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Booster, 3rd vaccine update

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Hi everyone,

Just spoken with my Rheumy nurse (Hertfordshire). She said the rheumatology department had a meeting yesterday about booster jabs and are going to speak with the BSR as to whether those of us who are immune suppressed should have a 3rd vaccine and then a booster.

They will then draw up a list to let us know what’s happening.

Just thought I’d let you know what’s happening in Hertfordshire.

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I hope the same thing's happening here in Sussex and thanks for passing on this information.

Thank you for the update Ferret18. I too am under Hertfordshire Rheumatology Department and spoke to one of their team on Tuesday of this week to see if there was any news on the 3rd Vaccine etc. She said they were going to be having a meeting on Wednesday to discuss what their plans were going forward. Which is obviously what happened, hence your posting.

I had previously been on the British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) website to see what they had to say and what their recommendations were. From what I read they recommend that ALL Rheumatology patients other than anyone solely on Hydroxychloroquine or Sulfasalazine should be given a 3rd Vaccine. The VersusArthritis website has got some information on their site too.

It will be interesting to see what happens next won't it? If you hear any more news, or if I have any updates it would be good to keep people in the loop on here, it is such an important topic isn't it?

I am new on here so this is my first posting, it's nice to meet you, and a big hi to everyone else who belongs to this site.

Kind regards

Sandpip X

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Ferret18 in reply to Sandpip

I will do Sandpip 😊

Thanks for posting this. My Rheumatologist nurse says she thinks it is advisable to have third vaccine but they are waiting for government guidelines. I live in Sheffield. Hope they get on with it soon.

Thanks for posting, I saw my rheumatologist today, (so nice to have a face to face) she mentioned having a third vaccine and also a booster before my next retuximab infusion, got the impression they are awaiting more info, I'm in Nottingham.

Thanks for update, but doesn't look like any 3rd jabs will be rolled out in September as the Gov are saying. It's already 10th September.

Never heard about getting both Let us know if any update

3rd vaccine has already started for immunosuppressant beginning of month

The booster jab is split hence slight delay

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Ajay575

How do you mean split? x

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Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

The booster half are for and half against 1 for saying it is better effectiveness after 1 jab and still waiting on data for effectiveness after 2 jabs.and people who have caught coronaviris get a better response with booster

2.the moral issue.

they are considering mixing thee vaccine for the booster as well probaly hear soon all speculation

a wee bit similar with 3rd vaccine on morale.

But not for immunosuppressant.

which they say has already started giveing out beginning of september the 3 vaccine for immunosuppressant

I only hear this with watching the interviews on tv

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Ajay575

Sorry Ajay, thought you meant they were splitting the vaccine! Into two lots again. Silly me. 😜 You never know though.

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Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

Maybe the boosters

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Ajay575

Wondering if those who live with those who were/are classed as CEV/group 4 will be given a booster? Of course not the immediate priority but it mattered enough last time.

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Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

Yeh maybe Or even maybe the 3rd vaccine.

Im vulnerable not cev

Really wanting this booster

Things are really bad in scotland the now worse in Europe

1 in 45 last week

And this week everybody knows someone who gas got it

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Ajay575

Yes I can see how much it’s amplified in Scotland. Hope you can get yours.

I spoke to my Rheumy yesterday, she said it’s not yet been decided about the third vaccine but is putting off giving me retuximab as she wants me to have more antibodies in me before getting my infusion. I’m in Scotland.

Wise rheumy 🙏🏻💗

Thank you asking and posting the reply. I'm in Hertfordshire too, so it's reassuring they're onto it.

Thanks so much for posting this. I have had a call from my GP surgery today asking me to go for a third Covid vaccine on Monday. So surprised to have been contacted so quickly to have my third vaccine. x

Great news Summerrain14 😊

Aww thank you Ferret18. Hoping everyone will hear soon too 😊 x

That’s very efficient and good to know from your GP. I feel I’ll be getting a call from my GP nurse too this coming week as she said something last blood test. I’ll have to tell them no and remind them why. I’ve written this week to my GP explaining what’s been going on re vaccines/immunity in case they haven’t read my consultant letters. The immunologist I spoke with this week said his letter to my GP will say I need to repeat both vaccines as soon as B cells sufficiently back. xx

I’m getting frustrated both my GP and rheumy state the 3rd vaccine has nothing to do with them. Even 119 say they know nothing and can’t book 3rd doses. My MP doesn’t even understand saying the boosters will be announce imminently, despite pointing out the 3rd dose is separate to the boosters.

My daughter gets married in 2 weeks and was hoping this would boost my protection, as I’m on 4 immunosuppressants not including my high dose inhalers. Why do the government make these announcements without ensuring the system is in place. I have a friend who was offered her dream job in a school, but is having to turn it down, as she doesn’t feel safe without the 3rd dose. If anyone knows who is ultimately going to decide and make bookings I’d be grateful 🤗

Sorry to hear this .. it’s so inconsistent across differing GP practices and if some people are going to have it there and their docs have organised it then it’s disappointing and upsetting for others to be told nothing to do with them. Did your GP do yours last time? My local council also contacted me but I’d already arranged it early with the GP. Hope you can get your booster soon. x

I was sent a letter from NHSE with the link to book online. This time they are recommending mRNA vaccine which is Pfizer or moderna which most surgeries don’t do due to the storage temperatures needed. It is frustrating. This link explains that it’s GPS, but says specialists should confirm eligibility and timing. My rheumatologist is as useful as a chocolate teapot, and is unlikely to contact GP, and despite GP having my benepali in my repeat prescription and my MTX 25mg dose both of which confirm eligibility, is unlikely to proceed. She asked me to check with my endocrinologist if they had objections, so have emailed them and waiting a response. I know endo will say yes, as any infection can cause me to have an adrenal crisis. Argh 😣

Hope you get it sorted ASAP. 🙏🏻 I have to wait for B cells returning as Rtx fouled up my Pfizer vaccines. I’m on Rtx, Mtx and low igG due to Rtx which has caused chronic bronchitis so I think I’ll get a call to go for a booster and will have to remind them/say no.

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