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I am in the process of applying for Pip. I would really welcome any advice please.

I have R.A. , PBC and Sjogren's syndrome. I have had these for 25 years and I am really struggling. I have been on Etanercept and Methotrexate for the last 17 years but now they aren't working and my Rheumatologist is looking at different meds. I applied for PIP 2 years ago but I received no points at all despite letters from my G.P. and consultant recommending that I was awarded it. I am also awaiting hand surgery and other treatment. I live on my own and have to work 6 hours a day which is making my hands and everything else work. I was told that I manage to look after myself, drive a car and work. It seems I am penalised because I live on my own and have to manage, even though it is exhausting and extremely difficult. Is anyone else in this situation? Thank you.

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Hi it is unfair Specially if you you work and drive and on your own in the care department,

Not sure if you have mobility issiues if so that part should be a bit easier,

Its the care part they make hard for you ,

With the right advice on forms you can take them on ,and maybe get the care people who work can get it

In your situation i would really maybe try and see if any

Wellfair rights are available through council they are good

If not cab

Or for a fee

Fightback4justice they are good

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debjw in reply to Ajay575

Thanks Ajay. Yes, I’m 61 I have a torn cartilage in my knee and my other knee is bad too. My feet are a dreadful mess due to ra. I felt so humiliated last time I applied and it was insulting to get no points at all.

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Ajay575 in reply to debjw

Thats shocking ,sorry to hear about your knees, you should be getting mobility, Lots get mobility for independence

And get a car 20 metres

Low rate is 50 metres

Your 0 points last time was terrible

At appeal 0 points appeals usually win as theres no way you should get zero points,

The care ,


Points for aids to fall back on

I would try for advice if you can

With wot happened last time i would maybe consider

Fightback4justice with the last outcome they can do forms for you and have good outcomes

At your age as well as nearer retirement if you get it it can be for life maybe or after next award

If you do it yourself just take your time and lots of information on each question ,

Hope it goes ok for you

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debjw in reply to Ajay575

Thank you, lots of helpful ideas.

Ring the nras helpline. The number is on nras.org.uk they can advise. They used to have a great book that helped a lot but im not sure if they are posting due to the pandemic.

However , my personal advice is say how you are on your worst day.

How long it takes you to get out if bed, the pain , unable to dress, bad walking , how it affects you emotionally, getting help to say do your hair from hairdresser as you struggle. Unable to do cleaning , do you get your meds delivered? Is your car automatic as you cant do clutch easily. You need to work for money but tell them how hard it us, how it hurts you, how you maybe use lifts instead of stairs , how you need breaks due to exhsustion and hoe you sleep all evening do that effects you physically and emotionally. Thst youve git help from your boss? All these things help plus the letters from those involved in your care. Tell them of rheumy and for example physio or orthopics? Of course these are just some things i never thought of and may not apply to you!

Good luck

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debjw in reply to allanah

Thank you so much that’s very helpful x

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sylvi in reply to allanah

Darling having not seen your answer i have said the same about your worst day. Great minds think alike darling.xxxx

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debjw in reply to sylvi

Thank you x

Sorry to read this, I detest the PIP process with a passion, it is stressful and makes you feel like a fraud even though I understand it's a process, hopefully the overhaul when it comes will make it less stressful and fairer.

You have some good advice so far, but please do consider applying again, I work and get PIP, it's because I get it I can still work, it doesn't mean I'm any more capable than people who don't work and get it. I have ergonomic equipment at work, parking space etc and flexibility because of my disability.

There are some very good guides online if you pop it into your search engine and one I've included here...PIP is not means tested and plenty of people work and can claim it!


Good luck and I hope you eventually get awarded it. X

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debjw in reply to 3LittleBirds2

Thank you so much. Do you think it’s worth paying the £20 membership for benefits and works? I think i will reapply. Are they now doing face to face interviews again?

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3LittleBirds2 in reply to debjw

It's up to you, sorry I didn't realise you and to pay for it, I have heard though it's very good and there's forums on there too. I have attached the CAB guide too, I explained on my form, that yes I work (and why shouldn't I) employers do employ staff with disabilities? But only as I have a understanding employer (to a point) and I'm covered by the Equality Act, but it does make me more tired etc but receiving PIP, helps to afford things to help me keep working which I do enjoy doing, keeps my independence and helps with my self worth but it's not easy and I'm sure it's the same for you, and tell them that. 🙂

Face to Face appointments were started again on the 12/4/21 for some Customers with DWP but not for PIP or the WCA's yet, they are by telephone or if they have enough evidence they will make a decision without a assessment, it just depends.


Definitely, consider reapplying again!

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debjw in reply to 3LittleBirds2

Great, thanks very much.

PCB is not a nice disease to have as my friend had it, Added to that all your other diseases and you have the full lot. When you fill your pip forms, tell them what it is like on your worst day darling. xxxxx

Hi Deb I know how difficult it is applying these days , I was in the same position 3 years ago , It is so stressful completing forms , then being turned down after weeks of phone calls etc ..for daft reasons , mine were not said to be points related.

