Feeling sick and burping!

Hello all, my name is Angie, I am 40, and I was diagnosed properly 3 months ago with Inflammatory Arthritis(sero-negative) but have had symptoms for over 10 years. I changed my doctor last year as I was constantly fobbed off with 'it's just arthritis - get used to it', and my new GP immediately said it was more serious and sent me to the consultant. I have had a series of MRI's ((3 to date), ultrasounds, x-rays, and have had 3 injections in my sacroillic joint to dtae. Have a review to get results in June. I take Sulfasasalizine 500mg x 4 daily, along with Tramadol and Arcoxia (Etoricoxib). I'm also on Ad-cal D3 as my calcium levels are extremely low - even though I have Soya milk which has added calcium in it (I am intolerant to cows milk). I also take Fish oil daily.

For the last 3 weeks I have felt constantly sick and whenever I eat I burp for about 2 hours. This is so embarrising and I don't know what to do. I definately am not pregnant - already have 5 children aged 9 to 21 and have not had any 'activity' for about 4 years as my OH had the snip. I have some days gone without food as I feel so sick and other days I do eat but then have this burping issue.

I also have extreme tiredness issues and can sleep for 12 hours easily, but my sleep is broken due to constant pains in hips, shoulders and legs. I work full time for a large national charity as an advisor. I have to work as my OH was made redundant 2.5 years ago and we just can't manage on Benefits alone; but my employers are fantastic and understanding to my condition and assist me throughout so I actually enjoy what I do and enjoy being me (not being tied to the house and having to be around OH all day).

The medication has not so far helped as far as the pain is concerned either but after reading your blogs I understand that it may take a while for the right meds to work for me. Most of my pain is on my left of my body - feet, knee, hip, thigh, back, elbow, shoulder, wrist, hand and fingers, and my neck. I do have pain on my right side but it appears to mainly be on my left. I walk with a limp and the Rheumy said my left leg is shorter. I have recently applied for a Blue Badge and am waiting to hear if I am succesful; I use a stick most days. Once I have the Blue Badge I will try for DLA.

I love reading your blogs, and find my self with similar issues (bad days, unsympathetic OH and family etc). It has taken me ovver an hour to write this as my fingers are locked today. I slept from 8pm to 7 am this morning yet I still feel tired, but as a working mum I can't just go back to bed when I feel like it.

thank you for reading



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Angie, go for dla now as even though your working its not restricted to whether your working or not. Tiredness is a by product or ra,i'm constantly tired and exhausted.

You sound like your having a hard time of it at the moment,at least your employer is being fair with you thats more than be said for employers.

Sylvi. xx


Hi Angie It is really difficult and painful when first diagnosed but things do get better when your meds are adjusted.

I had exactly the same problem with the nausea and burping.I was prescribed hydrochloriquine and methotrexate tablets initially.It was so bad even things like certain air freshners made me feel sickly In the end I went to see a gastroenterologist.

There was nothing wrong so I came off the hydrochloriquine and was moved to metho by injection.The nausea and burping stopped.

Please do check the side effects of you meds.They do help us but can cause some very distressing side effects.

I know it's early days for you but sometimes sharing our worries with others does help.

All good wishes xx


hello angie had similar problems was put on omerapazole tablets works really well , hope this helps


Hi Ange, reading your blog is like reading my history. I had the same gastric problems and saw a gp and got Lansoprazole for my tummy problems, I'd have a chat with your GP first as we always blame the RA meds and sometimes they are innocent!! Bless them!! Axx


Welcome, yes see Gp re tummy this maybe a seperate problem, which may or may not be drug related

Tiredness is the worst thing sometimes it is so frustrating. hope you get some help from hubby, you have a lot to deal with xx.


Funny, I get similar problems and have an appointment to see a Gastroenterologist next month. I too was diagnosed with sero negative RA last year, after 10 years of classic RA symptoms, which my previous GP fobbed off as nothing! My sickness, wind and 'strange' abdominal feeling (just behind the belly button) seems to be triggered by food and lasts for the rest of the day. I wonder if it's something to do with Sulfa, as the problem got much worse when I upped my dose from 4 to 6 per day a month ago?


This sounds hugely like acid reflux - which I got before RA, and got loads worse when I started the meds. It can be horribly uncomfortable, and painful as well as the burping. Like others have said, talk to GP about getting a prescription for one of the stomach protectors such as omeprazole or lanzeprazole which inhibit the stomach reaction that causes the discomfort.

Have you also monitored how it changes with what you eat? You say you don't drink cows milk but all dairy products can have this effect - and anything very fatty. Even with the stomach protectors I have to be very careful or I suffer badly. So if I go to eat at friends house and they serve up curry or fatty stuff I take extra zantac so I can get through the meal.

But as Alison says it could also be other things so speak to the GP too.


Angie - You could try drinking a glass of neat warm water - sounds stupid but it seems to release the wind - someone suggested this to me - I was doubtful until I tried it. Might help until you see your GP.



And you can get zantac and low dose omeprazole over the counter - so you could always splash out a few ££s and see if it works!


Hi all, many thanks for your replies. I had a nurse appointment today for my 4 weekly bloods and I mentioned it to her. She got the doc to write me a prescription for Omeprazole so I'm going to give that a try. I was told to mention it to my Rheumy when I see her in June. My kids think it's hilarious but after a while it actually really hurts. I have found that bread causes me hiccups, and I don't like spicy food. I'm now on 12 meds a day (have to include hayfever), having gone from just taking a few diclofenac when required.

It's going to be a big learning curve and I'm thankful that this forum exists to help put matters at ease quickly rather than worry about it til next appointments. My bloods from 4 weeks ago have highlighted that I have a very low white blood cell count and the nurse told me my GP would contact me if the new ones done today have a similar result.

take care all of you. xx


That's great, the omeprazole should make a difference pretty much straight away. Now your next task is to try to work on the tiredness - which is not easy. Lots of people find that 10 minute naps really help, but I know that the only thing that works for me is proper sleep so late nights are a thing of the past. I'm a bit like a 3 year old now and if I get too tired it takes days to recover fully, so you do have to plan your days & activities carefully. The fatigue never really vanishes completely but it does get better (or more manageable anyway). Take care. Px


thanks for the tips. i go to bed daily at around 8pm and am usually asleep by 8.30. i get up at 6.30 for work. my hubby moans about it but i just cant stay awake. if i go to see a client i try to sneak a nap in the car! i dont have a social life as im always too knackered. i cant wait to get into my bed everyday. i have a week off from thursday and i plan to take it slowly and enjoy the 'me' time. xx


Hi I'm glad you've seem to have it under control :) I was going to say go to docs ASAP as I was admitted to hosp before Xmas with chronic gastritis due to meds and it started with trapped wind reflux and horrid burping !!! The opmirozol (sp) i was then given worked a treat and I'm still taking it :) hope your feeling better soon x


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