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Diagnosis and Treatment survey for people living with chronic pain

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Please complete this survey conducted by Pain Alliance Europe on “Diagnosis and Treatment” designed for people living with chronic pain. Your responses will be used as a snapshot of the lives of people with chronic pain across Europe - the picture may vary from country to country. The results will support efforts to raise awareness among decision makers and policy makers.


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Would have completed it, but it’s incredibly poorly designed - I have multiple sources of chronic pain, all of them roughly on a par in terms of intensity and impact. Asking me to pick just one invalidates my reality, and is also difficult when answering other questions, in so far as they all interact with each other. My arthritis aggravates my post op pain. My neuropathic pain aggravates my back.

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LoneEra in reply to Charlie_G

Totally agree - they need to enable multiple choice on many of the questions and have free form text fields where you can write your own answer.

No mention of Rheumatoid Arthritis that I could see, only Fibromyalgia. Or did I miss it?

Hi,this is a poorly designed survey,in my opinion.It would enefit from being reviewed and rewritten.

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J1707 in reply to Oshgosh

I agree

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66ra in reply to Oshgosh


I completed it, but it feels a poorly designed survey created perhaps by someone who doesn't understand the complex and varying nature of chronic illness.


I've given up filling it in as it is badly designed for anyone with a diagnosis that isn't chronic pain of unknown type.

Sorry gave up too 🤷🏻‍♀️ As others said poorly designed.

I gave up thinking it was maybe me, but reading the comments here I realise that it probably wasn't. Very few of the possible answers applied to me....and there was no option for RA.

I would have been happy to have responded to this but like others have said it is just not a good survey. I have pain through many reasons, and not just one, so I couldn't go on any further.

I’ve looked at this survey again as. I thought perhaps I’d judged it too quickly.Nothing seems to apply to me. I have several conditions,which cause pain at times.

The survey doesn’t seem to be about me.

Have you fed the feedback to the Pain Alliance Europe.

It’s worrying g,b ause if surveys like this are used to plan services for the future,people like me with autoimmune conditions and untreatable lung disease will be ignored even more than at present.

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