Poorly already : (

Only had my 1st rituximab on tuesday n already been in hospital because of bloody chest infection. I have been ordered by my mum to stay in bed and dont do a thing. Before i had Ava i loved lazing around in bed on a poorly day but now even with RA i power on because i have to! I cant remember the day i rested properly. I was given antibiotics at the hospital last night i had to sit on a hard chair in the waiting room with other people coughing and sneezing around me n wait for over 3 hours while they decided what to do with me thats just what u need when u feel rotten n in pain isnt it? So on with the anti biotics and watching day time tele it is. xx

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Hospitals today leave a lot to be desired doesn't it.Listen to your mum and do as your told and rest and let the antibiotics do their job to make you feel better. Its no fun having ra as it is without having a chest infection.

You take care and get better


Dear Gwen, So sorry you have caught a chest infection so soon after infusion. Your body is at a low right now so mum's right - take all the rest you can to get your strength up ready for second part of the infusion. They tell us how important it is to avoid catching infections but when you get one you have to mingle with people infected with germs for long periods - there's no rhyme or reason to it !

Keep up the fluids and just chill as best you can. Don't feel bad about doing nothing because if you don't rest & recover you will pay the price & that's speaking from experience.

Sending a big hug and hope you feel stronger soon.

Love Suex


Thank u Sylvi and Sue, Im feeling a little better today, I have rested as much as i can my friend took Ava to ballet this morning so i wasnt coughing all over place! and my little princess is staying at her aunties tonight coz she is taking her to a zoo for the day for a birthday treat!wish i was going tho!! maybe another time! On the bright side i have noticed as i have no been on the go cleaning and stressing about everyday things my joints are not as painful! unsure whether thats the treatment or if its because i have done alot of resting?! Thanks for the get well messages ladies xx


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