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I am a 49 year old female, I have had RA for the last 3 years and take the usual medication mtx injections, hydroxy, the problem is my feet. I had a scan 2 weeks ago and they found a "mortens nuroma" in each foot. One is very big and he other is smaller, also every month I have to treat a corn on my little toe. The question is.. Are these problems with my feet related to my RA, or are they not connected at all. I struggled to wear shoes on my feet and if I have to walk anywhere I dose up first with naproxen and pain killers.. I am waiting to hear from someone regarding what's going to happen now as I don't know what they will do. Am I just unlucky or is it connected to my RA?

Many thanks in advance

Tracey xxx

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering, I also have real problems with my feet. My job means I'm up and about for 13hrs plus and it's not nice!! I also take naproxen, sulphursalize and recently being told to take hydroxychloroquine but not had it just yet (hate taking meds!) But I use a product called poron, you can get it on a sheet and make insoles or buy them already done. For me it really,really helps, hope you get some relief soon.

  • Morton's neuroms has nothing to do with RA as I understand it. I was mistakenly diagnosed with it last year. I was told it has to do with wearing heels and pointed toe shoes. Runners, or joggers get it quite often.

    Take care


  • I get periods of intense foot pain too. Feels like I'm walking on sharp rocks. My physio reckons it could be fasciitis and could be helped with orthotic insoles so am going to try those but the poron sounds like a good initial alternative!

  • Thank you, hopefully I will be referred to a padiotrist who can help. X

  • Thank you for your advice I am hoping to see a podiatrist soon.. Fingers crossed x

  • My podiatrist uses poron of varying thickness to customise insoles there and then and he also gave me some to take away with me. He says Mortons Neuromas are every day fare to all podiatrists as so common. To be fair I think some people get them too if they have small, delicate feet as my husband has one now.

    One of mine is large and I have never jogged or worn tight fitting shoes or heels. He told me that me and another RA patient with an MN are both unusus as ours only seem to be triggered by inflammation and are worse at night when we are lying down not wearing shoes! I think it's part of my small fiber neuropathy.

  • I have not worn high heels now for 3 years, but I have walked a lot over the last 3 years. The pain this year has been so bad that I now have resorted to riding my bike as it's less stress on my feet. Thank you for your advice x

  • Sounds as if you could do with an appointment with a podiatrist. They are the experts on feet, a sadly neglected area of concern, and pain for all of us with RD. They may also refer you on to a podiatrist. Between them, you should get appropriate insoles/shoes, customised to improve your walking patterns. M xx

  • Thank you for your advice, I am really hoping I have been referred to a podiatrist. As yet I haven't heard anything from anyone, I had the scan on the 30th July, so I suppose it's early days yet. X

  • Hi

    I have just been looking through a few website and wondered if you had come across this patient information sheet:-


    There is also a section dedicated to foot health on the NRAS website which might be of interest to you.


    Best wishes


  • Thank you for your advice, I will certainly read through that. X

  • Save your $$ go to a PT there are exercises to do and, if it is plantar's fasciitis get set for a long haul

  • As one who really suffers with my feet I can empathise with you Tracey. As a result of the disease having a good go at them for two years I have multiple problems including Morton's neuromas or metatalsargia as my Rheumy called it. She wasn't surprised I had them when she examined my feet so I would think she's aware there may be a connection to RD & inflammation.

    My MTX has slowly been increased to 20mg as I have a history of liver problems jumping from 15 to 20mg. But the best thing she could have done for me was refer me to a Podietrist. I just phone for an appointment when I need treatment & usually seen within a week. She's worked a small miracle & given me as near as I can expect to comfortable feet. I would ask your Rheumy to refer you to Podietry in a heartbeat. Corns can also be terribly uncomfortable, I have seed corns, have them on what's were the balls of my feet (fatty pads lost so effectively walking on bone) & my Podietrist regularly removes the seeds for me which is heavenly until they grow back! These started to appear long after I'd given up heels, as did the metatalsargia so I don't hold with the theory it's the wrong footwear as I'd worn comfortable shoes years before to ease the discomfort. I also have orthotics which she's slowly building up as my arches have virtually collapsed. They're helping & eventually I'll have a pair customised to my feet.

    I hope your Rheumy refers you, I'm sure you'll thank her for it.

  • Thank you for your reply, I so hope I get referred to a podiatrist I really think that will help. Unfortunately I spoke to my nurse yesterday and there is still no news "on the system" of my scan results. So that means since I first shouted I wa in pain and things had got so bad please can someone help.. At was on 30th June!! And I am still no further forward in seeing the correct person. I had the scan on the 30th July and that is when they found the mortens neuromas, but as yet nothing else has happened! I wonder how long I have to wait to see someone! Who knows! This is when I wish I had private health insurance! X

  • That's crazy, you're in pain & can't avoid using your feet can you? There may be another option if you're wanting to fast track an appointment, through your GP. If you explain as you have to me maybe he would refer you. The only sticking point I could see is if he wouldn't wish to go over your Rheumy's head. Alternatively he could write to request your Rheumy refers you. My GP has done similarly for me, she considered I should be attending the Osteoporosis/Bone clinic. After a polite letter received no reply she wrote a stronger worded one but neither she or I were aware at the time my Rheumy's on extended leave & it appears nobody is answering her mail so she's referred me herself.

    If you wish to you can only ask!

  • Thank you for your reply, and as it stands now nearly 2 months down the line.... I am still waiting with no news from anyone, I have upped my dose of naproxen and take painkillers along side . Which now makes it bareable until i see someone. Whenever that might be! I chase it every week and will do again this week, just to let them know I am still here! The trouble with upping my dose is that it affects my blood count and makes me anemic!! Oh well!! The joys of it all!!

  • The only thing I can think is if you still get the same answer the next time you enquire is to be a little forceful & ask if they don't know to speak to someone who does know when these results (which take no time at all the come through to be assessed in reality) will actually be read & from that determine who you will see. Ask if they think it's acceptable to wait so long! Explain how you're having to increase your NSAID dose & pain relief because of the pain which in turn is causing an anaemia. Embellish how difficult you're finding walking if you feel it may help, much as I dislIke doing this sometimes we're just shoved for pillar to post if we don't. We shouldn't need to keep following things like this up should we?

  • Yay!! I have been referred to orthopedics!!! Will wait for the letter to arrive!! Xx

  • That's great! Just hope it doesn't take as long to receive your appointment! No, think positively!

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