Feeling great!

I have been on MTX jabs for 3 weeks now ...... and am feeling fantastic! So sorry for those of you who have awful pain, and I don't want to rub it in! I don't have any nausea or sickness, my pain levels have dropped - only have to contend with complaining knees, back and fingers - which I can cope with compared to what I had before. I thought that the MTX jabs would have taken longer to 'kick in' but it is an absolute pleasure to get up (not wake up as am only sleeping for a couple of hours a night, amytriptyline letting me down there!) but my family and friends all commenting how well I look without black, saggy bags under my eyes and able to move more freely. So .... well done me, MTX, and correct pain relief. Again, my heart is going out to those of you suffering and I will continue to gloat (in a nice way) that I think I feel how I felt 3 years ago. Yaaaah!


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I don't blame you if I went a day not in pain I would shout and tell everyone. I am so glad you found something that helps.


Virge, i'm really happy for you. I didn't have any trouble with mtx when i was on it. We all enjoy your happiness as you would ours,its working for you so go and enjoy it,its been a hard time to get where you are,so well done from me.



thats lovely news :)

me to, have been better for 5 months....

delighted for you and share your thoughts of those who are not there yet!


That's great news Virge, and Wiliby! I just started MTX two weeks ago and I'm hoping for good things too. Long may it continue for you both :)

Julie x


Hi Virge,

Lovely to see a happy post, so delighted for you, I don't and never had any problems with methotrex tabs, well not nausea at least. It must really agree with you, so thank your lucky stars. Fingers crossed your blood tests show inflammation gone too :)

Regards, Gina


Thats brilliant. Im feeling really well this week too. Fake tan on and out in the sunshine. Been to 2 yoga classes this week and looking forward to a 12 hr shift tomorrow. What a change from last week when I felt rubbish. Enjoy the feeling. Xxxx


It's great to hear positive stories, and brilliant for you that it's'working so well. Hope it just keeps getting better and better for you. Polly


Really pleased for you Virge. Your post is good to read as it shows what a difference the right medication can make. As I'm still awaiting diagnosis your post gives me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your good news.

Paula x


Very positive story. congrats, Im quite good too though it took until drug no 3 in my case and my particular drug takes a while it took over 4-5 months but I am now doing reasonably well on it and all blood and urine tests are stable x


So pleased & happy you are feeling so good on mtx. Hope you continue to improve and suffer no ill affects from mtx.

Take care Sci x


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