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Stress and a Flare up

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post although I've been reading the posts on here for a couple of months now.

I'm 1/2 a century old and I was diagnosed Sero Negative RA 4 years ago and take Methotrexate 25mg injections and Humira alongside the usual pain control concoctions.

I still work , although not in the same job I was in when diagnosed. Generally I'm ok and manage my symptoms accordingly.

Last night my father (87 years old) had an emergency operation and is in ITC in a Critical Condition. I woke from a fitful sleep this morning with the beginning of a flare.

Is this connected or just pure (more) bad luck?

I'd really appreciate your advice - feeling very low.



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I definitely think their is a link between stress and RA - hope your Dad's OK and take care of yourself Gillian


To be honest that always seems to happen to me. I flare at the times I am really needed but I call the Rheumy and ask for emergency steroid to see me through the crisis and they are generally very helpful. Keep your pain killers up and rest as you can and I hope your dad gets well soon. Sending hugs xxA


Welcome Griffj but sorry it's in such dreadful circumstances, I do hope your father recovers well from his op, it's a very worrying time I know. Stress is a recognised cause of flares so do try to manage it if you can, or see your GP or Rheumy if things worsen.


Hi Griffj

I'm really sorry to hear about your father and hope he will come through this and be okay. Unfortunately stress can trigger flare ups, so this could well be connected. Stress like this is impossible to avoid, so it then becomes a case of managing the flare. Things like hot or cold packs on affected joints, a warm bath or soaking joints in water (again warm or cool depending on what suits you) can help. Resting the joints, which again is not always possible, can help, along with anything that helps you to relax. I'm sure others on here will also have some tips.

I hope you (and your father of course) feel much better soon.


(NRAS Helpline)


Thank you all for your kindness, glad I'm not imagining the connection and Dad off the 'Critical' list now just 'Very Poorly'.


That's good news, I hope he continues to improve & you can rest as much as possible. Following major surgery Critical Care is generally the first place patients are taken & if it's anything like our hospital the nurses there are first class. Are they others around who can help out re visiting?


I'm an only child, my mother is also unwell - probably not helped by the current situation. Hey ho - don't want to sound as if I begrudge caring, just struggling to care for myself; my husband doesn't quite understand the extreme fatigue and says for me to slow down. If I stop I'm too scared I'll not start again..


I know how it is, I was too but both long gone now, lost mum when I was 23 & dad nine years later. Have an h who's just had a major heart op at 56. It's difficult isn't it when there's just you but it does sound as though maybe your h knows how it is more than you think, telling you to slow down, he's right but you'll be fine.... stopping for a while replenishes energy & could well halt a flare or reduce it's severity.

If you need to talk we're here, if you don't want to talk on the main site pm me, I have a willing ear!


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