Gutted regarding PIP

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Sadly also dyslexic! But I will do my best. I canot believe that new legislation for PIP means that! You can work, but it depending on the job you do. As some you will loose your entitlements. The opionion I recieved from DWP office. No walking at all unless you have a walking aid.

This was the impression we recieved from a conversation that my self and my husband had today with the DWP. Regarding appealing against a decision that he is no longer entitled to his PIP.

My husband has RA since he was 25 years of age.

Not long after he was awarded DLA which helped him with, independent life. He has used his DLA for a car to take him to and from work. Recently he has been very poorly, sadly in non stop flare ups since 2015. He has a lumps on his neck (coroted artery) also little lumps on his main organs. He had become very tired, many months of tests later, thankfully their is no significant indication of Lymphoma. He continues to work to take his mind of things he also continues to be looked after by his hospital and our wonderful G.P. The reason I'm posting this. In October 2016 my husband had a call to say he was being changed to PIP. My husband, had the impression he would just be changed over from DLA to PIP as he had DLA for life. How wrong was he! The big form was filled in. His health was not stable, and this was the first form he had filled in a form in 25 years. Their for we added the addittional difficulties. He was then given an infusion at the hospital as he was anemic also his white cell's were very low. He was supported with stronger pain relief and steroids. He was called by letter for a meeting to assess his ability. Obviousley he was a great deal better than he had been, over the last 2 years. He has recieved a letter 19.01.2017 from the DWP. Saying he had lost his whole entitlement. When he called to appel he was treated in quite a rude manner. As I have said my husband continuing to work alough he is 61. He was rudeley informed that you job is not a sit in the office type! You're ba fork lift driver. Thus he will not be entitled to support? In the opinion of the DWP officer answering the phone my husband alledgedley had also told the individual assessment officer that he walks to work also walks to the local shop once a week. Neither was said by my husband. With respect to my husband he goes to work and park his car in a disabled spot walks 200 yards to get on his truck and drive. No energy is needed as they are so advanced with technology. He was also told if he is not in use of a motor scoter or walking aid to go from his car to his fork lift this means he can walk. The DWP officer said even if his case is reviewed PIP would not be reinstated as my husbands works with no walking aid. (He is on a fork lift)

The DWP officer answering the phone was asked. Has the officer reviewing my husband noted that my husband has deformed feet and hands. We were told "well if he can walk on them it doesn't matter if they are twisted and painful" "He is not disabled because he can walk on them" My husband then asked is their was any point in him appealing for the PIP as the DWP officer answering the phone had such a negative attitude toward's disability I'm gob smacked and gutted for him.

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  • I'm in no doubt you should appeal. If you have notes of the conversations/phone calls all the better. Enlist help from the GP and hospital and speak to citizens advice who can find someone to advise you free of charge. It's quite understandable your husband still wants to work to take his mind off his problems. If you have an approachable local MP try to get them interested as well. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • I am really sorry your husband is going through this, firstly there is no job that excludes you getting PIP it has nothing to do with employment, what the adjudicator meant is that a fork lift driver is unlikely to be so unwell or immobile that they would qualify for PIP whereas if he was saying yes i still work but all i have to do is get to my desk and i am not then active it would be different. Im afraid what he has said afterwards has finished it for him, to qualify for mobility on PIP you are stating that without any walking aids you CANNOT walk 50 meters in anything like a sensible time and do it repeatedly, the fact that he said he turns up for work everyday and walks 200 metres to his forklift will automatically disqualify him from getting PIP, as he has made and signed that statement i cannot see you could have any grounds for appeal on mobility grounds.

    Im very sorry but i think he is not going to have much joy.


  • You need to get help this is wrong ask for the assessor's report and a mandatory reconsideration first then go to appeal I got help from dial

  • June i must be taking a different view on this to you. The crteria for PIP mobility is 50 meters and in applying tbe ladies husband has stated and signed to say he cannot walk 50 metres, but then he has told them he can walk 200 metres. Right or wrong under the present rules that discounts him on two grounds, first is being able to walk more than the stated 50 metres because he can walk 200, second they can say he has made a false claim, because he applied for PIP and signed the form and now has stated different. I think he may make a new application in future, but i cannot see how he can win an appeal on this one with what has happened.


  • Yes I see what you are saying the old brain fog must have kicked in but if they feel things were said that contradicts there assessment the report would also give a indication of a clear results the forms are difficult if you don't know what you are doing so it's best to get help or even start again

  • To be fair i had to read it twice to fully grasp what was being said. Im afraid it would have to be a start again on this one due to the 200 meter admission. I really hope they get somewhere next time and things improve for them. But hopefull they will get some advice next time.

  • I'm also sorry to say that due to his work he will not be entitled to PIP, DLA was a totally different benefit, the rules were not strict and to be honest they in fact were very lenient, now the criteria has changed and the walking distance is 10 yards, I'm on crutches or wheelchair because I cannot walk unaided and have still only been granted it for 3 years, if your husband is so ill and wants to keep his PIP he will need to change his job to something that is not classed as manual, no disrespect but I have a friend on site who's car has been taken and her DLA taken to low rate and she has a desk job so they are much stricter.

    I'm actually not disagreeing with the new rules because it seems its not being allocated to the right people

  • Look at work&benefits Web side before you make a appeal

  • Don't take what dwp say as gospel, go on line and sign up to BENIFITS AT WORK it cost about 20.00 per year but that gives you access to how to do an appeal and how to fill out forms, follow the examples and then appeal , fight for your rights don't give up and don't listen to doom mongers.

