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dla again

sorry guys here am am agin recived my letter saying they are looking at my claim and it says they will either send one of there own doctors out or some1 from social security i was assed for this wiv my own doctors on the 8th of march and was put on steroids i am not happy about seen there doctor if i have to cause what does he no about my illness and how it affects me if it comes to this oh i just dont no what to think feel like giving up had enough of the whole thing its making me worse stressed etc arrrgggggggggggg

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Hi Ords, the first thing to say is stop panicking! It is not unusual for DLA to send their own doctor out and he may well be used to RA. Don't write him off before you see him. It may be that they want to see how you manage in your home, doing day to day things.

DLA will have obtained reports from your own GP anyway so they will have copies.

Can't think why someone from Social Security would be coming unless it is to assess if you need anything in addition to the DLA claim.

Does the letter say anything specific about that? You could always ring them to find out.

Do remember that the Govt is trying to save public money and weed out the benefit cheats (of which there are many!) which would mean more money available for those who really need it. You and me for example!

Try not to worry overmuch - it does seem like a lengthy process but it is done like that for a reason. Good luck. LavendarLady x


thank you so much my hubby said i was worrying over nothing ano i panic before anything happens i always do just wish i didnt have to go through this i did not want this bloody ra nor did i ask for it just brings it to the surface all these check ups etc sorry to moan and thanks for taking the time to blog me back xxxxxx


Make sure you record the visit and all the very best with it too.



Can you have someone with you when they visit ? May help you if you have someone with you for encouragement.

If you kept a copy of your forms give them a quick glance to remind yourself of what you put down.

I also panic before check ups etc. and I've been having them since 1993/4! So you are not alone.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes. (You didn't say what date but we will all be waiting to hear).



Good idea from Judi, Can your hubby stay with you during the visit? If not, get a friend to come along. It always helps to have another person there for support. Your hubby can also let the doctor know what you are like day to day as he has to look after you when you are bad.

Hope all goes well. Let us know how you get on. LavendarLady x


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