs on a ship. Anyway this is the first time since I got my problems that I've had to cope on my own. My hands and wrists are pretty painful right now and my toes feel like they've been slammed in a door. It feels as if everything is getting worse but unfortunately my rheumy appt isn't until 2nd May. I may go and have a moan to the GP this week although I doubt it will get me anywhere. I've been buying ibuprofen with my shopping to fend off the worst of the pain but it does wear me down sometimes. There's been no real respite since it began in June so I'm just praying that I will get some help soon. My two dogs don't care about this though and waited outside my bedroom door expectantly for their morning walk. It wouldn't be so bad if they walked nicely on the leads but they're so naughty. My Jack Russell pulls ahead and the labrador drags behind, leaving me flailing somewhere in between. At least the weather is nice today and I was able to enjoy the sunshine. I've got to be firm with myself this week and not comfort eat as I'm still trying hard to get in shape. Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day and get some sunshine. I'm off to make a sugar free jelly. Since giving up on alcohol and chocolate that's about the limit of my self indulgence these days. Living the high life eh!

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  • You'll be fine paula just take it easy and take baby steps. Whose ship he is going to survey, as george works on the cruise ships out of canaveral, He's home until the begining may. You will have to find someone to walk the dogs for you,so problem solved. How long will he be gone,perhaps it won't be long before he comes home.

    The weather has been nice here all week,i have got a nice tan already,but boy isn't the nights cold.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylvi, he's surveying an RFA ship and will be back home Saturday. I've got used to him travelling over the years and to be honest a little time on my own will probably do me good. I think I've allowed myself to become a little too reliant since getting my sore hands. My walks went ok today and the doggies didn't pull too much. I also managed to do all my washing, polishing and hoovering. Unfortunately my feet are now aching and I'm walking like I've filled my pants lol. Lucky you getting a nice tan. I sat out the other week and developed a really horrible rash on my legs so have been keeping in the shade since. It's chilly here tonight so I've treated myself to a little heating. Plus I'll have the bed all to myself tonight :-) How are you sleeping now?

  • Sleep,i can't remember the last time i slept alnight without waking. Please just take it easy when your out and a mobile with you so if anything does happen (god forbid if it did) you are prepared. I sound like your mother instead of your friend don't i.

    I am the other way,in june my hubby retires and i don't know what thats going to be like. We have an allotment so i know he will be down there a lot and hopefully if my knee works well i will be down there with him. He is good so i don't think there will be a lot of problems.


  • I must admit I find it hard when Andy is off on leave as he seems to follow me about the house lol. I end up taking a book to the bedroom but he still seeks me out. I always make sure I take a mobile just in case Bonnie dog takes bad. The poor girl is nearly 12 and suffers with her joints more than me. I'd love an allotment but they're very in demand here so I got Andy to section off a portion of the garden for my veggie patch. He put a little fence up to keep the dogs out too as I didn't realy fancy my jack russel cocking his leg up on my lettuces. Maybe you'll get to sleep a bit better now your meds have been increased.

    Paula x

  • I'm on my own this week too Paula. I try to make myself a structure which often involves meeting up with friends or having something nice to look forward to every day. I'd rather not have time away from my partner but I do try to find things I can do which are easier on my own. Lack of piles of newspapers everywhere (I read them on internet), getting up slowly - very good for RA. I try not to do anything that might be tricky or involve me getting into difficulties, like standing on ladders etc. I'm stocked up with stir fries - very healthy, and am resisting those mini chocolate ices...

    Chat to us if you'e lonely. Internet communications do help don't they.

    XX Cathie

  • I must admit Cathie, the house is very tidy when hubby is away. He does have a great skill for making mess. I've been thinking about ways to fill my time as I spend far too much time on my own. My son is here but he's out at work all day and usually out with his band at night. I really need to work at a social life as I find since leaving work last May I've lost touch with everyone. I really need to build a new life as it's been on hold too long now. I agree though, this group really helps.

    Paula x

  • It depends what yu like but ive made a lot of friends in classes my subjects painting and drawing and i find that keep me busy and ive met some lovely people. I just have to manage the difference between when my husbands here and when he isnt. Try not to neglect either. We do try to do something nice wgen he gts back


  • Cathie, i find if i do anything relating to work its easier in the mornings as by lunchtime i'm tired.

    Its going to get very cold this week so i hope you and paula are well insulated as there is forecast for snow later in the week.


  • IS Ibuprofen the only med you are taking? x

  • Hi Summer, yes I'm only on ibuprofen because I've not had a diagnosis yet. I don't know what I'll do if the consultant decides it's not ra because I've got awful pain and stiffness which is very hard to live with. I had naproxen but it caused oedema so I had to come off it. The GP has not offered me any alternatives. I think I'll go and see him tomorrow to discuss. x

  • Yes I think you should be on something stronger if the Ibuprofen isn't working Paula. I don't know how you manage to be so patient - I'm going nuts with a diagnosis and MTX and mine only started properly several months before yours (this time last year). At least you have a date for your next appt which is more than I do - but on the other hand it seems such a long time you've had to wait and I don't really understand it any more than I understand my own situation (abandoned on MTX with a rather half- hearted diagnosis!).

