'Another sleepless night' -update

Hi its me again.

Finally got in to see my GP today.

He was extremely shocked when he saw my hands, elbows, shoulders etc, etc..... I told him the pain was unbearable and he kept going back to my hands, looking shocked, and told me it was a long long time since he had seen such a bad flare up.

One of the other partners had 2 students with him and he asked if they wanted to come and have a look- which they did. They asked me lots of questions and listened to what I had to say. My GP has also taken some pictures of my hands.

He said that he felt rheumatology depts should be able to see people immediately when a person is in crisis - something like an immediate triage of symptoms. Not make people in pain wait 6-8 weeks, when the flare up may have abated somewhat. I am not sure if anyone has experience of thsi as it sounds a good idea. It doesnt work like this on my area at least.

The result of today have been that my GP is going to speak to rheumatology first thing tmw, and he has given me a massive injection of kenalog. He says that I should start to feel some relief over the next few days. Light at the end of the tunnel I hope.

I just want to say -thank you again to all you lovely people on here who took the time to reply, and have kept me going during a very difficult and extremely painful few weeks xx

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  • So glad you are finally get heard and some treatment. I hope it helps to calm things down for youand you get in to rheumy soon..

  • Thank goodness that someone has listened to you and i am glad he is going to do something for you and giving you an injection which will help.I hope you soon feel brighter soon.xxx

  • I hope you get some relief from the pain soon x

  • Franm that's great about the GP and students and the kenalog jab - hope it works. At least your GP will be able to describe what he's seen for himself to your rheumy now so it matters less that the flare will hopefully be subdued by the steroid.

  • I do feel for you a flare is the worst pain ever. Hope you get relief very soon. X

  • I really hope you will be feeling better soon. It's good that your GP has been able to help. Take care.

  • I'm so pleased for you that your GP reacted as he did, it shouldn't have to get that far though should it? I really hope he does his very best to get an early appointment, it sounds as though your Rheumy & the department needs a re-hash. I hope get relief from the steroid sooner rather than later &you can at least get a good night's & more importantly restful sleep. Keep us updated won't you? x

  • Good luck and hope that you get some relief. There always seems to be a shortage of specialists and long waits to see them, I wish there was more Rheumys to go around in every country.

  • Hi,I fully agree with you. We have rheumatoid help line yet they always tell me to go to my GP and let them know what has been said so now I just go to the GP instead of wasting time with the RA nurses. I have been waiting weeks for a steroid injection in my shoulder which is bad when your in agony. Hope you start feeling better soon. Ps what's sleep? lol x

  • Poor you Fran you do sound in a bad way. I hope the kenalog works quickly. I find the worse I am the quicker the injections work.

    I am very lucky to have my nurse specialists email address so I can contact her anytime and she is so dedicated and works way way over her contracted hours. The rheum helpline is understaffed so lately its days and days before they get back to you if at all. They have tried tried to get the management to listen but nothing changes. And if your at clinic and they say see you in 3 months it ends up being 6 or more because there aren't enough appointments. Well done your gp! hope he can get some proper action for you tomorrow. Take care KiKi x

  • Glad you've had the Kenalog shot to give much needed relief. Hope this tides you over till something can be sorted. x

  • Hope the kenelog gives you some relief, and you get an appointment soon. I'm so lucky, my unit has a helpline, and the specialist nurses get back to you straight away. If necessary they will fit you in ASAP. It's a service everyone with RD should have, I'm so sorry that you've had such a fight to get the help that you nee8

    Best wishes M x

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