Yet another word??!!

Had a 'catch up' with my GP this evening. He said "considering your Seronegative Rheumatoid Polyarthritis, how are you feeling today?"

I asked where the word POLY had appeared from and he said the consultants latest letter to him. What has changed? Nothing just a title I presume?

Anyway I have been NHS referred to the Pain Clinic who operate out of the local Private hospital in the village where I live. Can't wait to see what they offer in terms of therapy. Who has been to a Pain Clinic????

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I needed surgery on my back but my Dad was terminally ill and I did not want to be immobile during the last months of his life. So I was referred to a back pain clinic prior to spinal decompression, They gave me injections into the spine I think a mixture of anaesthetic and steroid and they did help. They sometimes offer exercise classes.

Mind you this was all for backs and I didn;t have RA then so not sure what they can do for RA


POLY simply means you have problems with several joints ... no change to diagnosis!

Pain clinic may be useful as they will suggest alternative ideas to control pain, meditation, wheat bags, yoga, explain the benefits of keeping pain meds topped up etc. Worth a try :)

Lyn x


Pain clinic can be helpful as they will go through different areas of pain relief, finding something that will suit you.

Good luck

mand xx


take the chance go and report back to us what you learnt x


I got extra Nerve meds for my fibro from the pain clinic and physio for the pain in my lower back excersice isnt easy but the infa red heat therapy eases my lower back pain for a while


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