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Adalimumab injections

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I’ll try again 😂. I’m a newbi. Just heard about this HealthUnlocked today on the news and I’m really hoping people may help.

I’v just had my 1st jab. Like most people Iv gone through all the oral meds without success - to arrive at this point. Iv been an undiagnosed Psoriatic RA several years. Iv being receiving steroid injections every 6weeks for 2years. Apparently I should of had regular test for bone density etc. So Iv 2 questions:-

How long does the adalimumab injections take to come into effect?

Has anyone else suffered

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With bone density loss from the steroids. GG

I started Adalimumab a week ago, and started feeling an improvement within 48 hours! I was struggling to walk a few weeks ago, today I climbed a tree. Modern medical science, eh?

I've been on prednisolone for over a year. I'm concerned about bone density too, but have been taking alendronic acid to help prevent it becoming a problem. Hopefully. Haven't been getting tested though. How do they test for it?

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Oh, and hello, by the way!

Hi. The routine answer is about 12 weeks but different people see a difference at different speeds.So you know the site, the magnifying glass at the top bar will bring up lots of posts on a topic you are interested in. The chat arrow is to send personal messages to members and the alerts is to tell you someone has relied to your posts.

Also gave you come across the national rheumatoid arthritis NRAS site. It too has lots on biologics and advice .

Lovely to see you here and I hope the biologics kick in very quickly for you

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Brill and thanks. GG

Hi. I'm on Imraldi (adalimumab). It took 5 months to work for me. I've been on oral steroids (low dose) for 4 years. I had a bone density scan a couple of years ago which was fine and I don't need another one for another couple of years. I'm on calcium and vitamin D tablets.

Re the bone density test I'm told they only do one about every three years in my area. Sorry can't be a help about the adulimibab.

I have just started on adalimumab. I had my first injection on Monday. I have not had the fantastic results that Smelliott has had but starting to notice little but positive changes. My fatigue levels are improving. I still have morning stiffness for at least a couple of hours and some joints are still swollen and painful but not as bad as they have been. I’m hoping that I will see more improvements as the weeks go on. x

Welcome. I was given alendronic tablets for bone density for three years. Now my bones are stronger than superman so do not worry! The RA teams in hospital are great and they will sort you out. 🌺

Thanks to everyone. I’m praying that this will work. It’s all a bit depressing otherwise. This forum is very insightful and I’m guessing I’ll be on this most days seeing how your all doing. Xx

From everyone here at NRAS, welcome to the forum Gingwah :) I hope the great comments above have helped, if there's anything else you would like information on or if you'd like to speak to a member of our helpline team, please find more information on how to contact us here

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