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I woke up this morning and thought that hopefully I had dreamed that Mum had gone. After all she had been my Mum for 56 years. I expect I will have to go and grow up now. Have been thinking about music etc for her service she did love Kenny Rogers and we always had to have him on in the car when I took her out. Anyway I am glad that she was always up front about what she wanted at her funeral/cremation. I havent been able to visit her at the Chapel of Rest yet cause the coroner rang this morning and said they had to do a PM on her with it being a sudden death. I will be glad to see her again because maybe it will sink in more.

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  • yes chose some music.. she liked,,did he sing country rose? that is a nice song

    take some one with you when you go to the chapel of rest,, dont .go on your own,, says a 46 year old who hasnt grown up either , take care .. feel free to mail xx

  • Yes I will summer one of my daughters will be with me.

  • I hope you don't mind that I'm leaving a comment as you don't know me but my thoughts are with you also, reading a previous post of yours I think your Mum was very lucky to have you as a daughter to look after her.

    Not a day goes by that I don't miss my mum, after 3 years, I still 'talk' to her and since having my baby I've started writing to her telling her about all the wonderful things her grandchildren are getting up to, strange but it helps me.

    Take care x

  • Hi Sharon

    Have you ever been to a chapel of rest before? I went to see my nan after she passed away. It did help me because I realised when I touched her hair that her body was now an empty shell and she had flown away.

    I know that we are just new to each other on this site but we are all human beings united by the same common experiences and therefore can connect with each other dont you think?

    Keep blogging I am sure your rheumy mates are all there for you

    God Bless

    love Fiona


  • Hi Sharon, glad you talked about those things with your mom it will be so nice to give her the funeral she would want. A very difficult time for you at the moment, like Alison said take someone with you to the chapel of rest. My sister passed away at xmas she was only 52 she died sudden so I decided to see her in the chapel of rest. I'm glad I did it now but at the time I was inconsolable think I just needed to say goodbye as I was unable to grieve for her properly.

    Thinking of you

    mand xx

  • So sorry to hear about your sister mand, that's very sad and must be so difficult to come to terms with losing her at such an early age.

    Lyn x

  • Hi Sharon

    Don't grow up, your mum loved you just the way you are.

    Sue xx

  • Hi Sharon

    I know what you are going through lost my Mum 7 years ago and you know I have never "got over it", sounds silly, but now I have got used to not having her around, but not the loss. But there are days when I still want and need to talk to her now and frequently do in my moments of real need. I woke up thinking about her this morning and trying to remember the last time I saw her alive. It was probably reading about your dear mum and that prompted it. Don't know. You go and see her with your family. I didn;t and regret it so. Although I have learned since, that you carry your mum around with you always. She was so lucky to have you around to the end. It's a difficult time for you. Thinking of you... all the best

    Julie x

  • Thinking of you also xx

  • I am thinking of you also at this very sad time xx Julie J

  • Hello Sharon

    Very difficult times ahead and I'm sure you must feel as though you're running on auto pilot in a daze. Do remember to look after yourself too whilst you are so busy organising. Its lovely you had the chance to discuss funeral thoughts with your Mum and will be able to meet her final wishes. The Kenny Rogers music would be a nice touch.

    Thinking of you, Lyn x

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