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Plans coming together

Finally got the go ahead to make arrangements for Mums cremation. It will be next Wednesday and have got almost everything in place now. Have to go to register her death tomorrow (still seems unreal). I hope it is a lovelly sunny day as she loved the spring and that everything goes ok. Vicar has been to see me today and I talked none stop to the poor man but he is lovelly and I am sure he will give a lovelly service,

Thank you all my RA buddies for your support and kindness.

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Glad it's all coming together Sharon. it's such a difficult time for you.

Take care

Sue x


So sorry to hear your sad news x my thoughts are with you hun x hugs x x


thoughts are with you, hope the sun will be shining for you x


Thinking of you Sharon. Don't forget to look after yourself,

Lyn x


Yes, take special care of yourself and rest when you can - emotional 'body blows' can take their toll on your RA so be kind to yourself and give yourself the time and space to grieve.


Cece x


Hi Sharon

You take care, and listen to what Lyn and Cece has said.

That apart when my Mum in Law died it was August and a really hot day, pepes came back to our house and I'll always remember the relatives in the garden in the sun. Husband is a Geordie, so there was a bit of singing done as well, so my prayers for you are sunshine and keep well.



Although we don't know each other Sharon, i'm thinking about you at this difficult time. Your mum would be proud of you. Take care Kath x


Thank you so much everyone. I went to register Mums death today and the registrar was really good at his job with a lovelly manner. I have had some photos done of Mum and now she is on the front room wall keeping an eye on me lol.


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