Saturday agony

Saturday agony

Morning everyone,i hope you are not in pain this morning like i am. I am in agony down my right side. My shoulder is the worst,don't know whether i have strained it or if it is ra/fibro. I am having trouble lifting my right arm. Not sure if i can manage until the 28th when i'm back at the hospital. My whole right side hurts from my eyes down to my knee. My fingers on both hands are rough,right hand more than the left. I'm definetly in a flare and if this is how it really feels i don't want it. At the moment i could cry with it.

Never mind it's saturday and it is going to be nice today so i will try to enjoy the nice weather. I hope none of you are suffering today.

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  • Oh poor you Sylvi, I really hope you feel better soon. The daffodils are coming out and the birds are singing. Take heart that spring is on it's way. Take care and take it easy.

    Love Mags x

  • Thanks mags,i just ache,but i'm not sad and depressed which is a good thing. Taking it easy is all i have done for ages,i can't wait to get my knee redone and then hopefully will be able to walk. Then i might manage to lose weight. The flowers in my garden are starting to come out and i hope to get out there even if i only sit.

    I try to be upbeat but today it is going to be difficult.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • oh Sylvie, that sounds horrendous. Too hard to be upbeat when you are feeling like that. Sounds as though the metx has totally left your system and you are left with the horrendous pain. Have you got clear of that chest infection yet?

  • Mads i don't know is the answer to that question. dotor says my chest is clear,but i'm still having trouble breathing. Yes i think you can say mtx has gone. Not sure if i am going to be going back on it. Will know more on the 28th if i'm not in hospital that is. At least my head is clear and i'm sane today,i have got to try and be cheerful if not i don't know what i would be like. I did have a little cry this morning and hubby gave me a cuddle,he is good at cuddles.

    I have to jst plough on and hope it doesn't get any worse than it is at the moment. My rheumy thinks the trouble with my eyes and face could be ra. Today i have a moon face and its not a pretty sight. At least i am alive which is more than those poor soldiers. I don't have much to complain about next to them and their families have i.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Och Sylvi could be the steroids that have affected your face - Can they not reassure you as to what the breathing problem is stemming from. Obviously the steroids are not doing anything, is there a possibility to up them to help with the pain even short term.

    I agree with you that so much worse is going on in our world today and those families have such a lot to try and deal with now. However, that is a separate issue to what you are going through, you have not been well from before Christmas and it must be so difficult on every level for you. I hope you get some peace today.

  • So sorry to hear how you're suffering right now Sylvi. A little cry never does any harm and the loving hug of a caring husband is the best medication ...along with as many pills and potions as you can safely pack in. Just remember how lovely it will be to have your mobility again. Thinking of you. Paula x x

  • Thank you girls,i have been up the village to the farmers market and i am home now. That is as much as i want to do today. So i am resting now and reading all the wonderful blogs we get on here.

    I also got a big bar of aero so i think i will make a pig of myself.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi sylvie,

    Sorry to hear your plight, hopefully after the knee is sorted you will regAin some joie de vivre, and don't worry about weight for the moment, it will fall off when you get active..


  • Hi all,have slept most of the afternoon away,still in a lot of pain though. Sleep can only help. sylvi. xx

  • Hi really sorry that your feeling unwell can I ask is there any reason y ur pain is mostly on the right side? I experience that too and was wondering why?! Hope uve had a nice day how r u feeling now? Xx

  • The only conclusion i can come up with is that my right side is the strongest and i'm very right handed.xx

  • So sorry slyvie, you are having such a bad run of it. You probably need to see the Dr sooner rather than later. Axx

  • I hate knowing you are being so miserable. Are you not allowed to take pain meds either? If you do, then maybe the GP can up the dose or add something to the mix. I sure hope so Here's some more hugs : () () () () () () () () () () () () L.

  • Loretta, i'm taking pain killers every 4 hrs but i'm afraid to say they only dull the pain. This time tomorrow you will be under the knife. I am going by uk time,here it is 7.45am.I will be thinking only the best for you for tomorrow.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Thanks luvie,

    Me thinks thee should get thee back to the medics and tell them it ain't working, insist on something that will, since you are not on the MTX to help! You are entitled and you should not have to spend every day like this!!

