I believe fate is having a laugh!

Hi All, had a pretty anxious week last week after the great non-operation debacle. My daughter got her date confirmed for the completion of her new house - I should be nothing but excited for her but I am struggling so much to manage financially that the worry of being without her little but of board is sending me into a tailspin, making me feel like a bad and selfish mother. As you can image, this is not helping the pain levels at all. Anyhoo, I had a talk to myself and decided I had to take charge this week and see my GP to try and get some movement on a proper diagnosis and I'd make a concerted effort to apply for any job I could physically do and worry about finding time off for my op and thyroid scan if the job starts before the appointments come through. Invited the brood round for a roast Sunday evening to start as I meant to go on. Was moments away from dishing up when my brother rang to say my mum had been involved in a fracas with a Polish chap at the care home, fallen and been rushed to hospital with a broken hip. I am under no illusion as to who started said fracas as tolerance and diversity are not her middle names and although dementia has ironically made her less abusive as a parent, it hasn't helped her social skills at all. So, instead of calling the surgery to arrange my GP appointment yesterday, I was finding out about mum. She was hopefully being operated on to fit a pin and plate so we were advised not to visit as she'd be out of it all day. I did manage to apply for a couple of jobs but not in the calm measured manner I'd hoped. More a slam in a cv and let them get on with it way. Today instead of applying for jobs I shall be enjoying mum's diatribe about what's wrong with all the other patients and staff on her ward at full volume - I am praying she's been put in a side room on her own but fate is playing dirty at the moment so I'm not holding my breath. Tomorrow my lovely boy is coming round for a reflexology treatment as he's going through a tough time and I'm trying to support him wherever I can so it will be some light relief but still no application time. Am beginning to think I'll be forced to sell my body :0 !! x

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  • It's great that you can have a laugh in the middle of all that's happening. You certainly brightened my day. I wish you all the luck in the world both for the job seeking and getting a diagnosis and your op. Oh, and also that your mum is in a side room! And don't give up on fate, I'm sure she will come round eventually ! Clemmie x

  • Doh! My mum in law is the same with Alzeihmers , fights rings round herself but the staff are brilliant at distracting her!! Much better than us lol

    Hope things start to take a turn upwards soon , you have had a rough couple of months xxxxxx

  • Thanks guys! Quick update - had a call from consultant's secretary shortly after I posted this. She grovelled nicely and then offered me an appointment for the day before my birthday! Obvs they don't have my personal details or thought a fab pressie would be extra pain and discomfort coupled with an anaesthetic hangover. Sent her of with a note to consultant saying "could do better".

  • Good news about getting appointment !

  • Hope all goes to plan for your operation , and you certainly have a lot going on at the moment my love , this illness certainly tests us to the extreme at times & I hope you can find a job that will suit ASAP .

  • I love your sense of humor Misty although I feel really bad for all that you are having to contend with of course. If my parents had lived instead of both keeling over with heart failure at the age of 73, then they would have been the absolute pinnacle of embarrassment to me by now I am quite sure - they were already pretty good at comedy of the absurd while still relatively young and sane and both were showing symptoms of Altsheimer's when they died. And they were really quite wicked and anarchic already!

    I hope you do get that GP apt sorted and can get a diagnosis one day soon. It does help to be able to name the crazy workings of our body I feel - but a bit like parents it doesn't stop them being unruly a lot of the time?! Tx

  • Hooray! Just heard from hospital to say they've had a cancellation next Thursday so won't have to have a miserable birthday after all. Mum is doing well. She tried to tell me they decided not to operate but the blooming great stapled scar on her thigh was a bit of a giveaway. Had fun stopping her from telling me how awful the nursing auxiliary that's looking after her is while the poor woman was within earshot and stopping her from flashing everybody! My daughter has strict instructions to smuggle home some sleepy juice from the vets where she works if I ever get that bad. Thanks for the kind wishes - onwards and upwards xx

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