Dating with RA

I went on a date last night with a new man I met on the internet. We had a lovelly meal and drinks and talked none stop for about 4 hours. The only subject we didnt touch on was RA I didnt want to spoil the evening and make him think oh my god what kind of condition is that. He was a perfect gentleman (very rare these days) he even gave me a gorgeous box of continental chocs beautifully wrapped. It was great to be out feeling normal doing normal things. Hope I see him again but if I dont i will still have a lovelly evening to look back on.

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  • Ah Sharon, sounds like you had a lovely time. What a nice man and nice for you to feel good again. All the very best.

    Julie x

  • Thank you Julie.

  • really pleased you had such a good time..hope it happens again and again

    Sue x

  • Yes me too.

  • so pleased you had a great evening.. just take things slowly...

  • Will do summer thank you.

  • He sounds lovely, glad to hear you had a nice time! xx

  • Thank you.

  • Sounds like a proper Gent :-) Hope you get to do it again xxx

  • Yes me too. Even if we dont I will still have my memories. Lol

  • Good for you Sharon, don't even think about sharing your RA with him yet, just enjoy bit of Romance, when the time is right you can tell him. Good Luck. :)

  • Yes you are so right Gina. I dont want him running for the hills. Cause I cant run after him lol.

  • Hi Sharon

    i love a bit of romance he sounds nice, go for it and when your ready explain the RA.

    Good luck


  • Yes it makes a nice change to have a bit of romance in my life. Its been a long time.

  • good luck enjoy and as the girls say tell when the time is right

  • Thank you summer.

  • Wow so pleased you had a fab night - hope you do get to see him again - he sounds lovely.


  • Yes I should see him again next week.

  • Good on you Sharon :-)

    I'm glad that you had such a nice time,

    Cece x

  • Thank you Cece.

  • Think its really brave and positive of you to go for it like that ! You are bound to reep the rewards if you keep on trying. What do they say :

    You can`t score if you dont take a shot ! Didnt mean it as a Pun more philosphically, but you never know!!!!!

    Fiona x

  • Cheers Sparkle.

  • Hope your next date goes well for you. I dont think it's necessary to discuss the RA unless it comes up in conversation naturally. (RA is not catching as far as I am aware) and remember if it does come up in conversation and he finds it a problem, he's not the man you think he is. Most people have had contact with someone in their lives who has suffered from arthritis in one way or another. So just go enjoy your date and have some fun! xxxx

  • Thanks Judi he is supposed to be ringing me but hasnt done yet. He has been busy working though so I will forgive him. Lol

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