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metoject supply issues


Is anyone having a problem getting hold of their metoject 15mg? My pharmacy keep letting me down and once again today they're telling me they can't get stock. I'm due to take it tomorrow after confirming they had my script on Tuesday. Feeling stressed and angry! Poor service from Medicx

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Yes I have Paula, though I'm on the 17.5mg Metoject pen. Last month my Pharmacist tried to order it from her usual supplier but had no joy so she contacted Medac directly, they apparently have emergency supplies. With this in mind, even though I wasn't due to a rescript til this week I requested it a week early, she did the same again & whilst it took a couple of days longer than normal I got them. She suggested I request my script early again next month just in case.

As you use a regular chemist maybe the Pharmacist will try this for you? Though of course it's possible being a more regularly prescribed dose they made have dipped more deeply into the 15mg stocks, it's still worth asking if they'd try for you. Don't be overly worried if it goes a week over, course we may react differently but I've found it's not noticable if it's a week or even a bit longer. The longest I've purposely stopped MTX is 3 weeks, when I've needed amoxicillin, this seems to be my limit & then I start to notice.

Good luck. P x

paulywoo in reply to nomoreheels

Thanks for the advice. I found it took about 5 weeks for me to feel the effect of coming off mtx tablets when I was on them. After looking into this I think the issue is more a procedural problem with the pharmacist rather than a supply issue. Even if I ordered a fortnight in advance they would just leave it sitting in their "to do" pile until chased. Even though the GP have a 48hr turnaround on prescriptions Medicx are saying it'll be ready in 5 days. I can guarantee that although I phone to confirm they have my order after two days it wont be there when I collect on the 5th day. It's just poor service.

nomoreheels in reply to paulywoo

That's not good service at all. Are you tied to MedicX or are you able to choose who dispenses your meds, a local chemist perhaps? We have a pharmacy within our health centre but they take so long, rarely less than 20 minutes, we decided to use one in town & they are great. My h's GP has been trying to manage his anaemia but each med has upset his IBS. He mentioned this to our Pharmacist who suggested liquid may be better for him so last time he was prescribed yet more tablets he told him about the liquid the Pharmacist had suggested. He said to ask her to phone him & he'd send the script straight through. Hey presto he tolerates it far better. I think having a Pharmacist who's helpful is worth their weight & deserve the business.

I actually get mine delivered --- 8 weeks supply. I thought everyone received it that way. Good service but have to be in to accept it so have to take a morning or afternoon off work.

helixhelix in reply to Jacki08

If you get them delivered by Healthcare at Home, then you can get them delivered anywhere. I've had them delivered to work, or to my Mum's and to my brother in law's when I've been out of town.

Jacki08 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks Helix --- I didnt realise that--- x

I collect mine monthly from the hospital, at the same time as my bloods Have never had a problem, I'm on 20 mg..

Thanks for your replies. It's interesting to see how differently we receive our supplies. I've had a rather angry conversation with the pharmacy assistant as I believe what is happening is no matter how early my drugs are being ordered the paper prescription is just being left to sit until I go to collect it. Obviously this is not a good system when needing a drug like Metoject as it's not going to be a stock item. I've asked for a call back from the manager on Monday as I have absolutely no faith in their reliability anymore. x

I collect mine from the hospital and have had problems with the supply since Xmas. Even had to reduce my dose at one point because they could only get the one strength of metoject.

I had a script on Monday morning for eight.. My pharmacist gave 4 Monday afternoon and 4 Wednesday morning. No problem so far but thanks for the heads up

I've found everyone's comments really interesting as I've had constant supply problems since my MTX changed from the needle to the pen. I take 22.5mg and between the GPs surgery having some sort of block on the prescription going through to the attached small pharmacy and the pharmacy not having supplies and not attempting to get them until I go in to collect my meds, it's been really frustrating! This month I asked for the prescription to go to the much larger Boots in town (with longer opening hours and open 7 days a week) and there wasn't a problem.

My other issue is that the sharps' bin fills up much more quickly with the metoject pen and getting it emptied and replaced more frequently is a hassle, too! What do other people do to get their sharps' bin replaced??

nomoreheels in reply to Waylade

I only recently changed to MTX pens & found this an issue too as my normal sharps bin only takes 6 so rather than ordering the same size again through my online rescript service last time I was at the Surgery I asked if it was possible to have the next size up. One receptionist said that was the only size then another showed her there was a bigger size on a different page on the computer. When I went to collect it there were 2 of the ones that take 6 so I'm questioning it next time I see my nurse for bloods.