  • Sorry this is late, but thank you so much for you valuable advice. Yes I was a little knocked back by some of the coments. But really appreciated those like your self who helped. After all is this not what this is about. Supporting fellow sufferers with disability through R.A. Once again thank you x

  • Thank you for your kind words. But I must say in his case his achievement with DLA was not an easy one. Also yes I agree some of the FLT are manual but his is for individuals with disabilities.

  • I used to get low rate mobility and high rate care on DLA. I now get low rate care. I'm happy to have the mobility section removed as I can walk OK most days since my knee operations.

    Not so good about having the low rate care though, as I have another disability that makes day to day living difficult. I can't work.

    Decided not to fight it, as there are other folks a heck of a lot worse off than me, and get nowt.

    PIP is a good deal harsher, particularly in terms of those with severe mental health issues.

  • I'm sad to hear your struggling. I have a great deal of empathy for those with emotional difficulty. It's so difficult coping with day life but added with losing what you need in life also not being able to work. ♡

  • Im sending a heart felt thank you to all for raking time to answer. In a rush last night to share my day with some one who may have been through simular situatiom. I put 200! He said 8. Thank you to those who encorage us to keep fighting. We are aware that many individuals are worse off than my husband. But we will all continue on to be in pain every day, but nothing has ever been easy for him.

    Regards Daniellea

  • I am surprised the took away the care components? That's grim.

  • Thank you for that thought Hector 23. Regards Daniellea.

  • Up on till last year .. i had been awarded ..DLA for life .. That was until the PIP .. i had forms to fill out .. it was like a novel that many pages to fill out .. my hubby done mine .. We had to go for a interview lasted a hour and a half .. my hubby spoke on my behalf .. Cut a long story short .. i had a letter saying they was taking so much money off me ..for some reason .. they said i could fellow a map .. god knows why and a couple of other things .. both was lies .. has i spent most of the interview upset ..My hubby on my behalf ..done a letter appealing ... had my appeal in December just gone .. we had to travel to the court .. Their was 3 people on the panel .. a doctor .. judge .. and a pain nurse .. they was very stern looking .. I told the true what ever they asked me .. Only had to wait a day for the out come .. pleased to say .. i got my full money back.. thanks to them and my hubby .. All i can say its the people that have ripped off the DWP .. thats made it harder for us .. that are ill .. So dont give up .. and good luck to you and any one else thats going through the same thing .....

  • Dearest London that is exactly what I needed to hear. I have seen this man from the age of 16 fights his pain. He has been through so much. Thank you so much for not making judgment.

    Regard's Daniellea x

  • I have been unwell for over 20yrs plus .. and did not claim DWP for many years .. i thought that because my husband works .. i would not be able get it ...First time i claimed for it .. hubby and i went to the CAB.. they was great .. helping us filling the forms in ex.. If i was you DBM1955 i would go and see them ..explain every thing to them .. Is so easy to put the wrong thing down .. with out knowing it .. good look :) x

  • Thank you I will do that

    my name is Daniellea.

  • I ment to put good luck .. no look lol .. my name is Mary x

  • Good night Mary.

  • Night Daniellea ..xx

  • Please get to Citizens advice and definitely get an appeal put in. It is important that you do this and quickly so they do not stop your husband's DLA. Citizens Advice on the Internet has a diary sheet to help ou record the problems on a daily basis.

    Also let your MP know what is happening and ask for a copy of the face to face assessment tat you are appealing against

    200 yards is a length that you have to do over and over again. If he uses a scooter then gets off to go in the shop is he actually walking 200 yards? The furthest walking is 20 metres - have written to my MP about this arbitrary distance, and what one can manage to do once 20 metres have been reached.

    However it is not just about walking, there are other things that are taken into consideration such as washing dressing, cooking, feeding, please, please consider getting help

  • Thank you. Xxx

  • Please read my post, or look at my profile and read my posts, most of which are on the subject of PIP, disabled or not, you have to be a trained circus acrobat when dealing with the DWP.

  • Received a form today for re-assessment, and having gone through two of these in the past, I am stressing. The first time I went I was awarded 0 points (and the assessor lied in her report) when I asked for reconsideration I was told they stand by the assessor report. The second time I went through pretty much the same thing, but I happened to be in a lot of pain, and ended up in tears after the examination. Had both my hands in splints at the time, and when asked if I could cook for myself, advised that I couldn't at the moment. The assessor, recommended putting a stool in the kitchen to help (trick question?) I asked her how that would help other than the fact that I could sit down, and was the stool going to peal potatoes for me. At the time I was struggling with breathing, and walking, and was assessed as being able to walk more than 200m. How they determined this was beyond me as I was not asked to walk 100m, never mind 200m. They also don't seem to understand (and I don't know if anybody else finds this) that even if I managed to walk 200m or more on a good, day I end up paying the price later (great deal of pain). They also don't seem to understand how quickly a flare strikes. A few weeks ago, I woke at 4am, and me and the hubby went down for a cup of coffee, went back to bed (I was fine) but when I awoke again at 6:30am, I couldn't even get out of bed. How do you explain this to them?

  • Jayne! My hear goes out to you. My husband is going through the same problem. No they don't listen and lie about what you say. This transition from DLA to PIP has such an adverse impact on all the family. Don't give up. Xx

  • No Jayne, don't give up! My husband has been through the same, and still is! We as a couple have gone through so much stress due to a simple change. Nothing has changed with him having a disability nevertheless he was also awarded 0. He still has R.A but added with lymphoma type lumps on his organs. Which also cause fatigue. In my opinion, part of the change was supposed to weed out the undiagnosed and those who were taking advantage of the system. Sadly this has not been the case. Many consultants diagnosed my husband over a number of months and years. He, has had to cope and learn to live with R.A. Neverthless a 15 minute meeting has removed his self esteem and self worth as a man. Do they not understand that stress causes flare ups. Take care and good luck to all who are going through such unfair stress.

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