    And my hubby comes home tomorrow after 12 days away. I'm so excited but he's much cleaner and more domesticated than I am so I've been ending myself today and yesterday trying to make sure that the house and boys are all looking well fed and house tip top up to his very high standards. I'm really exhausted to be honest! But I spend two days in Friday and Saturday with head either down the toilet or the other end - so I will at least be looking very trim for him! No sun here since Tuesday - it's been cold, damp, windy and foul :-( Try and enjoy your time on your own - I'm planning to enjoy my last night without being subjected to loud snoring! TTx

  • Lol at the loud snoring, I know what you mean there. I did enjoy my sleep last night until OH called me at 3am to tell me he'd arrived at his hotel. Spent most of the night awake then with pains. Spoke to the GP this morning and he's just told me to take regular paracetamol and keep off the ibuprofen if I can help it. There was me thinking I needed the ibuprofen to take down the inflammation? I'm just so confused with it all. Poor you with your tummy bug last week, hope you're better now. We ladies always look on the bright side though and appreciate the added bonus of weight loss! Glad your hubby is due home to cheer you up. I'm sure he won't be looking at the house when he gets back with his lovely wife waiting :-) x

  • You are so patient and long suffering Paula. You should be taking some anti-inflammatories of course - it is just so bizarre. I remember that your GP was the one who supported you in RA diagnosis to begin with rather like mine wasn't he? I wonder how much GPs actually know about pain medicines in relation to RA? I'm in a little more pain every day - it's like a very slow leak somehow? Had my bloods taken this morning and then rushed to dump all the smelly bags of rubbish in the council amenity site. But it was closed? It's meant to open at 8.30 am prompt but my OH says it rarely does. I went back after my blood tests but it was still locked up at 9,10am. Oh well he will have to take it up to the top of our lane tomorrow because it's far too heavy for me and will be leaky by tomorrow too! Easter holidays here and they have just started badly for me with a rejection letter from the John Moores Prize that our dog tried to eat (should have let him!) about ten minutes ago. Needed that like a hole in the head! And it's been snowing off and on here all morning too :-( TTx

  • Aww Tilda I'm sorry to hear you didn't get through. You did say your piece was a little different and you weren't sure if they'd like that. Did you get any feedback? We did a smelly tip trip at the weekend too but thankfully ours was open. You certainly pay the price to live in such a beautiful place. You must learn to be very laid back at the pace of life there. Just waiting for my Asda delivery as it's so much easier than carrying bags of shopping. I can't wait to get my hands on a shape chocolate desert! Mmmm

  • Yes we certainly don't get Asda deliveries here Paula! Just home with OH and being given all sorts of smellies etc. The art rejection has knocked me for six although I looked up the line up 2 years ago and thought the prize winning painting was terrible so trying to perk self up with that thought. It was 50% embroidery and very abstract, although for me all about RA, and a big spiral of hoops so not orthadox at all. But there were 3 and half thousand entries and only 42 paintings chosen finally (not sure how many shortlisted) but really I shouldn't get this depressed by it I know. I think the blues are winning with me just now so any excuse to knock me off my attempt to climb out will succeed. OH wanting to chat about his dead dad isn't doing much for my lost happiness either. Glad you think I'm paying a price because I kind of think same about you and your situation which baffles me even more than mine to be honest! Ah well it's snowing here now and I've gone to bed while hubby chats and unpacks his bags. TTx

  • Hi, we have a Jack Russell (Parson Jack) who has a fettish for licking. (He was a rescue dog).

    He thinks it's time to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning (which he did this morning). It's not very easy to roll over and go back to sleep as his licking fettish can involve licking your feet and then your face just to make sure you are awake! I had hoped that with the clock change he would become a little more civilised about the time we got up but sadly 'No'. It's still very early when he jumps up on the bed.

    He's the 4th dog we've had (one at a time) over 30 odd years (all rescue dogs). The previous ones were greyhounds or lurchers who were very placid dogs.

    He's full of beans and drags my husband down the road. (I'm not allowed to walk him as he pulls so much - he's extremely strong). If he decides you deserve his licks while laying in bed he pins you down and it's a job to get him off. .

    Friends labradors have seemed very placid and friendly loving dogs in comparison, definitely not pushy like Jack Russells (or is it only our Jack that pushes his luck?) Bless him. He is loving but boisterous and very determined to get his own way.


  • Oh Judy that's so funny. My jack (Bailey) is a fiend too. There's a reason they're known as Jack Russel Terrorists! My door stays firmly closed and the dogs are not allowed to join me anymore as they make very poor bed companions. My 27kg lab like to climb on top of me and lick my face and Bailey like to sneak under the duvet and growl at anything that moves. Since my daughter moved out the dogs have inherited her room. Friends laugh when they see my dogs have their own bedroom. Well I'm just going to brave the cold and take them out for a walk. At least the rain's gone off. Hope you are keeping well x x

  • Hi

    As a dog lover myself I have enjoyed hearing about all of your pets and wonder if any of you have tried the non jolt leads - my son's beautiful giant German Shepherd (1 year old) is really bad at pulling and also will suddenly try to chase something when on the lead, leading (no pun intended) to a very painful shoulder, the assistant in Pets at Home told me about this type of lead which effectively has a shock absorber built in, just wondered if this might help with the Jack Russell or perhaps a harness would put less strain on your joints.

    best wishes


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