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Well, I'm in the middle of switching from one anti-depressant (cipralex) to another (cymbalta) with the hopes that the new one will help with pain as well. In the meantime I have been told by my doctor to call my rheumy, then my rheumy told me to call my gp and the upshot of this all is....nothing. Pain in my hands is a constant, and my brain is all fogged up from the drugs. I did manage to get an earlier appointment with my rheumy and I'm bringing my ABI (acquired brain injury) worker with me. I'm going to sit out in the shade with a book and listen to the birds and try very hard to remember that this stage will pass.

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  • It will. It will. As surely as the birds will fly.

    I can empathise with your going back and forth. I have a CTScan and an Ultrasound tomorrow, at two different hospitals! Everyone has been very apologetic . I could wait until the scanner at hospital no.1 has been mended, but as the consultant has fast-tracked me, I want to get this done ASAP. Hopefully, he is just being ultra-cautious and I can be back on track next week. We shall see.

    I'm not surprised your brain is all fogged up. I've never be able to tolerate anti-depressants for that reason. I wanted to be me, however unhappy that 'me' might be. I wonder if you saw the link to the Dalai Lama chanting that I posted the other day. So many seem to have found it really helpful. I certainly do. I find it really soothing,and totally undemanding.

    Even with such a terrific support team, you have got a lot to bear. Do be kind to yourself, dear friend. Jo xx

  • Aaah! The antidepressant switch and the blessed FOG!!! I'm impressed that you've thought clearly enough whilst fog-bound to arrange to have your ABI worker to go with you to your next rheumy appointment.

    I hope you've enjoyed your relax with your book and managed to get some quality you time.

    All the best


  • Clearly not a new situation for you, either then? I did have a better day, my worker suggested I at least be sitting outside to read, and the sounds and smells did me good. I even managed to get to a meeting yesterday! Today I plan to rest and read and generally be decorative. My darling hubby has made coffee (I think I'll keep him) so perhaps I'll take a cup out back to enjoy the green. xx


  • Doesn't it annoy you when your pushed from pillar to post and get nowhere. I am on cymbalta and though i don't feel so depressed as to anything else i don't feel a difference. The pain in my hands are the same some days they are easier,but when rain is due they are terrible. Hugs darling.xxxx

  • My hands are much the same, sylvi, and even the threat of rain seems to set them off. I don't need pain relief all the time, but when I need it I NEED it. It's really frustrating that my gp just plain doesn't like to prescribe narcotics. I understand the risks well enough that I wouldn't take 'em unless I really needed them. In the meantime, I know I'll adjust to the new drug eventually, and it's certainly worth a shot. I just hate waking up weeping in pain and not having any response. *sigh* Hugs back, xxxx

  • My rhuemy put me on Cymbalta and it has helped with my overall pain, so maybe this will be a good switch for you. I'm on hydroxy for the RA and it has helped as well. I still have pain in my hands, but it's not the horrid pain it was before. I hope you can find some relief soon! Gentle Hugs!

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