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No surprise this is another question about DLA.

I received THE letter this morning saying I had been unsuccessful for both care and mobility.

Everything everyone said and suggested (diary/month's review of daily specific joint pains list of prescriptions etc.) I put down and sent with the application.

The only thing I didn't send was a report from my rheumatologist which they asked for separately.

Has anyone ever been turned down due to their specialist's report and can I ask for a copy?

Or am I just thinking negative things as I'm so disappointed at the outcome.....

I just want to give up.

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Don't give up,appeal,thats the only way. You will get it in the end. Try asking for the report and see what the outcome is.

Best of luck.



Hi Kezza, so sorry you've been turned down, sadly a lot of people are turned down repeatedly before eventually getting the benefit. This doesn't help you at the minute, I know you must be feeling really sick of the system, especially when we see people fiddling disability benefits almost daily these days.

My advise is to appeal the decision, the letter should have details of the reasons for refusal and you can base an appeal on that initially, then provide additional information to the tribunal service later. An appeal needs to be done on form GL24 within 28 days of decision (I think not sure of exact timescale these days).

Contact a welfare rights advisor such as CAB to help with an appeal and contact DWP to request copies of all the information they have, this should be supplied to you anyway during the appeal process.

I've added the benefits and work link with details of how to appeal and all other relevant information.

I do hope you decide to appeal and good luck with that. But enlist the support of someone with lots of experience to support you through the process.

Beth xx


Hi i repeat what Sylvi and Beth said ... when i first applied for DLA i was refused and i did appeal but within 6 weeks they sent me a letter to say that they are not going any further and they awarded me DLA

Im not saying it will be the same for you but always appeal and in the end it will be awarded and you will get it all backdated

It is hard first of all trying to convince someone how you feel and what you cannot any longer do for yourself that others take for granted on paper but when you get a knock back keep getting up and fight them back and you will win

good luck xx


Did you get help filling in the form? I did and was awarded highest mobility & middle care. The problem with filling it in yourself is that you tend to put a more positive slant on the answers. With help you will be able to fill it in with the correct phrases etc. you must answer as though it is your worst day , even if your not feeling too bad on the day, I always get help from the CAB good luck with your appeal..


Hiya Kezza , sorry to hear that ..

does it specifically say on the answer that they used the Consultants report ?. If it doesn't they did not ask for it.

Seek advice from an Advice centre as to an appeal as you really need to supply more evidence , or be able to state that they have not taken in to consideration all of the facts .

Some consultants also do not know the limitations the illness means to you personally and give a generic "These are your test results this is what functionality is generally expected". A Rheumy Nurse is generally better as they tend to be the ones asking you how you are affected day to day . Also try your GP , and Occ Therapist if you have one (rare indeed).

Great Free and good advice on DLA appeals ...

For those that are interested here is the consultation on the draft regulations for PIP...and they invite opinion from individuals aswell...

Good Luck and let us know the outcome..

All the best



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