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Flare up and low mood

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HI everyone, I am having little flare ups (not super painful) every week or so. It lasts 2/3 days. I have now noticed that when the pain lessens I get very very low mood. I become quite tearful, very sad and I have low level of energy. I tend not to sleep very well during flare ups as I get woken up by pain and sometimes can't sleep for a while. I guess this could explain the low mood and tiredness?

Do others experience this low mood on the tail end of flare ups?

PS: I have suspected RA, not yet diagnosed so not taking any medications yet.

7 Replies
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Low mood was a big part for me but because I was in so much pain and shattered from not sleeping. Despair from not knowing why I couldn’t get better. Good luck 🤗

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Greencat96 in reply to bubblyalex

Thank you for your reply. I was wondering what was going on so reassuring to know it is not unusual.

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Moonbunny in reply to Greencat96

No it's not unusual, pain plus lack of sleep would effect anyones mood. I was diagnosed 3 years ago...once you get the right meds and sleep you will be in a better place!

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Yes I had series of short flares lasting about 4 days for few weeks (not on any RA medication atm). Feel very hopeless and emotional at the end of it. Then the pain goes away for few days. On a second pain free or almost pain free day I feel very good loads of energy good mood (surprises me every time how good it feels to feel ok). Then next flare hits... It's like a swing up and down.

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Greencat96 in reply to Morigan

Thank you Morigan, Yes I do feel like a yo-yo. Up and down and up and down again. It's really unpleasant and also very disruptive for work and family life. I guess I just have to accept that for now it is the way it is.

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Morigan in reply to Greencat96

Hopefully you will get diagnosed soon and can start medication. Hold on for now! 🖤

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So sorry to hear you are in pain and feel in low mood. Sadly it is a bit of a vicious cycle and I know lack of sleep when I am in pain can build up and that brings on low mood and brain fog. So please don't feel alone in this, as I think we all experience having RD. Again it's about recognising this and how we manage it so that it doesn't consume our life. I've learned lots of coping/ distraction mechanisms and have been on a few pain management courses and again recognising the pattern and being kind to yourself during these flares helps. Again I'm sure NRAS have some really helpful leaflets on this so may be worth a look. take care and sending some supportive wishes to you.

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