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Nothing to do with RA tonight....just need to put in words what happened I can re-read tomorrow and realise I didn't dream it!

A colleague who starts the office banter each morning actually made an official complaint against me to my boss. I am sooo shocked.

"D's" nickname (of her own choosing) is Marmite....she says you either love her or hate her.

I actually found her ok, although only see her couple of times a day. She has over the weeks made jokes etc., about me losing my hair when started MTX nothing nasty just "I looked like a punk" etc.,

She came up to my desk and said her teenage girls were driving her mad wanting money to do the cinema or bowling etc., and she joked about always saying No, and being a kill joy. One of her daughter's wants to be a writer so I said

"careful D, or ???? might release a book called "My Mother always said No" to which she replied, no it would be more like "How to teach your mother to rob a bank"

That was it!! She reported that what I said had been highly offensive.

Rant Over, sorry folks.

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That's one very messed up lady.

Hope you have a sensible boss who chucks the complaint out.

take care

Sue x


OMG! Well like Wonky says if your boss has any sense it will defo be chucked straight out!

I know how hard it is for you to work with people who cause issues and you end up working in a horid atmosphere.

Hope it all sorts itself out soon xxx


Thanks folks, it really got to me, never come across anything like it before. I know people that have, to them i must apologise as didn't realise how low it made them feel.

Anyway going to bed and gonna hold my head high, as my OH has rung ( he is at work) and told me not to fret, but be aware of not conversing above work level with "D" again.

Nite x


yes people can back stab at work.. be careful.. keep your friends close.. and they sat keep your enemies closer??!!


This is unbelievable. What a screwball. More importantly, how dangerous is she? When you can't trust to have a normal conversation with a work colleague, then it really is time to chuck in the bucket. Silly ***

Good advice, just keep convo to work related.

Go careful Julie x


What a plonker! How upsetting for you though. Hope she gets just desserts, silly woman!

Lyn x


Thanks Ladies

Only been on here a short well but it is plainly obvious that you are all nice level headed people.

The lady in question tried to engage me in 'banter' today....ha ha no way!

Also this made me realise that getting upset/stressed really does have an impact on my health, and no-one is worth making matters worse for myself.

Anyway onwards and upwards ;o)

Di x


Stupid woman!!!

Sheila G x


What a muppet. Best to avoid this small-minded moron and just keep it professional. Any more nonsense from her and you might want to complain about her disablist and offensive comments regarding your hair. Comments like that are classed as vindictive and discriminatory under the Equalities Act 2010 (of which I deal a lot with in my own job). If you make three complaints about her comments the employer has to deal with it otherwise you are legally entitled to take them to Court. She should be very careful with her offhand comments.

On another note, if she makes comments about your condition which annoys someone else you work with *they* can complain about third party discrimination ie her comments about you offended the other person and *they* can take your employers to Court.

Believe me, employers jump on this sort of thing a lot quicker now that they're liable for other people's ignorance.


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