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Hope your not too sore tonight fellow sufferers, yesterday I had my final addendance meeting with HR and it went very well as that's me taking ill health retirement .They were very accommodating and are putting me back onto full pay for the next 2 months until my pension forms are taking care off, which will be a relief as I've been on half pay since March it certainly is a great weight off my mind as I don't like being off sick but I just wasn't capable off carrying out my duties anymore,but I won't be sitting about as I'm going to try and get something a couple of days a week on my terms

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  • I'm pleased for you, as it seems that this is what you want. Hope you are successful in finding something that will suit you more. At least 2 months on full pay should help, and then you'll have been able to sort your pension out. Good luck for the future, at least you're in control now!! M xx

  • I am so happy for you Popsmith1874. I am going through something similar as I've been off work since Jan 28th.

    All the best


  • Good to hear you got ill health retirement.

    How easy/difficult was it for you to get to this stage?

    I'm in a similar position in looking at retirement options although currently back at work on phased return but struggling a lot.

    Thanks x

  • I've been back on and off for the past couple of years but as I was a lgv driver with the local authority I lost my hgv licence due to the medication and problems with my eyes and with my RA andOa I was struggling so am glad now as its a big wait off my mind and I can put all my energy into fighting thi horrible disease

  • I am sorry that you have had to retire,but you won't regret it darling.xxxx

  • All the best for the future i went through years of struggling and finally retired end of January this year, nobody else understands but people like us with this terrible disease.

    I finally have time to enjoy my family and feel at piece to deal with how i am, listening to the dawn chorus knowing i don't have to get up for work if pain stops me sleeping now makes me smile.

  • I'm down to three short days.. but with my hands and feet that is enough.. but I cant retire at 51/52?

  • If you can retire (financially and all that), you can retire. Who cares what 'they' think?

    Life is too short, and in our position it should be spent looking after number 1.

    In my case so that I can bring up two children, in your case so that - who knows? You.


  • Excellent news Popsmith that must of been a great relief for you.

  • I'm 51 but am going to do some voluntary work when I'm feeling alright and I have a wee bolt hole in costablanca so I'll not be bored

  • Congratulations on your good news popsmith.

    Hope you can find a suitable part time slot for when you are ready to go again.

    Best wishes.



  • I'm pleased for you as this is my wish to be medically retired from work.

    I was off sick between October and March this year. During this time I was diagnosed without seropostive RA in January. It has affected my hands and wrists.

    I had my very first sickness review in mid May. I had returned on phased return and almost back to full time.

    I am a registered nurse but work as a specialist nurse so not hands on anymore. However I do a lot of writing in the course of my day which causes a lot of discomfort.

    I had seen OH over the last few months and to help me back to work had suggested equipment for me to use to help my RA. I saw a doctor at my last review who made suggestions to increase my hours back to full time. I was up to 33 hours by this time. Full time is 37.5.

    My trust does not have electronic record keeping which is being implemented soon but not early enough for me.

    The meeting went reasonably well. But decide to restart again with my phased return. They also said I may need to consider reducing my hours if I'm unable to cope with full time. I can't afford to drop as my partner has a long term condition and has not worked for 26 years so I'm the main bread earner.

    Apart from the discomfort when writing and stiffness so most of the time in my wrist I am feeling quite well. So hopefully I will not be forced to reduce my hours.

    Having said earlier I would like to medically retire. I need to work a couple of more years to boost my pension as I have found I will receive 2/3 of my final pension if retiring at 65. I'm 56 now. I decided to top up my pension last year before theRA displayed any symptoms which was a year ago.

    Good luck with your retirement hope it all goes well and enjoy.

  • I'm curious as to what medical retirement is? I've never heard of it. Unfortunately I developed arthritis at the early age of 25. I was working for a major Insurance Company at the time. In the beginning they were real nice to me about my condition. My supervisor told me I could go to Medical and rest every day if I needed to. This was 1992. Well, everything changed after 9/11. I was treated mean everything I missed a day of work, or had to miss work for a doctor's appointment. Finally in 2004, after I had been with the company for 15 years, they let me go. I was devastated. Tried getting work, but could only find jobs through Temp Agencies. And always got laid off after a few months. So I decided to go ahead and try to get on Disability. I was only 44 when I applied, and my lawyer said it was going to be extremely difficult to get it at such an early age. Thankfully when I went to my court hearing a year and a half later I got a great judge who understood, and he approved me the same day.

  • I was just glad t get out with all the cut backs , we were having t do 5 jobs at once and I was really struggling but that's all in the past now so once I'm controlled better I'll get something a couple of days a week, hope you get on ok xxx

  • Had to leave nhs.. stress was making condition worse, love my current job.. occupational health.. not using pharmacy qual now but still registered.. years ago I worked for British coal.. they allow pension at 50!!, so drawing it as income to supplement new job.. cant get nhs pension til 65.. started another pension with new employer too., plus have a few more bits of pension.. they should be enough to live on but not til 65!!, my partner is selg employed so my small but regular income helps.. unfortunately my contract had just become a rolling yearly contract.. most pharmacy work involves lots of standing which with my feet I cant do.

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