Greetings from Portugal Rheum mates

Still smothering with a cold but made it safely! weather is lovely but windy, a local (english girl) just gave me a cold cure tasted very like poteen /grappa said would clear my head made me feel woozy but still bunged up, holiday going well, spent day by pool, sleeping quite alot think its the anti biot or mayb my immune system waking up without its methotrex or humira, anyway hope all you girls are well and keeping happy, after all you have the wedding to look forward too!! LOL Lets hope Kate fares better than poor Di who got married same year as moi. Slan - Gina

Ps. Very sore Left knee today, must be stairs or orthotics rammed into sandals!

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  • Have a fabulous holiday wish I was there


  • Glad you arrived safely, have a great time. x

  • Have a lovely time Gina. Hope the cold disappears and the knee improves quickly.

    Still envious, love Praia da Luz :)

    Lyn x

  • have a great hol xx

  • Have a lovely holidayand relaxing time. xxx Julie

  • Have a great holiday :-) Ann x

  • Gina, being the travel person I am I need a full report on the hotel and resort for the hindered.:)

    So enjoy the vino an the sunshine, i took my Humira to Antigua last year no probs. It's also been to Australia, but that wasn't me but a friend that has Wiles spelling from rats Ugh.

    So Happy Holiday enjoy,

    tricia x

  • Enjoy it as best you can - sleeping in the sun sounds great!

    Cece x

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