I agree it's a hassle, with syringes it was months before they were full.

paulywoo in reply to nomoreheels

Oh yes those tiny bins drive me mad too. I don't get why they wont let us have the larger bins. The hospital supplied the first bin and it was better, like a little bucket and held a good amount but those little rectangular jobbies are rubbish. x

nomoreheels in reply to paulywoo

It's the bucket ones I'm going to ask my nurse about, I also had that type when I was given my first MTX here, they're far better. The little ones are fine for syringes but being rectangular there's no room to jiggle the pens about to get just one more in, they just lie there one on top of another refusing to move! x

paulywoo in reply to Waylade

Yes my pharmacy is attached to the surgery too. It's a new large surgery and they seemed to cope at first but as the surgery has grown they appear more and more pushed. When I have about 3 pens in my sharps bin I request another one from the chemist by phone and the process is the same as with repeat prescriptions. They request it from the doctor and fingers crossed it's ready for collection about 5 days later. I drop the full one into them when I can't jam another pen in! x

Cattledog in reply to Waylade

I have an eleven and half litre bin!

paulywoo in reply to Cattledog

blimey Cattledog that's a big one!!

Cattledog in reply to paulywoo

You've been peeking!!!

....I'm Type 1 Diabetic so use lots of needles as well!

Now that's what I call a sharps bin! Makes mine look puny! Not sure I'd want one that big though, I'd never lift it when it's full. :P

I rang for my 20th mtx pens last week and was told they are trying to get some of that size. They would ring me when they had some. I have one left, as I have two mths at a time. Blood tests are every 8 weeks, never missed an injection yet.


I'm on 7.5mg and having big trouble getting them, pharmacist brilliant but suggested contacting consultant for alternatives as supply issues are with metoject. Really can't face tablets again as they made me feel terrible!

No I wouldn't want to go back onto tablets either. Generally were on the injections for a reason as I'm sure none of us would choose to inject just for the hell of it. Hope you can get it sorted x

When my pharmacist said there was a supply problem I mentioned it to my rheumy nurse and she said to contact her if I could not get them and the hospital could dispense a couple to keep me going until they arrived. I had flu so had some spare from when I did not use them and they arrived before they ran out. I was off mtx and Enbrel for 3 weeks and it was only starting to bother me when I had finished antibiotics and was feeling better.

PaulyWoo, have you checked to see if they have 20mg in stock? Perhaps they could sub that and then you just only inject 1.5 ml instead of the entire amount.

helixhelix in reply to Karen77

Can't do that with the's all or nothing which is a bit of a nuisance.

Reading the comments makes me feel more positive toward Healthcare at Home! They did go through a very unreliable patch, and I've been feeling quite negative about them, but other than that period generally it works smoothly and they get prescriptions straight from my consultant, phone me up every 8 weeks to confirm delivery time and send me the big bucket sharps bins when I need them.

I'm on 25mg MTX pens and haven't been able to get them for ages! They supply me with the old syringes instead! The pharmacist tells me there is a supply problem.

Thanks for the replies all. It does appear that the supply of these pens is rather hit or miss depending on where we live. It's quite shocking really that some people are unable to get hold of the right dose. Has anyone considered e-mailing Medac when this happens. I know I contacted them when I had problems getting Leflunomide and they were really helpful.

I've spoken to my pharmacy manager today and she advised the problem with my supply has been down to lack of staff rather than a supply issue. I'm pleased to say she has promised to keep a supply in stock in future so I'm hoping things are going to improve. I'm normally quite a laid back person but turn into an emotional wreck when my meds get messed with.

Husband and Son are out tonight so I have the house all to myself :-) Had my first 15mg dose of mtx yesterday and so far so good. I felt a little nauseous but nothing too bad at all. I must say the metoject appears to have far fewer side effects than the tablets.... touch wood! x

nomoreheels in reply to paulywoo

Thanks for the update. According to the Medac website we're in the same sales rep area so it may be specific to the North West? That said so is Jacki, she's closer to me than you but she gets hers delivered so possibly an into pharmacy delivery blip, they're probably fewer in single delivery numbers which may count towards the delivery issue?

I hope you continue to be ok on them, I certainly found a difference between tablets & injections. x

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