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Sad Face

Sad face..... because i can no longer tolorate 15mg MTX ,now they have decided to put me back down to 10mg untill the decision is made from higher authorities ( 2/3 months wait),

As i am now being considered for Anti TNF drugs. I see my Rhumie nurse end of January, to tell me the next step of treatment.Any advise .?

I just want to aches and pains to stop. Now im getting knee and lower back pain , plus a scan revieled i have a "morton neuroma " on left foot and have to have an operation sometime in next three months . I have forgotton what normal living is theses days.

Sorry for whinge

Angie xx xx xx

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That's a long time to wait Angie if they are also lowering your MTX. In what way aren't you tolerating it? I have lower back pain currently so can relate to that. Hope you feel better soon is all I can say and lots of sympathy. Tilda


Thank you Tilda, the 4 days of sickness after the injection.i thought it would stop once we switched from tablet to injection,but no .

The lower back pain is this last 2 months . The three months is up too she said it could take,I think more like end of this month fingers crossed . Xx xx xx


I sympathise as i had the awful 4 day wipeout taking mtx and had to come off it.

Just hope you get sorted with your anti tnf drugs.

Hope you get some relief from the pain soon.




Thats really great that you are being considered for anti-tnf drugs. I guess the appointment with the nurse will be to start the process of doing any additional tests etc to make sure its OK for you to take them, plus to talk about which one, and how they are taken. ANti-tnfs can really be miracle drugs for a lot of people, and on a day to day basis really don't have any of the nasty side effects you can get with some of the DMARDs, plus not having to take a load of pills every day. You are really lucky to be offered them.


Thank you Earthwitch, so why don't they put all RA sufferers on Tnf drug ,? Is it the cost ? I hope it will work and I get some normality back .

Thank you Josie 2 soft hugs to you all ,your all so lovely on here.

Xxxxxx Angie Xxxxxxx


Yes I think it's the cost although the cost of not putting you on...

I hope you can find a way of speeding up the anti tnf decision. These delays are unacceptable


That happened to me with mtx in the end i couldnt tolerate it or rather my body couldnt


Yes it is the cost, i was told that it cost at least 500, for one short on this site, My brother is on this drug, and is always telling me to ask to go on it, But i know they won't just give it to me yet, As this Sunday I would of been on MTX for 6 weeks, really hope you get this drug i believe it is very good.

Hoping you feel better soon Shirley Xx


It's not just one drug - there are quite a few and they are also known as Biologics. If you are judged to qualify for them then that is great news but it may not be that quick as your health authority has to decide if its prepared to pay for them or not. Some people like Summer are expected to keep trying all the DMARDs and failing them before being allowed to go on them - so its all about cost - yes. Tilda xx


Whine is what we are here for


Hi Angie

I'm sorry to hear you're not tolerating the MTX well but it's great that they're considering other options for you. I can see you've already had lots of useful information from the folks on here but we have a booklet all about the biologic drugs which might also be useful to have a read of before your appointment with the nurse at the end of the month. It explains all about meeting the criteria to qualify for the biologics and the different types of drug. You can download the booklet from our website:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Thank you all for your advice ,I got a letter on Saturday with a booklet,plus blood forms, looks like there going to try me on " CERTOLIZUMAB PEGOL " It came with my latest bloods results, its so much to digest.

So onward we go to the next level.

thanks again everyone your all so supportive .

Soft hugs to you all

Angie xx


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