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3rd jab update

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Am Oxford based and happened to have my Rheumatology appointment this week. Consultant said they are currently preparing 4000 letters to send to GPs advising on who to have the 3rd jab. Just thought I’d pass on in case people were still waiting / unsure what was going on…

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Thank you for the information, I am in North Yorkshire and haven't yet heard anything, so maybe we will receive a letter up here soon too.

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Otto11 in reply to Stowe

I’m in North Yorkshire too. Not heard anything yet either.

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Stowe in reply to Otto11

Hmmm let's hope we don't have to wait too much longer.

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Otto11 in reply to Stowe


Thank you for the heads up. Here in West Yorkshire they're working on the mushroom principle. Keeping us in the dark and feeding us....

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kerryhannah in reply to Gnarli

🙈😂 it really annoys me that this was announced weeks ago and yet the boosters have already started but hey ho… will sit back and wait… again!

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Gnarli in reply to kerryhannah

Rubbish isn't it? The rollout has been patchy at best and dire at worst. I'd be angry if I had the energy

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Gnarli

I’ll second that! 🍄

I got a letter from my Rheumatologist saying I should have it and to go to on line service or 119... neither worked for a third primary vaccine. Oh and his letter was addressed to me and said I was not to contact my GP about it... they don't want to know anyway. I've just written to my MP!!

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springcross in reply to GinnyE

Our letters came from our GP practice giving mobile numbers to ring to book but said similar to yours - not to ring the main practice numbers or call into the surgery to book as the reception staff will not have access to clinical details.

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Moomin8 in reply to GinnyE

Good on you! I tried to book mine and couldn't either. My GP is really lovely, but she can't help either.

Thank you for sharing this information.

Yes my Rheumatology Dept say they’re sending letters out next week.

I’ll ask mine at my telephone appt on Wednesday.

Morning all. After my rant last week yesterday I just grabbed all the documentation I had, got in a cab to the nearest vaccination centre and was ready to plead my case. Gp still saying “computer says no”, rheumatology and Gastroenterolgy all denying all knowledge of pretty much anything! Impossible to book anything anywhere. Well…there was virtually no one there and they didn’t give a stuff about whether I’d booked or who I was! I was out and vaccinated within 10 minutes. I’m not necessarily advising this because I know you guys are all over the country BUT if anyone is in north west london and struggling to get sense out of anyone…the folks at Central Mid seem pragmatic!! Good luck all. I now wish they’d given me the flu jab at the same time (surprise surprise our gp has none)Only a sore arm to report in terms of side effects.

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GinnyE in reply to Bon1

Good for you! I may try the same.

Thats good to know for those people wh are worried when they are due. I know we won't get ours until nearer Christmas. xxx

Nothing from GP or Rheum. GP didn't have flu jabs but my chemist did so went to them.

Great news! I wish my Essex hospital would get their act together 😖

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Green230461 in reply to Moomin8

I agree with you!🪴

I won’t get my booster for 6mths after 2nd which will be 24th October.They not heard of a 3rd only booster.I got my flu jab at local chemist.doctors not got any and told it was due to lack of hgv drivers

I received a text telling me to book booster but when I followed the link it said I was not eligible! I am now wondering if that is because I am a couple of weeks short of 6 months from my second jab? Nobody seems to be able to advise.

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Egpa in reply to Gilliancheche

I had my 3rd jab yesterday, a week short of 5 months, classed as extremely valuable. Flu Jab due Monday. Seams different all over England make no sense. I'm in Bristol.

Hi, I went for my booster, they said that all doses of pfiser are the same. They had just received updated advice. So I will have a 4th vaccine (booster) in 8 weeks as I am immunosuppressed. The one I just had will be classed as 3rd.

Thanks for that. I’m seeing my gp tomorrow (yes, actually f2f, although it’s for a steroid injection in my knee, hard to do it over the phone) and I’m going to ask him about a 3rd injection, although after what I’ve read on here I don’t expect any answers!

Hiya I’m lucky enough to have had mine on Thursday I’m in Staffordshire. I’m on mepolizumab injections for my asthma and a midwife so I’m pleased to have had it. I hope that you are able to have it soon 😊

I’m in Scotland and getting mine on the 3rd October in a vaccination centre this time.

I'm in Bristol, got a text from my GP Thursday to ring to book 3rd jab, had it yesterday. Great service. Got my flu booked for Monday.

Thanks. Will have to wait & see I guess. As I’m still waiting for call back from my GP 6 weeks ago I sent photos of infected toe had a text they need to see me but no suitable appointments available. I get the same text every week & a thank you for being patient!! I don’t expect to hear about Covid or flu jab any time soon.

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Haz58 in reply to Otto11

Crikey if I kept getting that I’d complain to my MP! That’s just wrong on all counts. Get it seen to. I’ve seen my brother in law go through sepsis the past 3 months and it’s not nice at all. Do you have a walk in centre near you?

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Otto11 in reply to Haz58

Thanks I am currently away & keeping it bandaged up in between doing salt water soaks 3-4 times a day. I’m not sure if we currently have a walk in centre tbh. There was but since Covid I have no idea. Sorry to hear about your brother I do hope he’s recovered now.

