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Feeling low.. in pain... dont know what to do


I was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago.

I have a feeling Im not being taken care of properly.... I see my doctor every 3 months.. I feel that he doesnt understand how much pain I'm in.

I am feeling very depressed, I went to see my GP 2 weeks ago who told me someone will contact me to discuss about my depression but nothing yet.

I am in a lot of pain.. I take tramadol every 4 hours none stop since last year and still in a lot of pain... I don't feel well at all and the weather I think is not helping me at all.

I am on mtx 25mg weekly, 1 folic acid twice a week, 1 prednisolone daily and 2 or 4 Amitriptyline daily.. I am having problem sleeping, I have a good life but my health is stopping me from doing things.

I feel so dispressed, so tired, and feel like I can sleep for england.No energy. I keep forcing myself to do thing. I feel I just work, sleep, eat, and sit and do nothing.

It's all so confusing for me.

Any idea where I can have some proper help.. I am thinking of going private. Just want the pain to stop.

Any ideas welcome.. Thanks in advance..


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Hi Sharon,

So sorry you are having such a rough time at the mo, it does seem you are having quite a lot of medication. Quite a lot of us are on anti- depressants, which can, and in my case, certainly lightened the load of constant pain and lack of mobility. I was given 20 mg citalopram daily before I had four joints replaced. I have been happily on it ever since, 5 years.There is an argument that says lifting the depression relieves pain a bit. Also, sometimes cognitive therapy with a psychologist is suggested. Have you been in touch with your hospital regarding your medicines, and do you have a rheumatology specialist nurse to speak to. Maybe your medication needs looking into first. I wish you lots of luck, let us know what happens next. Make sure you are referred to a rheumatology consultant if you haven't already been.



Badger your doctor untill they do something about it. don't let yourself spiral. Try and get a friend to help you with badgering your doctor cos I know how it is when you have no energy and you feel low, it can be so easy to give up. I did that and it made my recovery so much longer. ask your friends or family to help. I hope you feel better soon pet.


Sharon do you have a rheummy nurse you can call in between your 3 month rheumatology appointments. I take it that it is a rheumatologists appointment you have every three months. You could also get referred to a physio, occupational therapist, maybe a podiatrist just so that you can get other professionals looking at your situation and may suggest something different.

I do feel frustrated as well sometimes and i get tired of making appointments etc but i would try and find out what you are entitiled to and how you can get it.


Hi Sharon

B***h, B***h & B***h, until someone listens. I have been on citolopram since christmas first 10mg, then after about 6wks it was uped to 20mg and I feel much better in myself. There is alot of us on anti d's. They do help your mood alot, when you get the right dose!

I've just had for the first time a massive 120mg steroid injection and that has helped loads as I am now virtually pain free. Where on similar drugs, could you ask your rheumy team for steroid injection? I am also on 3mg of oral steroids which I am stepping down. The steroid injection could make a massive difference to how you feel, be it for only a few wks. Some relief is better than none!

Make a nuisance of yourself - they should be providing more help. Find out as much as you can about the disease and how others cope, the more you know the more you will ask for.

Hugs for the pain you are experienceing.

Take care & hope you feel relief soon

Joanne :)


I would phone your rheumy nurse and tell them that the GP is not helping you at all. I have found that with my practice..they send me letters 2nd class post so 4-5 days later I get told to phone them re blood tests. I think you have to tell them that it is your body and you feel in pain..so help me..they get paid a lot of money GP's for 'printing' prescriptions..I call them gate keepers to the professionals. take care and good luck xxx


Hi All,

thanks a lot for your help..

nice to know im not alone,,



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