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Hi everyone, hope your all well and enjoying your weekend. I had a eye test yesterday, and I've been told I've got cataracts, she said it can be treated with a small opp on the NHS.. I had no sign of this 2 years ago, I suffer from chronic fatigue so eyesight always feels blurry.. anyone else been diagnosed?? I've been on steroids very low dose for 2 months now, surely they wouldn't cause it would they? Thanks in advance x

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I don't know but my mum had hers lazered on the NHS, first eye was done then she took a short notice cancellation for the other a few months later. She had no problems.

That's good to hear thankyou

I had to put in her drops for a couple of weeks and I'm sure she chose the laser. My mum never took steroids or even had RA so I should have said that I have no idea if they are linked in any way.

Sorry to hear you have been told cataracts have developed.I have had both cataracts done.I questioned whether steroids had played a part as I took steroids, sometimes up to 60 mg for an eye condition, but mainly between 20mg and 5mg over about 20 years.

The doc said it would be mostly my age although steroids can play a part.

It is a simple operation. In my experience they didn't do them until absolutely necessary. They couldn't see to the back of my eye to examine it as the lens was so cloudy.

I hope you go on alright, it should be very straightforward but there will perhaps be a waiting list.

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Hi, s/w thanks for reply she said its only just started, and wants to see me in 12 months time, then she will refer me, never had problems with my eyes before, just glasses for reading at least it can be treated. I seem to be getting lots of other little things wrong with me since I've been diagnosed with ra, unless it's just coincidence, glad you had yours sorted and your ok now

Sometimes they can take a long time to develop further. I remember I couldn't read small print like a newspaper quite some time before they were done.Yours could stay as they are and not grow.

Yes sometimes we wonder if things are connected to RA and I hope your 'little things' settle and nothing else needs treatment and that your fatigue lessens. Not sure how long you've been disgnosed but hoping your RA is well controlled x

I'm hoping that will be the outcome fingers 🤞 crossed. My ra is not under control as of yet. Only been diagnosed a few months, but been poorly a few years. Only had 3 doses of methotrexate and on just 5mg of prednisolone, that's taking the edge off the pain but still really struggling its early days yet, so waiting for it to kick in x

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Sorry you've been struggling for a while and I hope you've hit the jackpot with the first drug, always here to listen xx

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I hope you are as lucky with methotrexate as I was. It is great when it suits. Good luck. Stay positive and allow a bit more time before you see results .

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I had cataract surgery done on 2017, consultant told me it was due to age (59 at the time) and taking steroids. I've found this I posted on here after I had the op done, you might find it interesting to read. If you look on my profile and scroll down there is more to read.

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Thanks for that Paula

I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes two years ago, but they're developing really slowly so optician is monitoring annually. I was advised to wear sunglasses in sunny weather as strong sunlight can accelerate their growth. Luckily this far they don't seem to create problems.

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Hi, sounds like that's what's going to be happening with me got to go back in 12 months. Thanks for the info

Yes I have but they are in the early stages. I also have early stage macular degeneration which is far more scary. I am not worrying about them though. The fear of covid is enough to cope with for now. I know many people who have had cataract ops and they say they are miraculous. Almost instant sight back. Good luck when you have the op.

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Sorry u have macula degeneration Sheila, I no there's no treatment for that condition.

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Bless you. Thank you. It is very early. The Optician said she wouldn't even have mentioned it a few years ago but now they have to. I suppose we live in a world now where people would be sueing them if they hadn't been told years earlier. Nothing to worry about for a few years yet I hope.

There is currently no treatment for dry macular, but wet macular is treated by lucentis injections. I am currently on these every six weeks and have been for around four years and things have improved and stabilised, so if anyone is diagnosed with wet macular be assured there is treatment and new treatment, like RA, is always ongoing.

That's good to no thankyou

Hi. I had cataracts due to huge amounts of steroid eye drops over the years. The op went well though they always do the eyes separately to avoid infection and I had my short sight corrected with the lenses put in (no specs). I believe the NHS does the op earlier than used to be the case. Good wishes.

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Thanks for the information

I have developing cataracts - they run in the family. Still a few years off needing an operation. However look after your eyes, protect from sunshine and use eye drops if they feel dry.

2 months of steroids is unlikely to have had an effect, and cataracts are very common.

