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Will i get to my works xmas party?

Its next Saturday at a lovely venue. 3 course meal, live band and disco!

Bought a lovely new dress especially and love to get glammed up as its not very often i get out.

Do hope i get there cos ive had a rotten cold for over a week, flaring in knuckles, wrists, jaw, shoulder and knees.

Off to see rheumy wednesday for bloods and tell him how lousy im feeling.

Have visions of me in my posh dress, slippers with a walking frame and mashing my food up as my jaw flare is bad.

Feel like a very old woman today, miserable and feeling sorry for myself boohoo.

Hope everyones feeling well, take care & sorry for my moaning.



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That's all right Josie...., I missed my works Christmas party this year, also they had a summer one,which i missed due to this rotten decease....., My husband has gone to his party to nite, I have never missed any Christmas party's, that's what i always look forward to every year ..

I am really feeling fed up !!, All i have to talk to is my lovely baby boy, but he doesn't say much apart from WOLF!! WOLF!!WOLF!!,hope you do make it, it sounds a great nite.

Shirley xx


Aw Shirley isnt it awful when this disease stops us going to our xmas parties.

Im with you in feeling fed up but dont have a dog to stroke or talk to. Could stroke hubbys head but its that short be like stroking a prickly hedgehog lol!

Got to laugh lol!

Hope your feeling better and upbeat soon.



Whoops meant hubbys hair is short not his head lol!


Josie, I never noticed :) That's something else we can blame this RA for lol.xx


I never go to works parties in winter as cant predict not having winter flares ! x


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