I was 63 years old and unable to work due to shoulder operation not being successful , 2 autoimmune disease's and Arthritis. I could not claim for anything else as I now live in France , cant claim here so had no income .

I also read some where to fill the forms in as you would be on your worst day ( good advice ) here we keep our own medical records , so I copied the lot. also every appointment letter I had , prescriptions , so what every you have or are able to get copies of add them to the form the more back up information the better , it was accepted but as I am now 66 its attendance allowance, if you can get PIP cover now it will continue as that when you retire , so don't hold back with your daily difficulties, keep going until you get some help all the best take care x

Hi, list everything on the form as it was your worst day, remember to add all the aids you need around the house and out. Walking stick, shower stool, wide handle cutlery etc. With your hand and feet bad you must have difficulty around the house. Getting up and down stairs. Also add all your letters from hospitals, physio etc. I think they take 3 years worth to show your illnesses. Good luck.

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debjw in reply to Egpa

Many thanks. I’ll definitely do that x

Good morning I’ve recently been through the process and yes it isn’t pleasant!My advice for what it’s worth is the following:

• As people say write it as if it’s your worst day.

• Keep a diary for a couple of weeks or longer if possible and write down all the problems that you encounter with your conditions.

• Think of ways in which you need help, for example, appliances to open jars/tins as well as buying ready meals for ease and when you’re in too much pain/exhausted to cook. Also remember that this must be the norm for most of the time.

• When it comes to dressing do you have clothes/shoes that you wear for ease of getting dressed.

• Is typing you answered easier than writing because you can do this and say why

These are just a few pointers but hopefully give you an idea of how to proceed.

Good luck and I’m thinking of you 👍🏼🙂 x

Thank you. Lots of useful tips which I will use x

I used the citizens advice website they have a very detailed section on the PIP form and get advice from them or nras on what to specifically say in your situation living on your own. Also look at Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) if you are finding it difficult to work anymore, you can claim both.

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debjw in reply to ExAcc

Great I’ll look into that. Thank you x

Good morning I have the same illnesses as yourself.

The process of PIP is humiliating and degrading.

Unfortunately it's all about the form filling.

As mentioned earlier Fightback4Justice is a lifeline.

They are an advocacy firm of volunteers who include legally trained advisors.

They have supported me for 6 years.

You can find them online.

They have a wealth of information to support you.

Furthermore they have contact with decision makers at the DPW.

Good luck.

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debjw in reply to maureen57

Thank you I’ll contact them x

HiI was very fortunate when I applied for PIP as I had quite a few adaptations done to my home before my assessment. If it wasn't for those adaptations I wouldn't have got PIP at all.

I'm just going through another PIP change of circumstances, as my RA is getting worse and I'm really struggling. I have, since last year purchased quite a few different aids to help me more. I'm just waiting for my decision letter. I've had, both times, really nice people doing my assessment. Like others have said, let them know your worst day.

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debjw in reply to Dolly260

Thank you that’s useful to know. Good luck too x

Hello, it’s appalling the way they treat people. I used a site called benefits and work . They have excellent guides on how to fill in the forms and also wonderful advice on how best to express exactly how you are feeling/coping with everyday life. Even if you don’t join you scan access the guides. I really hope you are successful.

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debjw in reply to dippyd09

That’s great thank you for that 👍

I am so very sorry , I too was denied PIP 2 years ago 🤬🤬 apparently because I managed to get to the meeting and hold a handbag , I was ok .It was ludicrous.

I have just sent for the papers , I am going to apply again , my Rheumatologist is going to write ANOTHER letter supporting my claim,

So fingers crossed for the both of us 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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debjw in reply to Jillyanne

Good luck to you too xx

If you would like support, information or just someone to speak to, our NRAS helpline is open every week day from 9.30am to 4.30pm nras.org.uk/helpline/ 0800 298 7650


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debjw in reply to Helen-NRAS

Thank you so much Helen. You are a lovely bunch xx

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allanah in reply to debjw

Thats the book i meant...its excellent.

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Helen-NRAS in reply to allanah

Thank you

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debjw in reply to allanah

Sorry Allanah, which book do you mean? X

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allanah in reply to debjw

The link above from Helen nras.. product .....

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Helen-NRAS in reply to debjw

Thank you

Get your nurse at your gp to referee you to occupational therapist just let her know your struggling and you sound like you ate aww its not fair.. hand rails in bathroom bathroom Seat petting stool..all the usual ot equipment from OT it helps you loads with your ra and helps with your pip form as well any equipment score you points 😀

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debjw in reply to Vonnie10

Thank you, I will x

Having worked in Benefits I'd just add do a draft and make every word count. Do not repeat stuff as it won't be added in twice. So list the points and concentrate on making it clear and concise. I would print off the form and pencil in answers and then do online direct from your draft. It always helps to make the brain focus and concentrate on what it is you want to say. Don't be frightened of the form I know its long but make sure you don't contradict yourself too. I hope that helps. Others have said what you might need to list and really do check and check again to make sure you have given a complete picture to prove your entitlement.

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debjw in reply to medway-lady

Thank you, that's really useful. 👍 Here goes! x

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medway-lady in reply to debjw

Best of luck and best approached with a cup of tea. lol

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