I don't even own a pair of sunglasses, I'm going to have get some and look after my eyes better

I've had both eyes done due to cataracts in 2019 and the other eye just a few months ago. Age related I'm told but also hrdroxchlorine quinine could have contributed...I can at least see although still need glasses for reading. Don't be scared by the's really painless and over in 10 mins! I didn't have to wait for them to develop and was told the riper and earlier the cataract the shorter the healing time! Good luck with it all.

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Thanks for info that's very interesting to no

I had my first cataract done when I was 42. It was such a shock as there is no history in the family and I was very young. My Opthalmolagist said it was probably due to steroid use earlier in my treatment.

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Wow that is young, glad you have been sorted now, I'm 52 there's no history in my family either

I was told they were beginning about five years ago. I’m at a point where I really need to have the surgery. My mom had this and refused the surgery in her late 70s. She reached a point where she couldn’t see to read or to watch tv or do her word puzzles that she loved. She lived to be 99 and almost blind. I always said I wouldn’t be as stubborn when I got to that point. But now I’m here and not feeling stubborn just very nervous. They usually do one and a week or so later they do the other. I hope you and I both can make the decision when the time is necessary.

Ahh bless you. I would deffo go for it let me no if you do, and how you get on x

Just spoke to someone today who said it’s a breeze and she doesn’t need her glasses to read anymore. 😊

That's amazing 😀I hope that has made your mind up for you x

Yes. It’s just a matter of when.

I’ll post when I do!

So sorry for the diagnosis. I was diagnosed with ra 10 years ago. Had tablets of various types for 3 months so had regular steroid injections to help with inflammation and pain until mxt kicked in. In the meantime my sight was bad so optician said I would need operations on both eyes. Had one done then 3 weeks after Had the other one, not too bad.sight fine now just reading glasses for close work. Doctor said was my age 64 then but optician had a different opinion. Hope this helps.

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Glad its worked out for you, all this positive feed back has put my mind at rest ty

Yes I’m afraid these can affect your eyes , mine detioreated in such short time , had both done , been better , a year on have To go back with left eye . Good luck 👍

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I know a lot of people get cataracts but not necessarily related to RA. What I do know now is eyes can be affected when you have RA and why in my opinion it’s very important to have regular eye checks. I have an autoimmune disease in one eye called scleritis. I had a very blood shot eye which was quite painful. My Rheumatologist noticed it and referred me to Ophthalmology and also Optician when I went to have regular eye test. She actually got me an emergency appointment within a couple of days. I also have glaucoma which is being treated. So please make sure you have your eyes checked.

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Sorry to hear this, I will deffo keep on top of my eye tests

No it

No l can reassure you sreroids do not cause cataracts, l had both of my cataracts removed on separate appointme to its like a miracle .lt is only day surgery and usually only done when the cataracts become ripe . If they are doing them soon you must have had them longer than you realise. They do it with a local anaesthetic usually and it's a quick recovery period followed by a check up before you can have new glasses if you wear them . Good luck go for it.

Yes I wear glasses for reading ty for info

You may find you can read well without them afterwards. I have worn glasses all my life and after the op only need them for small writing even driving without now . Good luck

That's great to no thanks, glad it worked for you

Hello jojoishere. You do sound in a bad wayWhen I was first treated I have RA and COPD had steroids until the drugs kick in.

That's about 10 years ago about 8 years ago I had cataracts was told by the nurse that steroids can cause cataracts,

Operation was wonderful.

Best of luck

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Thanks for the info, hope your doing better now x

I was finally diagnosed with RA early in 2018 and put on steroids for a couple of months while mtx and hydroxy started working. I then had another session to deal with a flare, plus 3 lots of steroid injections spread through the rest of the year. My retinal scan in January didn't show anything they chose to share with me but in March, on holiday in Tobago I thought I was going blind, suddenly everything went foggy, both eyes. Straight to A&E on my return home and yes, cataracts in both eyes. The ops went very well and it was wonderful to see clearly again, but it didn't half ruin my holiday. Just one more thing to be aware of with steroids - rapid onset cataracts!! I hope your op is successful; it's horrible in anticipation but painless and over very quickly.

Hi, wow that happend so quick for you, I didn't realise it could progress that quickly, that's quiet scarey, but glad your ok now. Mine was found by a routine eye test, but 2 years previous to this ( none) I've been noticing my eyesight is very blurry, quiet quickly getting worse, but she's told me to come back in 12 months to see what's happening then refere me to NHS so hoping it's not going to escalate

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