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I feel so much better

Hi all, yesterday I couldn't even open my Dad's front door to go home after a good meal that my SMom made for me. She made my favorite potatoes & my favorite cookies. Mmmmmm.

I felt much better today though after getting some good sleep last night. I actually took the off-the-shelf cough medicine back to the drugstore & explained to the pharmacist that I have RA and that I couldn't open it. She opened it & then found a non-childproof lid that would fit so that I will not have that problem again. She was so nice and they didn't even charge me for the lid. Yeah, Walgreens, they saved the day (well, night)!

Today the sun came out & it was almost not coat-weather. I spent all afternoon at the library, waiting for the AARP group to help me fill out my tax forms. I knew it was going to be hairy this year, since I worked last January, then was on unemployment, then I got disability. My 1099 forms stumped my helper and I had all 4 surrounding me at one point while they tried to figure out what to do with one form. I'm all done now & should receive some money back by March 12th. Hooray! Maybe I can save the money & go back to my Singles camp in Idaho in August. I haven't gone for the last 2 years and I miss my friends and all of the fun. The zip-line & white water trip are my favorite things to do there.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and the advice to help my cough. I only coughed twice today and I didn't have to suck on any cough drops either. I think I'm on the mend, finally.

I'll walk with a friend in the mall in the morning and then another of my friends is taking me out for a late lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet tomorrow. I love the fresh veggies & tofu on rice noodles & they grill it up in front of you on a huge circulating grill. It is always fun to experiment with the different sauces & make a new flavor too.They have some great vegetarian egg rolls also.

I just feel so much better than yesterday, & tomorrow I'll feel even better after the exercise & the good food.

I hope that you have a great day tomorrow too.


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Christine,i'm pleased to hear that you feel a bit better. I know if you ask there is help out there, but i'm not very good at asking.

I couldn't get on a zip wire to save my live,i wouldn't be able to hold on. I'l leave that to you.

Pleased to hear you had a good birthday.

Love sylvi. xx


Lovely blog Christine - enjoy the Chinese buffet - it sounds so much nicer than the ones we get here! TTx


Hello Christine,you sound like you have got every thing sorted you now seem in high spirits,sit back and relax,hope you enjoy your buffet!

best wishes Patx


Sylvi, I don't hang on to the zipline. We get in this body harness & they clip us to the wire by a hook on the back of our neck. I like to jump off the platform backwards or take a running leap. I love the adrenalin!


Christine---No way would I ever. I admire your bravery. and your obvious youth!! I once really freaked out going up the side of a mountain on a ski lift! It wasn't to go skiing, it was sight-seeing at a place in Kentucky called the Natural Bridge. It was really awesome, and I survived by video taping the entire ascent, looking through the view finder! Or shut my eyes going down. My gentleman friend at the time thought I was the entertainment for the day, he and my brother teased me all day.

I love those Chinese Buffets too. Good thing is, it's mostly veggies and chicken, good stuff. Might be a bit high in salt and sugar. :) Enjoy! L.xx


I was really impressed by your determination in taking bottle back to the pharmacy - why should we put up with things that don't work for us (and especially if no child in the house!). I'm going to try this next time - but not sure I'd get such a useful response. Happy Birthday + 1 day. Polly



Belated birthday wishes.

Hope you had a great day.

Sci x


Pleased today is a better day and the bottle was sorted x


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