i have cataracts on both my eyes the left eye is worse i went to the eye hospital and they put the drops in the man i saw looked into my eyes he then told me that the cataracts i have are right at the back of my eyes and this will lead to complications .he asked me if i can manage with my glasses with my glasses on its like i have a net curtain in front .i was told the operation is done with local anasthetic but local does not work for me i had this problem before they gave me 2 lots of local and i was still wide awake so had to have general not sure what to do i ave not been put on the list yet he gave me leaflets with all the information on things that can go wrong have any of you ben told that your cataracts are at the back of your eye please i would love to be able to see again .

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  • I think you'll find that the local is given in or around the eye so you will definitely be awake. I've just been diagnosed with cataracts so googled it. Mine don't yet need the op though. I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Hi. One of my cataracts is very thick due to previous eye surgery. This may be what your doctor means. Usually they put something on the cataract to make it dissolve . If the cataract is too thick , they can't do that so they have to take it out in pieces. This means the surgery takes a bit longer and recovery is longer too.

    Regarding the anaesthetic, they use an injection and some eye drops to numb your eye. It may not be the same as the drug they used for your previous local. A local will not put you to sleep though. It just numbs the part of your body they are working on. The eye surgeon will do the local anaesthetic so you probably need to explain the problem you had to them. They will be able to advise you.

    Hope you get it done soon. People I know say it is brilliant and they can see really well again. Mine are not bad enough yet for surgery.

  • hi thank you for responding but he definetly said that my cataracts were far back in my eye and this will lead to complications bleeding and blindness he asked me if i could manage with glasses .i told my mum and she said that they told her the same so for safety they gave her general anasthetic she was in surgery a good time but she was ok .

  • Sorry I wasn't much help. I'm glad your mum is ok. At least you know a general anaesthetic should be possible. Best wishes.

  • hi sorrry you were very helpfull what i am scared about is seeing a scalpel coming towords my eye i have bad panic attacks and severe anxiety have yo got to have more surgery thank you sending softest hugs xx

  • Oh please don't worry. You won't see anything. They put a gauze over the other eye and put the drops in the one they are operating on. They shine a bright light into it too. They also play music in the operating theatre and you have a nurse to look after you. They can hold your hand if you want.

    I had 2 ops for glaucoma with local anaesthetic .I'm ok at the moment but will need more in the future. And cataracts too.

    Talk to your consultant. They are used to people being anxious.

    All the best.

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