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Newbie - In need of help


Just discovered this forum and finding it useful and comforting.

I haven't yet had my referral to the Rheumatologist and wondered how long it takes on average?

My symptoms have suddenly become much worse ( just in time for Christmas and I am self employed) and I am struggling with the stiffness and lack of freedom of movement. I have been a very active person all my life, a regular at pirates, yoga, body combat, swimming spinning 4,5,6 times a week and now I can hardly move!

I had a frozen shoulder for 2 years before an op (which worked brilliantly) Just recovered from that then this starts.

I am not depressed yet but hoping treatment can get me back to (some)exercise.

Sorry for my ramble but think I am in shock that it's happened.

Wanted to know if I start on fish oils before my consultation is a good idea?

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Sorry not pirates but pilates


Really sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Yes, fish oils are the one thing with an evidence base and worth trying. Lots of us also find that changing our eating habits can help. Culprits are often meat, wheat, sugar and dairy, but it varies from person to person. It's something you have to experiment with and find out for yourself what helps.

And do keep up with swimming if at all possible, gentle exercise will help you feel more positive whilst waiting to be able to return to your normal routine! Have you tried yoga ever? Good for calming the nerves and helps with relaxation....

Glad you've found the forum. it's a great resource!

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Well my diet has been pretty good probably too much sugar will try and cut back ( a chocolate fiend! ) and perhaps I will write a food diary? What about alcohol I don't drink very much but coming up to Christmas bound to have more.

I have done yoga including bikram and was very flexible however the frozen shoulder really stopped me from that. I have been considering going back but have a painful foot and wrist. I am worrying about some of the poses in downward dog, sun salutation 😕


I find it's possible to adjust the poses eg I can't anymore put weight on my wrists so go onto my forearms instead...not so elegant but it works.

I don't drink very much, am on methotrexate so have to look after my liver. I think the food diary is a very good idea. Should help you to see if food has any impact on your symptoms. I went skiing a year after I was first diagnosed as I was determined it wasn't going to stop me....but found it very difficult as couldn't do what I used to be able to.....but that was before all the modern drugs so hopefully you will be back to normal before too long!


Thanks for the advice I don't really enjoy my exercise but was worried about making my symptoms worse as I haven't even seen a rheumatologist yet so have no other meds apart from naproxen. I am in a middle of moving to a different place and can only get an appointment with an out of hours doc. Can a gp give me anything else without the referral?


I meant to say I do enjoy exercise normally


Hi & welcome, love the thought of exercising with pirates😉!!

There is life after RD,so try not to panic. I can still do most of what I did before all be it differently eg I now have to pace myself, rest after exercise not try & do to much in one day, you'll learn through trail & error what you can & can't do.

I think it varies the time it takes to get diagnosed & treated. With me my rheumy treated the symptoms not the results so was quicker than some of the other folk on here.

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Wouldn't mind pirates if they came with Johnny Depp lol. I have a job when I am on my feet all day and I do alot of driving so my usual exercise just wares me out. I do some stretching and a bit of swimming but sometimes it's difficult to get in and more importantly OUT of my cozzie

Got stuck in my clothes often when I had a frozen shoulder 😵

Thanks for the reply


Now your talking Johnny Depp wow. Now I wouldn't mind..... best not go there!!

I damaged my shoulder years ago when I stupidly did butterfly in an empty pool,so I really went for it, I hadn't even warmed up. Never been able to do that stroke since. Until your on meds it's probably best to listen to your body & do what you have to do & rest inbetween.


Hey Millie,

Do you meditate? That will help you calm your mind and keep any possible future depression at bay.

As for starting fish oil before consultation. Absolutely yes!



Vitamin E

Vitamin D3

Odourless garlic

Evening primrose



Go for it, just tell your doc when you get to the consultation and it'll be fine. I doubt the doc or specialist will have any idea about most of those because mine doesn't?

If you feel like you have any cartilage degeneration you could try eggshell mmebrane. I found it helped me so much.

All can be found on amazon or ebay reasonably cheaply.

Why not investigate some raw cacao recipes....You don't have to give up chocolate!!

Raw cacao is one of the healthiest, most antioxidant foods on the planet. It is only the manufacturing that ruins it and the sugar.

Get a blender and make raw cacao smoothies with honey, chia seeds, and frozen banana. There can be no finer food!

Enjoy it.xx

Have a great pain free day and good luck!

Best wishes,


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