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Help please! I have just started on MTX jabs so just beginning to learn about them. Can someone tell me what info they take with them when they fly with the Metoject syringes. I will definitely want to put them in my hand luggage along with the other drugs to make sure we all arrive at the same airport - is it sufficient to take a copy of my prescription or do the airlines want a proper letter from a GP/Consultant? Thanks. (Any other tips will be gratefully received!).


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  • Hi, normally a prescription will suffice but you could ring the airline and check. They could then put a marker on your booking confirming it's medications your carrying.

    Beth x

  • You will have to let your travel agent/airline know and what is their policy. I'm not sure if you will be allowed to carry them on with you. Go online to your airline and contact them.


  • Hi

    On the metojet website there is a downloadable form for travelling. Take the form to your rheumy and get it stamped and signed. I presume the form explains why you are taking it and it use for medical etc & whats in the medication.

    Don't forget to take spares & travel shaps bin! See link

    Hope that helps

    Sci x

  • Hi

    Just checked out the form it says all the above inseveral languages.


  • I carry letters from my GP covering the Metoject and also from Healthcare at Home covering the anti tnf. Never had a problem yet. I carry them in my hand baggage in a special bag which also keeps the Enbrel cool as well. I have found most airlines if you are carrying anti tnf will put them in the plane's fridge. I don't take a sharps box as too bulky (even a small one) but leave the syringe in its original packaging and well wrapped up for return.

    LavendarLady x

  • Depending on how long the journey is you may need to get a cool bag for the pens. There are lots of differen tones but you could look at


  • Hi Virge

    I have just returned from an extensive trip london, hong kong,perth, sydney,auckland, dubai carrying my jabs in my hand luggage in a plastic bag with my prescription ( I also have a letter from Homecare who supply my jabs but forgot to take it !) Not once did I have any interest shown in it by security staff, they did not want to see the prescription either. Dont worry about the temperature either, cabins are usually cool and you can put in in the fridge or cool bag at your destination if it is very hot. Good luck and enjoy your travels !

  • Thank you all very much for your answers - now all I need to do is get used to jabbing myself in the stomach!


  • Dont worry, it gets easier ! By the way I forgot to tell you that you can order travel sharps bins which are slim and light !

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