    If you don't say so, he will assume the pain meds are working! If you don't do this for yourself, then I'm not having this annoying surgery!! Haha That wasn't very convincing was it?

  • No loretta your not very convincing mate. You need that op more than i need more drugs. It won't be long now and you'll be on the mend. xxxx

  • OH OK. :(

  • So sorry to hear your plight hugs xx

  • Thank you summer,i'll get there eventually,at least i'm not so depressed about it anyway. It is a lovely day here in the midlands and i am going to try and go out in the garden today. Hope it is as nice where you are. Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylvi, sorry you are having such a tough time. The sun is shinning here too and buds are in the garden so maybe the winters behind us and spring will halp ease our pains and give us some energy. Hope the aero bubbles have lightened things for you!, take care, x

  • I wonder if the pain killers are causing the problem breathing? If you are asthmatic, anything like Nurofen can cause problems. What are you taking for pain relief? Might be worth checking that out with pharmacist or GP. Nurofen and drugs like that (Tramadol etc) act as a suppressant which means they suppress everything not just the inflammation.

    Your photo is lovely - I assume it is your garden? I have been out this morning putting out some primroses into the tubs, ably hindered by the dogs. Junior lab has started his gun dog training, senior lab has been quite ill this last week with a lot of sickness but now seems to be on the mend. Vet thought she might have eaten something bad although we are always careful with her when she is on her walks, to make sure she doesn't pick anything up that's rotten.

    Don't worry about the weight at present - that can be sorted out later. The most important thing is to get your knee sorted out in the short term.

    Sounds as if your shoulder may be freezing up which is the problem I get regularly caused by the huge tear in the rotator cuff. My physio gave me 2 exercises to do: one is to lean on the back of a chair with your left hand and let your right arm swing free of its own accord. Don't make it swing - it will do it itself very slightly. The second is to cup your elbow with your left hand and help to raise your arm that way and then lower it as slowly as you can using your left hand to help support it. I find both exercises help a lot. worth a try.

    Have you had any steroid injection into the shoulder at all? that can keep you pain free for some weeks. Suggest you speak to your GP about that immediately. I had mine done 6 weeks ago and the relief was tremendous. Now beginning to niggle a bit again but I know I can go back for another injection if needed. You should not have to wait until the end of March for relief. What are your doctors doing to leave you like that? Can your hubby or daughter create a fuss with them?

    Good luck. LavendarLady x

  • OH L! Every year I put Primroses out on the patio wall. I so love their bright colors after the greys and blacks of winter.

    Also agree with you re: our Sylvi! Somebody needs to go stamp on their desk and insist this lady not be left in such agony(figuratively of course :)

    I would go myself, but I have a prior engagement tomorrow :)

  • instead of being a pain in the bum you'll be a pain in the arm!!!!


  • Hahahaha

  • you go in with those thoughts and it will be all over before you what has happened.xx

  • LL, i am on paracetamols for pain and prgabalin for fibro and that all. i got taken off tramadol I haven't had any steroid injections in my shoulder,but will ask next time i'm at the hospital.

    It is really lovely here today,i have been doing a bit and now i have a cup of tea and a hot cross bun,so i am doing this pacing thing. I might be replying to,but at least i am sitting down.

    I will then go back outside and potter a bit more. I have some tiny roses that i think i will put out in tubs then. I also have some lillies and some red hot poker bulbs to put in and then my two will be back from the parade that they are attending.

    You have a lovely day in your garden. Sylvi. XX

  • I am envying you with your flowers. I think it is still too early here, we haven't gotten to the last expected frost date yet. But I am going out there this afternoon and clear some rubble off the chives, they are coming back nicely!

    Oooh , I so love good hot cross buns! They are only around for lent, such a short time. And I don't have any! My son or his wife will likely be calling and asking if I need anything from the grocery store..think I need Hot Cross Buns!!

    Enjoy your day in your garden, it is always my very favorite spot, even if I just go out on the swing and look at it. But then I see things I want to do!

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