Hi I've recently started having my Methotrexate dose via Metoject pen after approx 10 years of taking the tabs, which I stopped due to nausea.

I've had several jabs at my Rheumatology clinic and all fine bar a bit of nausea and upset stomach once or twice. So I'm just waiting for my first delivery of them by an independent company this week, but just a bit concerned as they've received some terrible reviews online. I was told at the hospital they would deliver to my local pharmacy if I wasn't in but the company said my local pharmacy wouldn't accept meds deliveries. I've managed to secure an evening slot but am a bit worried about having the hassle of arranging future collections and deliveries.

Do other people who use the pens have this company (not sure if I can mention them by name or not) bring them or can you order them via your GP? And have you found the service reliable?

Many thanks

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  • If the company is HAH then they did have huge problems for a while, but then things improved massively. For the last 2 years I used them I had no problems at all. Because I was working I arranged delivery to my brother in law, who is retired, and that worked fine. They did also deliver to my workplace once or twice.

    Where I lived and with my hospital you couldn't get them via the GP but only via HAH. However I know other people do get them via GP and at local chemist just like other drugs. Can't hurt to ask?

  • Mine are dispensed by my GP practice and I just collect them from there. They won't (understandably) dispense them each month until they have the results of my monthly blood test but it all works fine. Definitely worth checking with your GP.

  • I used to have my MXT on Repeat prescription but about 2 months ago it was taken off. Apparently the local CCG now wants you to ask each month for supply of MXT.

    MXT is one of many drugs taken off repeat prescription recently.

    This is now going to be very inconvenient to many of those who work full-time.

  • My Mtx is still on my repeat prescription list, but the GP pharmacy said they have to order it specially each time, which might relate to what you're describing.

  • I'm afraid I need to order MXT from my GP and take it the pharmacy who then order it for the next day.

    It used to be on Repeat which was sent direct to my pharmacy for me to collect.

    It's since changes with the local CCG a couple of months ago.

  • Yes, hardly convenient...!

  • I know it’s not the norm (I’m the only one in my surgery) but my (fantastically supportive) GP prescribed mine. As Helixhelix says it can’t hurt to ask.

  • Hi Whitedog. I was very interested in your question as I am in a similar position. It's a big jump to injections and will make our lives that little bit more complicated I suspect. It would pay dividends to ask all the questions you can. Hugs


  • Thanks Jan - sorry for not responding before. It's being delivered by Healthcare at Home tonight so will check with them if the hospital put it on auto repeat or whether I have to order future supplies from my local GP. I much prefer doing the injections, just because it's quick and easy. My guts have been a bit off over the last couple of weeks but, hopefully, that will settle down. Been feeling a bit queasy too but, with me, I've come to the conclusion it's more psychological than anything.

  • Bless you. I hope all goes well for you. Hugs


  • I order mine from my Sainsbury's pharmacy - I give them a call requesting a repeat, they send my request to my GP then I pop into Sainsbugs and collect the Metoject pens (and my other drugs) about a week later.

    I make sure I book in for regular blood tests and the whole process seems to work swimmingly 😀

    I started injecting using syringes, but the Metoject pens are much easier.

  • In my area M/X injections have to be prescribed in the hospital clinic and are dispensed by hospital pharmacy only - every 2 months after blood tests monitored. The specialist nurse checks blood results and sends the prescription to the pharmacy. The system seems to work well.

  • I get mine delivered they give me a 2 hour slot it's a good service

  • Like most I moved from tablets to a jab due to GI issues. Namely, nausea + having to visit the loo 3 to 4 times a day.

    I get mine on repeat prescription from my GP. Can you not go down this route?

    I have been having jabs for about 10 weeks now. The first brand was great. But when I went back to get my 2nd prescription the Pharmacy did not have the same brand available. So I accepted another brand which I now regret. Needle is not as fine so pulls on skin as it retracts and MTX mix leaks a bit on prepping. The whole EpiPen is just a lot cheaper looking.

    So I will defo request the first brand I tried next time!

  • If your GP will agree to & set up a shared care agreement with your Rheumy Dept your Surgery can prescribe your MTX injections & any other acute & repeat meds for you. I do know some are hesitant to do so as each script comes out of their prescribing budget so ultimately your Practice is at the behest of your local CCG. It's certainly worth asking the question though, much easier particularly if you have automated prescription service & can request they're sent to an allocated chemist for you to collect or have delivered to your home.

  • Hi thanks for your replies and sorry for not responding sooner. I'll check with the hospital as I suspect this has been arranged to continue through them but could be wrong.

  • Hi whitedog. Where in Spain do you live? Are you on the Spanish health system? I live in the Malaga region and have been prescribed metoject for the last three years. Initially I had to pay 36 euros privately each week but now I'm on the Spanish health system and just pay 10% of the cost. Have never had a problem using my green health card at any farmacia. If not in stock can always collect either in the evening or next day. Hope you have got yours sorted out now.

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