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I have cataracts in both eyes apparently specsavers said my right eye is not ready to see specialist but left one is and that I have to wait until the eye has got as bad as!!which was 3 months ago it has got worse and both eyes water all the time(drives me crazy) but I don't know if I should go back to specsavers again so soon or not? I have PMA/GCA I'm tempering down at present on 7m doctor wants me off predisinone ASAP, as you all know it's hard enough without have bad visibility and I love to drive it's my way of going into the outside world I would hate them to say I can't drive although with my glasses I can see perfectly reading as well had anyone any suggestions to what I must do please?

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I think you should go back and have them checked especially if you think they've got worse. I'm concerned about you driving too. If your sights got worse these last few months you have to ask the question ....Is my eyesight now good enough to drive?....sorry to have to say this but I needed surgery last year and I was advised not to drive.

Had the op done last April and the difference was amazing. I have got a lazy eye though, it was my good eye that needed the op. I had gone from not having a cataract to needing surgery in just over a year. My other eye got one but at the moment it's not bad enough.

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Jamie345 in reply to Paula-C

I can see perfectly with my driving glasses on but when I have not got them it's bleary I would not risk anyone's safety I will go back next week and ask for a retest, my reading is also ok with them on, they are off a prescription only 3-4 months ago second lot this year! When he finished testing my eyes he also said that the cataracts are moving quickly so he reckons by December MAYBE! They are worse when I'm tired or if I'm on my iPad and iPhone a lot but thank you I will find out next week and let you know, hope your ok now as well and for answering me so quickly it's one of those days when I have felt sorry for myself stuck indoors and weeping but tomorrow's another day ! Many regards x

I've got cataracts as well Jamie and the right eyes worse than the left and when I was at specsavers for my yearly test she said that my right eye had deteriorated a lot in a year but the left 1 was the same but not bad enough to see the specialist yet, I get them watering a lot as well and it's annoying,she gave me drops and get for nights to put in them and I've to go back in 6 months to see her again, it would be a shame if you couldn't use your car anymore as you clearly need it to get out and about

That is not good, I was told that I was not old enough to have the operation as I have bilateral cataracts, i.e wait until they get worse

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Don't wait.....go to your GP now.....cataract surgery is set to be on the list that will take forever to get treatment.

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I went to see my GP and he said he cannot send me until the opticians send him info that says both my eyes are ready to be done, guide lines set! So when I go next week I will find out.

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If you think about that statement..very few people would ever get a cataract operation. In fact unless you stay in hospital how can you have both done together.....

Of course.....maybe eye no two will never be bad enough ....although they could be thinking...two bad eyes,make one better,never have to do second eye because you will always have one good eye?

Crafty but I wouldn't put it past whoever makes up the rules,

Somebody probably got a lollipop for thinking it up!

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That’s weird Jamie as my mum had one done for second time last year & I’m sure she said they only ever do one at a time which made sense to me as although routine op, your eyesight’s precious. My dad’s booked for one soon, I’ll ask x

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Hi there yes they only do one at a time I'm going back to specsavers to get another check up as I want to get them started, I've heard that they do the second eye approximately 6 weeks after first hopefully I can get on the list at least, thanks for your help.

If Spec Savers say you have one cataract that complies with NHS. Regulations for treatment .....go back to your GP & ask to get a refferal to an eye surgeon to get on his list for surgery.

If you can afford it a private surgeon will do the operation sooner than the NHS will.

But do see your need him on your side to get on a waiting list..

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I wonder how long is the waiting list. Overall I am very happy with which the a Devonshire NHS have been with me

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I don't know in your area but in London it can be over a year.

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Gosh I hope not I'm in Surrey but here's hoping!

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Thank you I will go back to specsavers for anouther test to see how far so far! It all depends on what he says, I've gone so long waiting to go private does not seem right somehow, but I'll check out how much it will cost just the same, it's just that its anouther problem on top of all this pain etc., I do appreciate your opinion it makes me put things in perspective .

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There is another way if you had thought of going privately.....go abroad.

