Update to poor rheumy nurse experience

Many will know the problems I had last week with the rheumy nurse with the appalling attitude. Well I was talking to a work colleague who also has RA and is under the same hospital as me. I didn't even have to mention this nurse's name and Shen knew who I was talking about. "Ah yes her. Very unsympathetic, unhelpful, always says well what do you think I can do about it" Apparently my colleague was in an appointment with her in which their was also a student. The nurse asked my colleague how her RA was and if there was anything she needed. My colleague said no at which point this nurse turned to the student and said "we always have to ask them this but I don't know what THEY expect. It's like THEY think we can wave a magic wand or something"

Apparently there have been a number of complaints about her but the answer is always the same....she is a very valued member of the team with extensive experience and perhaps the patient needs to look again at THEIR attitude.

At least I know I'm not being singled out for this appalling behaviour!

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  • Unbelievable you would think that after the number off complaints that the penny would drop not sweeping it under the carpet, its people like her that give every other caring nurses a bad name and she obviously bows she's getting away with it, it's bad enough having this disease without getting treated like dirt when you go for an appointment, hopefully she will get her comeuppance soon xxx

  • |I think you should go to the head of the hospital and put in a formal complaint against this rheumy nurse.xxxx

  • I still feel this is unacceptable, and their attitude is appalling. I would put in a complaint, it does not mean she needs to be sacked, but should be sent on training regarding communication, and have an action plan to work towards improving her attitude and behaviour. As nurses we have a code of conduct to follow, here is a link stating what is expected of us:


    Please see it through, the next person spoken to like that could be a member of your family, I for one would not want anyone to experience this. Good luck

  • I agree with Runrig01

    You need to take this further. I am a nurse and would hate to think that nurses get a bad reputation just because of a nurse like this.

    I would like to think that I am a kind dedicated nurse and always allow time for patients in the course of my duties.

    I did have a Rhuemy nurse once that I felt had this kind of attitude. Luckily I haven't seen them again.


  • I have just seen my nurse today, she was not really nice. I have had bad feet and toes, she said i don't want to know about your feet nothing i can do. She has put me on MTX as from today, have been on it before and was sick a lot. You wait for app and then feel low as you expect some sort of support. I have not seen anybody for 2 years now as i had pulmonary embolisms and lost a lot of family. Just struggled along, now feel like i don't want to bother with doctors or hospitals. Sorry to here you feel the same Frankiefarr.

  • Hi Blueboy I had the very same thing. I had to have an emergency appointment because my toes were so bad and then the nurse said I don't care about your toes. We don't count them so I'm not bothered. They look fine. I said I know my toes they are swollen, just look at them. At this point the consultant came in and said....those toes look sore!

  • My nurse would not even look at my feet. I thought feet are part of RA. I do really feel like i don't want to go back. Why are people like this. The people that are meant to care. What part of the country are you. I moved south, i used to have a fab nurse that would go out of his way to help. I am not on my own then, i don't get mad but feel let down, as i am now home and feet and toes just the same.

  • Foot diagramSigns and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis that you may experience in your feet can vary from soreness, warmth and swelling (a flare) of one or more foot joints that lasts a few days or longer, through to joint erosions, with joint instability, pain and associated changing foot shape. It should be stressed that with the advent of improved and earlier drug therapy, the ‘classic’ changes to foot shape as a result of RA, should become less common. However, if you experience any new foot pain, changes in joint shape, nodules, swelling or inflammation you should seek urgent attention from your rheumatology Health Care practitioner, (Rheumatology Specialist Nurse, Podiatrist, GP or Consultant).

  • Frankiefarr

    runrig01 is quite right in what she says,you need to make a complaint about this nurse.

    There are certainly some learning issues to be addressed here.There is at least one other patient who can corroborate your concerns.

    Medical professionals are there to help and advise you.It is a fundamental part of their role.You try to build up a rapport and relationship with them based on confidence and trust and if these people are unapproachable then it all falls apart.

    Good luck,things can only get better for you.



  • She sounds like a right old goat. Next time you see her say 'and how are you nurse Ratchet'

    I had a nurse say 'do you think I have a magic wand?' I was in agonising pain from sulfasalazine. I was in tears. I was allergic to the flipping drug!

    Maybe these people have issues in their own lives. Well sorry, but we all have issues. If folks can be nice to other people, they shouldn't be doing the job.

  • Doesn't make it right though does it? I'd like to bet she doesn't treat her patients the same when one of the Rheumy's are about. I used to send receptionists on refresher courses for people skills, dressed up as customer care, I wonder if she'd benefit from something similar, if there is such a thing available to nursing staff. Does make you want to covertly record an appointment with her & play it when you see your Rheumy.

    I do think though that making your feelings known to PALS is worth thinking about. Maybe if you're bothered about doing it on your own you could maybe ask your colleague if she thinks it's an idea, it's one part of their remit after all.

  • I would definitely get in touch with the Patient Liaison Dept at that hospital.

    We all have quite enought to ,put up,with without having to put up with a woman like that!

    I know rheumy nurses are busy......but so are we...trying to lead a half normal,life when our limbs won't let us.

    The least she could do is keep her opinions to herself - especially when she has a student with her.....

    I do hope you can manage to see another nurse in future visits. The stress of her attitude will only transfer to you & make your condition deteriorate....get to the Liaison office.

  • Formal complaints to the hospital not just the rheumy area?

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