Our GP is rubbish. My hubby who has malignant melanoma had a new dark area on his face waited 7 weeks for a call back from GP they asked for photos & had a ftf 2 weeks later. The GP then referred him urgently to Head & Neck for opinion & biopsy. That’s almost 3 months wasted time. He still hasn’t been seen either as his appointment was for a day he was away in another part of the country he changed it for following week & then caught Covid from me 🙁 so had to cancel again & then they couldn’t fit him in till mid October . Our practise has a big banner when you go into reception saying We are excellent! It makes me want to scream every time I go in!!!!! X

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Haz58 in reply to Otto11

Thanks he’s on the mend now 😊 having physio to learn to walk and get his strength up again. My doctors aren’t great at the moment but not as bad as yours I must say. I hope you both get sorted soon by the NHS. X

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Otto11 in reply to Haz58

Glad he’s on the mend. Awful experience for him. I feel silly complaining about a toe when there’s so much more important things going on right now. Also had so many courses of antibiotics from GP’s without being seen that Rheumy want to see me as I’ve missed so many Biologic injections because of it. None of us want to take antibiotics if we don’t need them. Take care x

I am on tocilizmab and have been told that I only need the 6 month booster jab for the over fifties.

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Otto11 in reply to Ozzy

I may be the same then. Only on Abatacept x

I have no idea as to what is happening in Scotland, my GP website says not to contact them about the seasonal flu or Covid booster jab as the health board is dealing with both.

Hi thanks kerryhannah I had my letter which threw me a bit because I was just expecting the two jabs plus booster. That's why I posted the question. Thing was I tried to ring the number on the letter but it was constantly engaged so ended up having to go down to surgery and I've now been put on the list, so just have to wait and see now. Hope it isn't around 12th November as I'm having my infusion then. Everything feels up in the air and so uncertain.

In Scotland having mine 1/10 in vaccination centre

I live in N Yorks and have received an invitation to make an appointment for a booster jab

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Stowe in reply to meelfyn

Wow your lucky, I'm in N Yorks but haven't heard anything, for the booster or flu jab🤷‍♀️😳

Thank you for your update 😇

I'm in South yorkshire, got my invite by letter from my consultation with links to use basically to 119 website or to phone. NHS 119 dont do this jab , go to a drop in was the advice. I posted the long story earlier.

It has to be 6 months since last vaccine I think

Thank you. I spoke to my GP this week. He confirmed I should have a third dose (primary not booster) but they have no way of booking it either. He said they can only book boosters right now and I’m too early for that. He was waiting/hoping for guidance and updated booking details for those needing a third dose. They also don’t have flu jabs in yet and no date so I’m going to Boots for that. It’s good to know that the GPS will be getting info soon. Thanks v

I am in Winnipeg Canada received my third dose yesterday. Due to RA and taking lefludemide.

Here in Co Down [Greater Belfast] GP says maybe end October or November for booster and / or flu jab but no more info. They will contact 80+ first then 70+ the 60+ and only then will they consider CEV patients ... so age counts for more than CEV? So drug induced low immune system [Ritux?Truxima] counts for less than my reaching 79 in December ??? AAh well... #### it. Pardon me.

I am under Sheffield and received my letter re 3rd jab at the weekend. So will be ringing today for an appointment in two weeks time. I am on 25 mg methotrexate and Benapali, consultant advised at appt in August to have two weeks without metho before 3rd jab.

I had my 3rd vaccine a week last Saturday in Wales and have to have a booster in 6 months.


I'm on immune suppressants Enbrel and have a phone call booked with my GP this morning to see if I've slipped through the net...again!

My Doc is ace but I've read that a lot of GPS don't even know about the 3rd primary dose so I'm ready to educate him if necessary. I have done this from when I first got diagnosed 12 years ago, as in research, and know more about my own illness than a GP.

You have to be your own health advocate and pitch for yourself I'm afraid, especially now with the NHS so snowed under.

Ok just updating now I've had the GP call...Well-Well, Doc didn't know about a 3rd primary dose!

He thanked me and said he probably should have known and will speak to/email our local vaccine administering community and come back to me within the week.

I requested a letter from my rheumatologist, stating that I was eligible for the 3rd dose. He sent it to the GP who had no idea when they'd be doing them as they don't have any vaccine, but suggested I ring 119 to see whether I could take the letter to a walk-in centre offering Pfizer. They didn't initially understand, but managed to speak to someone else who did, and said that would be ok. It only has to be 8 weeks since your 2nd jab (mine was already 5 months), whereas the booster has to be 6 months. Took the letter to a centre last Friday and had to blag my way past the marshals at the entrance, but then someone went to get a nurse for me. She fully understood (I could have hugged her!) and gave me the jab. They had a bit of trouble knowing how to put into their computer system, but the lovely nurse said she would enter it manually later on. Now very relieved, and looking forward to my 4th dose booster in 6 months time! Hope this helps someone out there x

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