I was in Port Elizabeth for Christmas on The Eastern Cape of South Africa. There was was the elderly gentleman there, (well he was 80+) who had been playing golf, & one evening he arrived at dinner with a patch over his eye...we all you made jokes about missing the hole-in-one & he turned round and said "no I've just had a cataract operation".

He told us that flying from the UK to South Africa & having the treatment in the hospital had all been arranged by his UK GP. He was in South Africa for nearly 3 weeks having a lovely holiday getting his cataracts fixed and it was cheaper than having the cataract operation done privately privately in England.

I don't know any more details ...but if you do want it done quickly& don't want to wait in England it might be worth investigating.

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Jamie345 in reply to AgedCrone

Gosh I will look into that as my son and daughter live in Johannesburg I normally go every Christmas but since coming down with PMA/GCA i have not been able to travel long journeys not sure if I could do it but I'll ask my daughter to look into prices etc., thank you again x

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Brilliant..glad I told you....there are great hospitals in Joburg!

Let us know how you get on...nice couple of months in the sun with your kids to look after you!

Just clear it with your doctor here first !

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dtech in reply to Jamie345

My wife has just had her cataract done. Luckily she has private medical insurance through work, so got it done straight away. The cost was £2700.

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Jamie345 in reply to dtech

Thank you for your information I presume that was for one eye, I know they can't do both ofcourse! I will be looking into all places to get prices, I hope that I don't have to wait to long the watering eyes drives me crazy and I have to wear my glasses all the time now otherwise all bleary, glad you wife has managed to get hers done .

I had one cataract done 3 weeks ago. It deteriorated very rapidly over a year and both the optician and the hospital said it was due to steroids and it was apparently on the back of the lens not the front. I was suprised as I’ve only had steroid injections - though I did have 3-4 a year until this year.

I am in Scotland and waited 15 weeks once I was seen at the clinic which took about 8 weeks from the referral made by the optician.

I live on my own and have found it far more difficult than I expected post op as you can’t bend down or lift anything. The nurse said ‘ bend your knees’ not easy with RA even with the improvement I’ve had on Benepali. My house now looks like it does after my baby grandson has spent a morning on the rampage and of course I can’t lift him at all. I’m glad the other eye is ok so far. I reckon it’s worth starting the process as soon as you can.

I've been on steriods for Autommuine hepatitis, for a few years but they are only 3m twice a day, but the steriods for PMA/GCA really have been awful and I have been on them for 18months so it might be also the cause for the cataracts, the eyes watering all the time is really aggravating, thank you so much

Oh dear, worried me reading this as opticians said I have cataract in one eye but would be a few years before it needed op. However I get watering eyes a lot too, have noticed vision at night poorer when reading, blurry as well as night driving (idon’t). Only had new prescription few months ago and not great tbh. Does RD make them worse? I know it can affect eyes. I had them tested twice last year & new scrip x

I've had Rheumotoid non active now for at least 15 years but I will say to the cataract surgeon when I get to meet him!! If there is a problem with that! Also can they do the op if your still on steriods??i will check to see how much it cost to go private if I have to wait any longer, hope all goes well for you.

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If you look on Nuffield Health they have a price list for all types of surgery, inc cataracts, for people self paying.

They include pre op assessment,surgery & after have to pay upfront but at least you know where you stand. There is also a sort HP arrangement.p, whereby you can pay monthly.

If you do go privately the hospital your surgeon operates at will probably have a similar service.

Hi Jamie, why not try a different optition, I have found Vision Express very professional and helpful, we are fortunate in this area to have cataracts done in 6 weeks one at a time with a break in between before the next one. The actual op takes about 15 minutes. Hope you get on alright.

I have cataracts as well. I’m in US. My eye doctor recently told me maybe next year and I got upset. He then told me I make the decision as to when. If I say no next year we can see what the year after brings and if I still don’t want it that’s ok. I say when. Maybe it’s different where you are. But friends I know who have had the surgery say they can’t believe the difference.

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My mum said same: only needed reading glasses again after op & better eye sight than me at 81! x

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My friend said the same she went on the list if anyone cancels there appointment and they called on the Friday and she had it done on the Monday also says brilliant does not wear her glasses!!

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