Back from Seville where my pains magically disappeared!

Back from Seville where my pains magically disappeared!

I was supposed to go to Prague but always something comes up. This time it was RA. My husband rightly decided that Prague would be too cold for my joints and took me to Seville instead. Bless him , what a good choice! Seville is beautiful , lively and very , very warm. On my second day there all my pains disappeared and I was able to walk in the heat for four hours each day. Wow !! I did not want to come back to cold and rainy England and I was right as as soon as I was back I took a chill at the airport waiting for my taxi. From 37 degrees to 18, I felt brrrrr but at least is was sunny for a change! Our sun is so feeble it does not warm us up. Well I have done my store of D vitamin and calcium now and I thought that the pains would stay away at least for a while. Sadly not ! They are back throbbing in my legs that feel like lead , low back and wrists in pain and so tired that I cannot function properly. I have done the x rays and the blood tests and this Saturday I have an appointment with GP to discuss the results. I will finally know what is it that ails me and I feel really anxious about it. You see once it has been properly diagnosed I will not be able to be in self denial any more and it will take away my hope. My hope that I don't have RA after all but something else that can be cured. I will let you know how it goes after Saturday. Meanwhile I will try to live my life as best as I can and soldier on.

The photo is one of mine. The sharp glass symbolises the pain and the view of the moon and the star are the hope.

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  • Hope, we all live in hope don't we. I live in hope that i can walk both both ways up the village,i live in hope of losing this weight i am carrying thanks to good old steroids,i could go on.

    I hope when you see the dr on saturday you have some good news.Sending you a sylvi HUG.xxxx

  • Thank you Sylvi. I wish that all your hopes will come true and if I had a magic wand I would wave it about a bit and sprinkle good hope dust on all of us here to be cured and well.

  • Great photo! So fingers crossed that it bodes well for the appointment. It is a hard thing to face getting a diagnosis, but at least you'll know so you can work out how to deal with it all and move on. For me hanging around not knowing one way or the other for sure was worse, as my emotions were all over the place one day imagining all sorts of things that were worse than RA and the next thinking that it would turn out to be nothing. And if it is RA then hopefully you'll have the well behaved version that responds to treatment. Yes the drugs are not an easy choice, but if they work you can get used to them. I now feel nearly normal most of the time. Good luck. Polly

  • I quite agree Polly not knowing gives you hope but scares you too as after all there are worse things!

  • lovely pic, im hoping some sun will help me too on may 9TH, Have been quite poorly, just hoping I can get myself there x

  • Is this to Manchester Summer? That's when the Nras day is!!


  • Much better! You deserve it and bet you can't wait, must have had brain fog if you already mentioned it xxx

  • I wish the sun to heal your pains too Summer.

  • My fingers are crossed that you don't have ra. Like your photo take care xx

  • Thank you Miss my fingers and toes and anything else I can cross is crossed ouch!

  • Aaah, your blog went through twice, so I answered on your other page which doesn't have the photo! It's gorgeous, I have a thing about the moon, specially full moons, think there's a bit of werewolf in me lol, ahhooooooo......... Xx

  • lol Allanah ! I did not know it went in twice how do I delete it?

  • Don't think it matters it's on the main page twice if you have a look!

  • Hi glad you had a good holiday and yes I think the sunshine helps with the RA.

    Its a pity that the pain did not stay away a bit longer.

    I am going away to Spain next week for 2 weeks and I am hoping that the warm weather helps my RA.

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary, I wish for the pain to disappear for you also so that you will enjoy your holiday.

  • Ah, yes, my stays in Califiornia have always been almost pain free - dry heat! Isnt it great to be able to function like a normal person and walk around, even walk quickly - I felt reborn! I do believe the cold and damp makes me worse, dry heat is great for the RA.

    Beautiful photo - you have a talent for photography!

    Maybe we should all club together and buy a huge mansion in Spain or somewhere really warm?!

    Lynn x

  • That is funny my RA is far worse in the great

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