Day off!

Up bright and early this morning to take my daughter to her grandmas for the whole day, I was supposed to be having my 2nd infusion of rituximab today but still on the antibiotics and coughing very well so the nurse said to come when I am recovered. So when I woke up to get Ava up for her breaky I knelt up on my bed to turn of my alarm and my knee locked and now it's like balloon! But now I'm dosed up, fed and laid in bed watching tele before I go back of to sleep I have a day of rest planned! Just hope the next door neighbour doesn't make too much noise drilling and hammering in his garden! Good morning and Good night x

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Hi Gwen, glad you are able to have a day of rest after all - that should help the chest infection as well. Have a good and quiet day, plenty of sleep etc before Ava comes back from Grandma. Try a cold pack on the knee to help reduce the swelling. Best wishes. LavendarLady x


Good for you having a day off. I hope it helps. Sleep tight x


It is the best thing in the world and the hardest being a mum. Enjoy your well deserved day of rest. I know how tired you can feel, Saskia was ill at the weekend and i was up most of friday night with her and ALL of saturday night!!! As i watched the sunrise on sunday i thought to myself how the last 'allnighter' i pulled was for VERY different reasons lol ;-)

Now she is nearly completely better and i am on my knees with pain and tiredness. When I woke her up for school this morning and she looked up at me with those beautiful big blue eyes and told me just how much she loved me all of the weekend was forgiven ;-)

p.s Ava is such a beautiful name ;-)




Aww they do make things better don't they! They drain u of all your energy but when she comes home I will be refreshed and ready! Saskia is a beautiful name aswel :) hope u feel better! I know what sort of all nighter you mean! My niece just turned 18 and she stayed out til 7am at the weekend!! I'm only 23 but it seems so long ago since I was partying all night! She invited me out but had to say no! Xx


Gwen.where did the years go i wonder. It didn't seem that long when i used to go clubbing and stay out late. A late night for me would be 11pm as i then switch the tv off, i am in bed by 7pm anyway watching the tv resting.

My son will be home on sunday and i haven't seen him for six months and i have missed him. My grace is cleaning the bathroom and listening to pink and i can hear it down here.

I haven't done anything today and i haven't felt like it either. I feel so lethargic and lack energy too and i don't really know why.

Take care, love sylvi.xx


I hope it has done you good to rest up Gwen. A better day tomorrow I hope - if that swelling goes down!

Julie x


Oh gosh you are making me remember the times my kids were unwell, or i was sickly and they were bouncing around, i remember thanking Pingu the cartoon and postman pat cos you could rely on them sitting still for half an hour!! Glad Grandma was there to help and hope you get your infusion soon as you feel better. Axx


Ouch poor you with your swollen knee, hope its better after resting. Good luck with getting rid of your cold\ chesty cough so you resume your treatment. Take care xx


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