Joint injections

Ive been on Humira for 3mths aswell as methotrexate and plaquinel. My inflammation markers have just come down into normal range. But iam still experiencing horrible pain in a select few joints. My specialist has sugsted having joint injections with the worst of the joints. He thinks the pain is due to the joints being damaged. Can anyone give me some advice and experience in these injections,  Whats the result been like when people have had joint injections? Did it help with pain ? Did it hurt when having the injection ? How long did the pain stay away after the injection. Thanks in advance 

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  • If they are talking about steroid injections then for immediate relief they worked for me. As far as hurting, depends on your pain threshold😳. It's not exactly a comfortable experience shall we say! If you imagine having really bad toothache then going to the dentist to have it out,. That's about the best way I can describe it. But the relief from pain after, boy is it worth it.

  • How long did the pain stay away after the injection my dr is saying 3 to 6mths pain free 

  • Yes they were about that for me when I first got RA. Then the drugs kicked in and everything eased down....until this week that is 😁

  • I usually get a better steroid effect from a joint injection.  Yes it is uncomfortable but not really painful (bit more so if they are aspirating the joint at the same time).    Probably around 3 months although with the steroid in combination with the other drugs kicking in better with less inflammation to deal with it may result in keeping the joints under control for much longer.  I'm afraid it is just trial and error we all react differently but would be well worth a go in my opinion.  Unfortunately if it is joint damage you may not experience as much relief.   Farm

  • I had an injection steroid into my thumb. I went back to see her yesterday. She said 2 thirds of folk do not get this trigger thumb back. If it does return before 6 months just ring the hospital for another appt. It did hurt as it touched my bone,but boy was it worth it, yes it was.

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