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Is this part of a flare up


Hi fellow RA sufferers I need a bit of clarification I think I’m having a flare up but not like I’ve had before normally when I’ve had one my hands fingers shoulders & neck become very painful & sore. At the moment I don’t have a lot of joint pain but feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I feel very weak & lethargic no energy just want to sleep. Have been doing a lot of gardening over the last few days & wondered if I’d just overdone it or is the symptoms of a flare.

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Thats the dreaded fatigue. Will usualy pass next day or two but everyone is different. Hang in there and relax for a while. Drink plenty of water and eat some bananas that works for me.

Thank you so much it’s good to talk.

Sounds familiar... could well be “ over doing it” .... but we really haven’t done that much.... it’s all it takes! Or you may have a little virus that your body is trying to fight and with RA on board it’s just too much! I had a bad flare that started with slowly declining energy for around 5 months ( last 6 weeks on my knees) then it switched to the swelling, inflammation , pain , hot joints, strange bruising. Extensive tests but Rheumatologist thought I was fighting a “ walking virus”. I would say listen to your body... it is saying rest. Do only the things that bring you joy and hopefully the fatigue will pass quickly. If it turns to inflammation do not hesitate to speak to your Rheumatologist.

Whiskers64 in reply to Deniseelk

Thanks invaluable information.

Troygirl in reply to Deniseelk

A walking virus?

I laughed out loud when I read that!

Another one of the doctors answers when they do not have a clue what is happening to you!

I googled Walking Virus and guess what comes up repeatedly...The show the Walking Dead & how a virus caused zombies! lol!

Doctors! lol!

JFlay in reply to Troygirl

Ha ha ha! that's the first thing I thought of when I read it! 😂

I am feeling that but am also in a nasty flare... however, it hits as normal RA fatigue from simply doing too much as well. Hibernation seems like a great option.. if only!

But might also be starting an infection? Only you can tell. Temp could help you discern, as could rest.

Hope you feel better soon.

The fatigue is so hard to understand. Sometimes when I overdo it it gets me a few days later and it is so bad I feel like I am imploding. I am so tired I cannot sleep so this is the time when I lay down prone worth only one pillow and put on music. And yes ...It feels like I have been hit by a bus!

Its not always possible to work out how much to do in one day.

And yes this will come without joint pain.

I think there are times that we may be fighting a virus as our immune system is so challenged.

Be especially kind to yrself when fatigue comes. Have a plan for the bad days.

My plan is music, bed, cups of tea, in a flask ready by the bed and prayer.

All the bestlRosie xx

Whiskers64 in reply to rosie1928

Thank you rosie1928 you have described my feeling exactly & the way it comes on I would contact my Rheumy clinic if I could ever get hold of them. So thank you with yours & all the other kind explanations I now know what to expect.

J1707 in reply to Whiskers64

Don’t start me on that one!!🙄🤬😤

Have you had your thyroid checked? Once you have one autoimmune disease, you are at greater risk of developing another.

Whiskers64 in reply to Jacey15

Thanks I will mention it to my GP

The dreaded fatigue I’m suffering at the moment as well specially mornings so don’t fight it just take things easy and do what you can xxx

12 weeks ago I presented with all of your symptoms for the first time. Went to my GP and had blood tests all came back clear. I am s- negative so my bloods don’t always show inflammation. Conclusion was it was a flare and not a virus. Bad news I had this for weeks. Went when I had a steroid injection the pain started to fade to being bearable within a day or two. Fatigue is not the word it consumed me for about 10 weeks can’t be more pacific as days passed in a blur.😴😴

Whiskers64 in reply to J1707

So sorry to hear this hopefully my problems will only last a few days as others have said. Take care.

Hi sorry to hear you’re feeling that way , I’m the same when I over do things ie . Gardening or even cleaning windows I know from experience now to try and listen to my body and rest a little more , try and pace your self if you can .

If in any doubt get in touch with your R/A support team .

All the best .

Thank you for your reply. All Best wishes.

I find that when I am feeling no pain from flares I tend to overdo things trying to catch up from not being able to do things while flaring!

Especially tending to my beautiful gardens I created over the past 25 years!

It feels great being able to be outside working in my gardens. I get the choppers, clippers garbage bags, wheel barrel, etc & start working hard! My flares are usually always in my shoulders & wrists to, so all that clipping, chopping & pulling is really hard on those areas.

Usually, it will be the 2nd day after all that hard work when I feel really tired and pain starts acting up again. Therefore, I have to break out the dreaded prednisone!

My choice:

Do I let my beautiful gardens go to crap due to this terrible RA disease!


Worry about the pain later!

Hi Whiskers64,

Of course doing physical work that can push you a little ( whilst you are in the middle of a flare) is going to affect you on many levels.

Fatigue is undoubtedly underestimated and we tend to forget that it’s a part of RA.

I’m in the middle of a flare and can corroborate what you are feeling.

All the best for a speedy recovery... and take it easy!

Whiskers64 in reply to cyprusmum

Thank you & I hope you too are soon out of this horrible feeling. Best wishes.

That is the sort of things I do too much gardening and then I’m exhausted and could sleep for a week I suggest Whisker 64 forget everything house or garden relax do nothing go for lunch with friends do this for 3 days you’ll be back to normal

Hi Whiskers

You probably have been overdoing it in the garden. If it does not subside after a couple of relaxation days best to get checked out. I can relate because on my good days I go through the house like a whirlwind, but boy oh boy do I suffer the next day. My theory I will not go down without a fight if I do my house will be clean. Look after yourself and take care

It's probably a mix of both. I go through this when i stand or bend to long. I have had all different kinds of flare ups. An still have them. The bad thing is never knowing when a bad flare up is going to happen. I must say my flares usually happen at night late an wake me up. An i usually end up in ER. Good luck to you.

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