Oops I did it...but for the first time

Well Saturday is my MTX night. I checked my drugs last week and thought I had enough, but....

I have enough Hydroxychloroquine but only only 4 MTX tablets, so tonight I am 2 tablets down. I hate it that all my drugs run out at different times. My repeats don't tell me what was issued when, so I have to guess. The repeat is in for next week, but that doesn't help me tonight. So this week, when I am battling with the whole disease, I am on 2/3 drugs.

Oh well. You live and learn.


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  • I've got two spare. I'll bring it over πŸ˜‰. But seriously, all my repeats are at the same time. So I go in once a month and pick them all up. Can't you get your pharmacy to rearrange yours so they are all at once?

    Oh and thanks for the reminder. I need to go and get my repeat this week.πŸ˜‚

  • I do normally, but I had to stop MTX for 3 weeks. I am just a week late ordering.

    Now sort out your repeats.


  • Yes Ma'am πŸ˜‚

  • You'll be fine I'm sure😊I don't understand why you don't get any paperwork regarding your next script. I get a printout when I pick my meds up.

  • I do, but the days just run together and I just didn't notice that this is week was week 5 and not 4.

    I'm bad.


  • So if you missed a week, which you thought was week five but was week four. Does that mean next week is week seven? Because you must have missed week six. Or am I missing something here?? πŸ˜‚

  • My GP gives me four weeks of MTX and Hydroxychloroquine. When I was put on Hydroxychloroquine I had 3 weeks worth of MTX left together with a new prescription of Hydroxychloroquine for 4 weeks. I should have remembered this, I have run out of MTX but have enough Hydroxychloroquine for another week.

    Does that make sense?


  • Lol. Excuse my sense of humour Jaqui. I couldn't resist. And yes, I could see from the start what had happened.

    Still friends?πŸ˜‰ Stuart.x

  • Oh course. I blame the Amitriptyline for being befuddled.



  • That sounds like my brain dtech πŸ˜…

  • I've recently realised that missing a week makes little difference. And I don't feel it at all. Or rather it makes a great big positive difference if I miss a dose of MTX on holiday and have a drink instead!

    I think once you have been on it long enough for it to have built up and controlled the RA then slight changes are ok. It seems to take about 3 weeks without drugs for me to really flare. So you should be fine.

  • I'm fortunate, my repeats are in 2 lots, generally how they were first issued. So my RD meds run out around mid month & my OA meds the end of the month. It's not helpful when you don't have the dates of when your previous scripts were issued, are you on electronic prescriptions? Or, can you chart what you have & when it's due & set an alert? I have a list of all my meds & beside them a 1 or a 2, only because I'm often asked if everything's there by the assistant as she just gives me my bag of meds & I know if say it's the group 1 exactly what should be there, memory not needed to be delved into then!

    I wouldn't think you'll notice not taking 2 tablets Jacqui, just take your full dose on your next MTX day when you get your next script filled. That's maybe something that's throwing you out, if you're 2 tablets short do your chemist not dispense exactly for 28 days (so 24 tablets) or have you had an increase/decrease in dose recently? Mine dispense to the tablet, it's a pain sometimes because sometimes I end up with blister packs with the odd 2 cut out or even worse separate bits of blister pack with just 2 tablets in.

  • I just ask for a repeat at the same time - in fact I just call the pharmacy in Sainsbugs, tell them what I would like and they do the rest πŸ˜€ I just pop along every 4 weeks with my wheelbarrow!

    Sounds like I have it easy.

  • If you're a week early or late ordering your meds, they'll give them to you. I'd just explain it to your chemist and they'll tell you what is bestπŸ™‚

  • When I was on a few different drugs I went in a few days early every month so that eventually I was a month ahead if myself. Living alone I found having a little stockpile meant if I forgot or couldn't get to the pharmacy I didn't get in a tizz.

    Probably completely unethical but..........πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • I once got all the way to work and realised I forgot my pills (approx 16 a day) thats just painkillers. I had to take half day off work to go home & get them. So to ensure it didnt happen again I keep a spare "set" in the glove compartment in my car so wherever I go I know I have a back-up. They are hidden so know one else can get at them but me.

    Which is helpful if I cant get them in time from Docs/Chemist.

  • I am going to rant now, beause i care too much about my friends on here not to.

    You should all be on the NAUGHTY STEP!! Come on guys!, our health and fighting our conditions is the whole reason most of us found this forum, our meds are awful things to put in our bodies but unfortunately in the main necessary, they are far too important to allow ourselves to miss repeats. We all quite rightly kick off when GPs, specialists and pharmacies mess up, we need to sort out our part and order and take them on time. I am no better than any of you at sorting my meds but if you have a smartphone or tablet there are plenty of apps that will sort out your meds with reminders or you can use diary apps to remind you the appropriate number of days before to order them, if you work from a laptop you can certainly do the same with a diary and many laptops will accept apps.

    I take 9 different meds and 2 of them are CDs or controlled drugs that have to be ordered on seperate scripts, there is no way i could organise or remember to order them correctly without assistance, i even set reminders that i have actioned the reminders! and i have 4 alarms set at meds times every day.

    Rant over, please take care all you wonderful people.

  • I have one of those weekly pill boxes and reload it every Sunday. Since I take the Mtx on Mondays that gives me a week's reminder to reorder. Having said that, my prescriptions have also got out of synch due to the surgery not noticing that my Mtx dose had gone up. It is probably quite easy to sort with the pharmacy - but just not got round to it yet.

  • You have invented a new analogy though. Instead of someone having brain fog, we can just say they are: 'A couple of tablets short of a full dose' πŸ˜‚

  • haha now that is funny....I didn't do the laundry today because I'm a couple of tablets short of a full dose...lol

  • Hahaha, good euphemism dtech, works for me!

  • Thanks

  • Thanks

  • Hi all I have all my prescriptions on repeat and I go to the chemist who dispenser them. They order them once a month and I pick them up once a month bi don't have to ring the surgery to order them it is automatically electronically done. They give me a date on a card and then I pick them up and after I pick them up they ask if I want them all again. So don't have to go to the doctors at all. I am on pre payment for my meds, about Β£10.40 per month. I just have to remember to pick them up and I get mtx from the hospital every 3months but I have to ring the rummy nurse for these. Take care

  • I should do, but it is all down to laziness. I too have a prepayment certificate, but as a bus driver I can claim 50% back by way of a club that I pay into.

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