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Hurray after weeks of no loss have finally lost 4lb more. As I have probably told you before my daughter has lost 5 stone and looks wonderful (although she doesnt think so).

Lovelly day today here in Nottinghamshire just been pottering in the garden but have to get ready soon to go to THE JOB CENTRE. I am really trying to get a job but struggle whether or not I should mention the RA. Any tips. I may gather up the courage to do some volunteering. Have a good day RA permitting.

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  • Well done on the weight loss sharon...wish i could do the same.... Not sure about mentioning the ra so cant comment on that sorry....awful weather down here in southend on the coast..wind and rain....blergh....x

  • Hi Lisa thanks for your reply the weather here is not good now.

  • Wow well done to you and to your daughter Sharon. I'm also losing weight so I know how hard it can be. I've been thinking about doing a little volunteering too just to build up my confidence which has taken a bit of a hit since being out of the workplace for too long. I don't know if you've already been told but there's a website do-it.org.uk/ where you can look at what is available in your postcode. It's a lovely sunny day here in Wirral.

    Paula x

  • Oh thank you i hadn't heard of that website. I will have a look.

  • Hi and well done on losing weight,I'm in the same boat,trying to lose some weight,good luck to you,and Paula many thanks for the info on volunteering,my daughter has just finished a health and social degree and now needs volunteer work in order to get some experience before applying for jobs,so thankyou.its awful here in Dunstable,heavy rain boooo take care Michelle xxx

  • Well done on losing the weight sharon. Tell them at the job centre about your ra as it will help them in their search for a job for you,also they might feel you would be better on esa.xx

  • Than you sylvi. I thought you had to be sick to get ESA.

  • What do you think is wrong with you Sharon, you are sick in a roundabout way. I am on esa and i haven't worked since i got made redundant 31/2yrs ago and to be honest i couldn't work now as i am so tired all the time.xxx

  • Thanks sylvi

  • Hi Sharon... You do!.... But if your doctor or Consultant thought you were unfit for work because of your condition, you may be able to claim ESA. Even though you're not sick as such you may have other problems because of your RA. Your Advisor at the Jobcentre can "tailor" your job seekers agreement around your condition and limit you to looking for only a certain amount of hours, if you feel because of your RA you can't manage a full 40 hours per week but still want to look for work....They might have already done this for you though?? Good luck.

  • Yes i have seen the disability person at the job center and my Job Search agreement says I only have to look for part time work.

  • That's really good.... Jobcentres get a lot of stick but they do try help also :)) good luck :)

  • You do need to be sick and signed off by your GP to get ESA Sharon. I was on it for a short while before diagnosis but was found fit to work as soon as I had an ATOS medical.

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • Hi Sharon well done for the weight lost very hard to do. Think i would tell the job center you have RA that should make them more understanding of what you are able to do. Otherwise they will send you to jobs that are not suitable for you .

    I could not stand all day like i used to. My work has given me a chair which works well for me Think if i really wanted the job i would only say i have RA when i knew i was being offer the job. A bit dishonest i know but at lest you have said before you start the job xx

  • Yes sounds like a plan.

  • 4lbs ? ....that's 2 bags of sugar ! Well done you x

  • Thank you very much.

  • well done x

  • Well done Sharon. Top tip for weight loss, don't get hungry! Keep loads of celery, carrots, apples, even a few dates as a sweet treat to snack on and it will feel loads easier. I just did a detox and it is what got me through! Keep eating very low cal! Good luck x

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